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Little Endian announces “Computer Music Special”

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Little Endian Computer Music Special

Little Endian has announced the Computer Music Special, a limited time offer for the SpectrumWorx spectral processing VST plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.

Little Endian teamed up with Computer Music magazine to produce SpectrumWorxCM, a limited version of SpectrumWorx available to Computer Music readers – the discount is a unique opportunity not only for Computer Music readers, but for all who trialed SpectrumWorx demo to purchase full version at an affordable price.

The sale starts on Jun 1st and ends on Jun 30th.

SpectrumWorx for Windows and Mac (VST) is available at a 30% discount from the Little Endian web shop.

More information: Little Endian


Computer Music magazine Facebook competition #5: Win a C-Thru Music AXiS-49

Computer Music has teamed up with C-Thru Music to give away two AXiS-49 MIDI controllers, each worth £420 GBP.

C-Thru Music AXiS-49

In cm144, we awarded the AXiS-49 a 9/10 review score along with our Innovation and Performance awards.

The AXiS-49 is a velocity-sensitive MIDI keyboard. It uses the Harmonic Table key layout, whereby the keys are arranged in a harmonically logical way. Chord and scale shapes are the same in any musical key, so you only have to learn them once. It’s a breeze to play complex-sounding “jazzy” chords, play triads with a single finger and even span several octaves’ worth of notes with just one hand. The AXiS-49 is also great for playing drum parts!

The competition is available from Facebook – ‘like’ Computer Music on Facebook to get the entry form link. The competition deadline is 20 May 2011.

More information: C-Thru Music AXiS-49 compo

Note: Due to competition laws, the competition is open only to UK and US residents aged 18+.


Computer Music magazine Facebook competition #4: Win Camel Audio software

Computer Music magazine has launched its fourth Facebook competition, teaming up with Camel Audio for a plug-in-packed giveaway.

Computer Magazine Camel Audio competition

First prize is Alchemy (£179), which ranks among the elite of ultra-modern soft synths. It combines sample manipulation with additive, granular, spectral and virtual analogue synthesis, and has a massive 3GB sound library. In cm137 we described it as “an astonishing instrument”, awarding it a 9/10 score and our Editor’s Choice and Performance awards.

Second prize is CamelSpace (£54), a rhythmic multieffect that injects movement and life into any sound, while third prize is CamelPhat (£54), which likewise combines multiple effects into one dangerously phattening whole. Both were reviewed in cm89, receiving a 9/10 score and Performance and Value For Money awards.

Three runners-up can each select any Alchemy sound library – worth up to £39 – to take home. These work in Alchemy or the included Alchemy Player.

To join the competition simply ‘like’ Computer Music on Facebook to get the entry form link. The competition deadline is 29 April 2011.

More information: Computer Music magazine Facebook compo #4

Note: Due to competition laws, the competition is open only to UK and US residents aged 18+.


Computer Music magazine launches Facebook competitions, win XILS Lab synths and Photosounder

Computer Music Facebook Contests

Computer Music magazine has announced two Facebook competitions, offering a chance to win XILS Lab synths and Photosounder, the image-based audio editor/synthesiser for PC and Mac.

Computer Music magazine has teamed up with soft synth wizards XILS-lab ( to offer four great prizes. Two winners will each receive their choice of either PolyKB II (€149) or XILS 3 (€149), and two runners-up can pick between PolyKB Player (€25) and XILS 3 LE (€30).

PolyKB II is one of the finest analogue synth emulations in existence – in CM154′s review, we slapped it with a Performance award and a 9/10 rating.

XILS 3 offers a semimodular design based on the classic EMS VCS3 synth. CM143′s review saw it garner a 9/10 score and a Performance award.

Computer Music magazine is also offering a chance to win one of 10 copies of Photosounder.

Photosounder works by converting sound into an image, for direct editing in a visual manner, offering up numerous editing options that you simply won’t find anywhere else. It’s a lot more fun, intuitive and easy to use than you might expect, so don’t write it off as a high-brow tool that’s only for tech-heads!

The entry forms for both competitions are available to those who ‘like’ Computer Music on Facebook. The XILS Lab competition deadline is 8 April 2011, the Photosounder one ends 15 April 2011.

More information: Computer Music

Note: Due to legal restrictions, both competitions are open only to UK and US residents aged 18+.


LinPlug MorphoX, virtual synth coming soon

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Computer Music posted some exclusive news on MorphoX, the upcoming virtual synthesizer instrument by LinPlug.

LinPlug MorphoX
LinPlug MorphoX

From Computer Music:

MorphoX is essentially a hybrid virtual analogue synth, and includes all the standard VA features, such as a variety of blendable oscillator shapes, unison detune, ring, amplitude and frequency modulation, built in chorus and delay effects, arpeggiator, and modulation matrix.

The main difference between MorphoX and LinPlug’s other synths is the Morph Wheel, which allows the user to quickly and easily morph between two patches. Using this feature, it’s possible to create highly expressive performances and complex sounds in real-time via MIDI.

A few audio demos are available from the Computer Music website. A review of LinPlug MorphoX will be published in CM160.

More information: Computer Music / LinPlug


Time+Space Contest: Win one of three ESI Keycontrol 25XT and CM Special subscription bundles

Time+Space ESI Keycontrol 25XT + CM Special contest

Time+Space has announced a contest in which you can win an ESI Keycontrol 25XT and CM Special subscription.

Did you know that not only do those hard working people at Computer Music deliver a magazine packed full of first class tutorials, reviews and software each month, they also publish a bi-monthly spin-off mag that focuses on a particular aspect of music production or a popular software package?

Computer Music Specials have been around since 2002 with early issues showing us how to burn our own CDs “There’s nothing quite like holding a CD of your own music in your hand”, and Time+Space adverts featuring the very first release of Garritan Personal Orchestra, Rob Papen’s Albino 2 and Toontrack’s DFH Superior.

Nowadays we’re being advised on the best ways to distribute our music online, Garritan Personal Orchestra is on its 4th version and Toontrack has pushed the boundaries of drum sampling to the extreme with Superior Drummer 2.0.

One thing that hasn’t changed however, is the computer musician’s need for Midi keyboard controllers, which explains the huge demand for ESI’s brand new KeyControl 25 XT keyboard. With robust aluminium casing, and no extra power supply or drivers needed, Keycontrol 25 XT is the ideal solution for musicians on the road or in the studio. These features combined with an RRP of just £79 means it came as no surprise that our first shipment sold out straight away!

Time+Space is offering a chance to win one of three prize bundles each containing ESI’s new controller and annual subscriptions to the Computer Music Specials.

To enter, all you need to do is send Time+Space the answer to the following simple question: “What is the name of ESI’s new MIDI controller?”

The competition closes 31st October 2010 and the three lucky winners will be announced in early November.

More information: Time+Space


CableGuys updates FilterShaper, VolumeShaper and PanCake

Cabeguys FilterShaper 2

Cableguys has released updated versions of FilterShaper, VolumeShaper, and PanCake, three effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

We fixed two bugs and addressed some complaints that Computer Music had in their recent review of FilterShaper 2.

Changes in FilterShaper v2.0.3 / VolumeShaper v2.0.1 / PanCake v1.0.3

  • Fixed: On Sonar (Win) the waveform area was sometimes not shown correctly.
  • Fixed: On Nuendo (Mac) the plug-ins could not be closed.
  • Improved: For all plugins, a new button to change the displayed grid of the waveform has been added.
  • Improved: FilterShaper’s LFOs have been labeled numerically.

FilterShaper is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for PC and Mac, priced at 49 EUR / $69 USD, while VolumeShaper costs 15 EUR / $20 USD. PanCake is available to download as freeware.

More information: CableGuys