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Short links for November 12th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on November 12th, 2007:

  • Spam One-liners – Linzie Hunter paints illustrations that incorporate the subject lines of the spam she finds in her inbox.
Linzie Hunter SPAM illustations
Some of Linzie’s wonderful illustations

32 common color names for easy reference

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I guess I confirm the stereotype that guys don’t know how color names. For instance, the color blue has many varieties but I call them all blue (light, dark, slightly darker, somewhere in between light and very light blue…). Even some of the purple-ish or green-ish colors get the label blue in my book.

COLOURlovers has made it easier for guys like me to communicate about colour better, 32 common color names for easy reference!

COLOURlovers color reference
They all look kinda purple to me…

Check out all 32 color names, so next time your wife tells you to go buy a pair of Khaki pants you know not to come home with Tan or Wheat colored ones!


Online Color Resources for Designers by Fourty Media has a list of Online Color Resources for Designers, which is updated periodically. - Online Color Resources for Designers

The list includes links for:

  • Online Color Tools
  • Downloadable Software
  • Color Schemes
  • Individual Colors
  • Techniques and References

Check for the full list.


ColorJack – Color Scheme Generator

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ColorJack is an online Color Scheme Generator. The author of ColorJack created it as a way to learn color theory & Javascript simultaneously. The result is a refreshing set of color tools.

ColorJack Sphere provides an easy way to create color palettes.

ColorJack Sphere
ColorJack Sphere

You simply select the type of color scheme you’re looking to create (i.e. Six-Tone, Complementary or Triadic) and move the little dots in the color wheel to get the color palette of your liking. You can select a level of color blindness and set the color spectrum (websafe, websmart). You can even export the palettes to Illustrator or Photoshop.

If you’re looking for more control over the palettes, check out ColorJack Studio (screenshot).

A minuratuarized version of Sphere, ColorJack Sphere Widget is available for all major operating systems.

ColorJack Sphere Widget
ColorJack Sphere Widget

There’s also a little DHTML color picker available for download so you can use it in your own website/application.

Visit ColorJack to check out all of these tools.