XILS-lab releases Le Masque: Delay – timeline-driven delay effects plug-in

XILS-lab has released Le Masque: Delay, a revolutionary timeline-driven delay effects plug-in for Windows and Mac, in collaboration with Le Lotus Bleu (Laurent Bourgeon). Available in 64- and 32-bit versions, Le Masque: Delay is a … read more

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Sounds To Sample releases Riemann Kollektion 10 feat. Christian Smith

Sounds To Sample has released Riemann Kollektion 10, a new sample library in collaboration with Christian Smith. Florian Meindl and techno legend Christian Smith joins forces to create a 330MB contemporary techno masterclass of loops … read more

Livid Instruments intros CNTRL:R + pre-order

Livid Instruments has introduced the CNTRL:R, a contemporary MIDI performance instrument for creative music production. Housed in a lightweight aluminum body, this controller is ideal for live performance and studio production. Create rhythms, sequence and … read more

Brainworx introduces Plugin Alliance one stop shop for native & TDM plugins

Brainworx has announced the Plugin Alliance LLC, is a new American pro-audio plugin-company, founded by Brainworx CEO Dirk Ulrich. “Our goal is to establish a new, user friendly native plugin “Über-Standard”, supporting all major plugin … read more

AfroDJMac and Mark Mosher release Zebra Attack Ableton Live Rack

AfroDJMac has announced the release of Zebra Attack, a free Ableton Live Rack in collaboration with Mark Mosher. Mark is an electronic musician, sound designer, producer, and as I have discovered, all-around nice guy. As … read more

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Tek’it Audio releases RECsoprano free soprano recorder plugin

Tek’it Audio has announced the released RECsoprano, a free soprano recorder plugin resulting from a collaboration between Tek’it Audio and Mihai Sorohan. Released as a Christmas gift, RECsoprano add envelope control, choice between contemporary and … read more

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GForce releases The Streetly Tapes – Vol 1 Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro

GForce Software has released The Streetly Tapes – Vol 1, an expansion pack for the M-Tron Pro virtual mellotron instrument. The Streetly Tapes – Vol 1 Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro contains 24 tape banks … read more

Audiokinetic partners with Audio Ease – Altiverb Impulse Responses available for Wwise

Audiokinetic and Audio Ease have announced a partnership where Audiokinetic will distribute award winning Altiverb Impulse Response packages for the Wwise convolution reverb plug-in. The first package will be available before the end of this … read more

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Loopmasters releases Grid Machine Slice V1 Drum & Bass for Kontakt

Loopmasters has released Grid Machine Slice V1 Drum & Bass, a Kontakt sample library in collaboration with Channel Robot. Loopmasters and Channel Robot are very proud to present a fantastic new concept for Kontakt Sampler … read more

Top Pro Tools websites join forces in Pro Tools Expert

Three of the world’s most visited Pro Tools sites, ProToolerBlog.com, The AIR Users Blog and Pro Tools For Media have entered into a strategic partnership to create a new online community Pro Tools Expert, that … read more

Avid introduces Pro Tools|HDX and Pro Tools 10 + Avid Vantage Program

Avid has introduced its new Pro Tools|HDX digital audio workstation and Pro Tools® 10 software, delivering greater performance, higher sound quality, and innovative new capabilities that set new standards for audio post and music production. … read more

Universal Audio announces new development partnerships with API and Thermionic Culture

Universal Audio has announced new development partnerships with API and Thermionic Culture, allowing Universal Audio to expand the range of unique audio processing plug-ins for the popular UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform. API (www.apiaudio.com) – A … read more

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Sounds of Revolution and CFA-Sound launch Resonance Sound

Sounds of Revolution and CFA-Sound have announced the launch of Resonance Sound, a new label and online shop. Oliver Schmitt (SOR) and Martin Breuhahn (CFA) came together to combine their knowledge for creating the most … read more

Ableton and SAE expand partnership

Ableton has announced an expanded partnership with SAE institutes in the United States. Ableton is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, new students enrolled in the Audio Technology Program (ATP) at all SAE Institutes in … read more

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Ueberschall product line now available from Producer Loops

Producer Loops has annouced that is is now selling Ueberschall‘s product range at ProducerLoops.com. Ueberschall is a world famous label for professional sample libraries. Their biggest strength is the versatility and authentic quality of each … read more

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Exclusive offer: 35% off discoDSP products

rekkerd.org is pleased to announce an exclusive, limited time promotion in collaboration with discoDSP, offering all rekkerd.org readers a 35% discount on discoDSP products. discoDSP products Discovery R3.3, virtual analog synthesizer. Discovery Pro R5.5, higher … read more

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Arturia releases Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack

Arturia has released Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack, a limited edition pack in collaboration with the Bob Moog Foundation. Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack includes two of our award-winning software instruments, the Minimoog-V and the Moog Modular-V … read more

Findremix announces Sébastien Léger – “Majuro” Remix Contest

Findremix has announced the launch of the Sébastien Léger – “Majuro” Remix Contest in collaboration with Mistakes Music. Sébastien Léger effectively hands the keys of his Mistakes Music label to his fans today, with an … read more

Universal Audio announces Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb Emulation for UAD-2 Powered Plug-Ins Platform

Universal Audio has announced the impending release of the highly anticipated Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb plug-in for the UAD-2 platform. From the moment it was unleashed on the audio industry in 1978, the original Lexicon … read more

Ohm Studio, collaborative music workstation for Windows and Mac

Ohm Force has posted a new Ohm Studio demo, a sneak peak of how the “real-time collaboration” actually looks like. Make music together with your friends in real-time! Ohm Studio is the first ever real-time … read more

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