Producer Sessions Live 2011, UK event with tutorial sessions & hands-on recording gear

After a sold-out launch event in 2010, Producer Sessions Live 2011 features more producers, more gear and more opportunity for today’s music makers to get on the fast track to success. Taking place at the … read more

Little Endian announces “Computer Music Special”

Little Endian has announced the Computer Music Special, a limited time offer for the SpectrumWorx spectral processing VST plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows. Little Endian teamed up with Computer Music magazine to produce … read more

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Computer Music magazine Facebook competition #5: Win a C-Thru Music AXiS-49

Computer Music has teamed up with C-Thru Music to give away two AXiS-49 MIDI controllers, each worth £420 GBP. In cm144, we awarded the AXiS-49 a 9/10 review score along with our Innovation and Performance … read more

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Computer Music magazine Facebook competition #4: Win Camel Audio software

Computer Music magazine has launched its fourth Facebook competition, teaming up with Camel Audio for a plug-in-packed giveaway. First prize is Alchemy (£179), which ranks among the elite of ultra-modern soft synths. It combines sample … read more

Computer Music magazine launches Facebook competitions, win XILS Lab synths and Photosounder

Computer Music magazine has announced two Facebook competitions, offering a chance to win XILS Lab synths and Photosounder, the image-based audio editor/synthesiser for PC and Mac. Computer Music magazine has teamed up with soft synth … read more

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LinPlug MorphoX, virtual synth coming soon

Computer Music posted some exclusive news on MorphoX, the upcoming virtual synthesizer instrument by LinPlug. LinPlug MorphoX From Computer Music: MorphoX is essentially a hybrid virtual analogue synth, and includes all the standard VA features, … read more

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Time+Space Contest: Win one of three ESI Keycontrol 25XT and CM Special subscription bundles

Time+Space has announced a contest in which you can win an ESI Keycontrol 25XT and CM Special subscription. Did you know that not only do those hard working people at Computer Music deliver a magazine … read more

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CableGuys updates FilterShaper, VolumeShaper and PanCake

Cableguys has released updated versions of FilterShaper, VolumeShaper, and PanCake, three effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac. We fixed two bugs and addressed some complaints that Computer Music had in their recent review of FilterShaper … read more

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SampleScience releases free SR-202 drum kits

SampleScience of Brown Coffee Recordings has released three free drum kits for the CM SR-202, the drum sampler included with the Computer Music magazine (developed by Muon). SampleScience SR-202 drum kits Dub Trio Kit — … read more

Short links for September 18th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently: # IK Multimedia Rebuts Mag on Free Software; Why They Missed the Point Freeware vs Commercial software? I know what I prefer… Whatever gets the job done! Peter Kirn … read more