Short links for August 13th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on August 13th, 2008:


# Circuitastrophe Symposium – Cincinnati Sept 4-8th 08. Circuit Bending, Robotics, 8-bit Music, Hacking & Electronic Design

From the anti-theory website:

From September 4 through 9, 2008, Cincinnati, the birthplace of circuit-bending, will host its first circuit-bending festival, Circuitastrophe! The dream child of Professor Mark Shafer and the noise music artist Nebulagirl, Circuitsastrophe! will presents 20+ performers and groups from around the country appearing at some of Cincinnati’s most unusual and historic venues such as Northside’s vintage Masonic Art Damage Lodge. The lineup is included at the end of this press release. Circuitsastrophe! also features workshops and talks, including a rare public appearance by Reed Ghazala on September 6, presenting “The Folk Music of Chance Electronics,” or “How to Start an Art Movement Without Really Trying.”

# The Strangest Synthesizers In The World – You haven’t seen weird, until you’ve seen some of the bizarre synth contraptions that keyboardists and electronic musicians have come up with. In fact, some of these instruments are so weird, we’re not even sure if they are synthesizers! Take a look at this twisted synthfest, and you be the judge.

# Reaktor Inspiration: Visual and Audiovisual Art – Reaktor user sonictwist made a gallery with visual stuff made only with Reaktor 5.

# Ableton Live – Intro to Slicing and Drum Racks – A step by step walk through the process of slicing a loop while giving you an introductory overview of Ableton's Drum Rack features. The video also covers simple sound design ideas for changing your existing slices so you get more mileage out of the loops you've already created!

DIY Digital Wall Harp

# How 2.0: Digital Wall Harp – Use infrared sensors to make off-the-wall music!

This is a pretty simple Infrared Harp. The sensors work like on/off switches to trigger various sounds when they are plugged into your computer's music program. With the MidiTron you can use any type of analog or digital input device, from temperature sensors to regular switches, to trigger your sounds. Get creative, it's really fun to think about all the things you could play!

# Hacking a toy guitar to make a “Frets on Fire” controller – Step-by-step instruction on how to hack a standard computer keyboard to build your own Guitar Hero-Like controller for the free, open source Guitar Hero clone "Frets on Fire".


Short links for July 7th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on July 7th, 2008:


# Parasite – Single Voltage-Controlled Resonant Bandpass filter with dual Low-Frequency Oscillators.

The Parasite is a single-channel filter of the exact same topology as the Plague Bearer, with extra goodies to enhance its usefulness.

Parasite features

  • The VCRBPF has a Mix control – akin to “Depth” or “Wet/Dry”.
  • Two independant LFOs, each with Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Square, and Sine waveforms.
  • Each LFO has a rate control as well as a rate indicator LED.
  • The filter’s High and Low cutoff frequencies each have a panel control and a switch to select LFO A, LFO B, or neither.
  • The High and Low cutoffs also have a modulation depth control to vary the amount of effect from the LFO. (Thanks for reminding me!)
  • 1/4″ Switchcraft jacks for Input and Output.
  • Power switch.

You can order one for $230 (still 8 left at the moment).


# The Stuff I made: I Made a(nother) Cigar Box Guitar – Ronnie Hinton of Florida made a tunable six-string cigar box guitar.

# Sweet Thunder – Tape Findings
RJ Porter writes:

This site is an archive of one of a kind cassette tape recordings and other odd sounds that I have discovered throughout my years searching thrift stores and garage sales. I hope you find them as fascinating as I do. Enjoy!

BASF tape @ Project C-90

# Project C-90 | Home – This page is dedicated to cassette tapes. Here you won't find any kind of scientific research, technical data or things like that. The authors' only message is just to give a visitor something interesting to look at.

# Poorman’s oscilloscope (with Arduino + Processing) – This software allows you to get a visual representation of an analog signal using Arduino and Processing. The resolution is 10 bits so this is not like a real oscilloscope but it is still pretty useful.

# Bleep Labs » Thing-a-ma-kits! – Now noisy makers can assemble and modify their own light controlled analog noise friend!


Short links for March 25th, 2008

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on March 25th, 2008:

Zoom H2, Marantz PMD 620 and Sony PCM D50
Zoom H2, Marantz PMD 620 and Sony PCM D50

Short links for March 21st, 2008

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on March 21st, 2008:

  • FS3M18 – Consists out of 3 modules that can be patched together in any way imaginable. These modules are a Digital Delay (DD) a Graphic Equalizer (GEQ) and a Distortion modeller (DM).

Short links for February 7th, 2008

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on February 7th, 2008:

  • Musicthatmakesyoudumb – Correlation of musical tastes and SAT scores. Duh!
  • cbbrakedrum – The BrakeDrum is an attempt at making a drum pad system based on circuit bend toys. It consists of 4 drum pads with piezo elements in them and a box with 5 bend toys, 4 almost identical steering wheel toys and a small beat box toy.
MikMo’s BrakeDrum
  • Question Mark Album – Timothy Preut (t1mp) delivers another great album. Free download, check it out! (make sure you check Soulphonic as well…)
  • Pre-owned bookmarks – Collected over the years from books purchased at flea markets, garage sales, used bookstores, etc.
  • DIY Harmonica Mic 3 – Harmonica mic made from scrounged pieces of other items.

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