Mixnotes.tv launches premium tutorials on Melodyne and Compression

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Mixnotes.tv has announced it has released several new premium tutorials on its website this week. New video lessons covering all things “Melodyne” related as well as another over all things “Compression”.

Mixnotes.tv premium tutorials

  • Understanding Melodyne: Using Melodyne or any pitch correction software is a must need skill for any producer working in a DAW now days. In this video we show you how to use it like a pro to enhance and save a performance transparently. It’s all about learning how to use Melodyne in a musical way. We go over pitch correction, pitch drift, pitch modulation, amplitude and many other helpful tricks.
  • Understanding Compression: In this premium tutorial we discuss the fundamentals of compression. We listen to examples featuring drums, vocals, guitar and go over how to use compression to shape sounds in a musical way. We cover the common controls you’ll see on most modern DAW compressors. We take a look at stock compressors and even some boutique ones you’ll find from our friends over at Waves and Slatedigital. Plugins used: Pro Tools stock compressor / limiter, Waves: R-Comp, CLA76, CLA2A, Slatedigital Virtual Tape Machine.

The new premium tutorials are now available to purchase for $17 USD each.

More information: Mixnotes.tv


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