ConcreteFX sets free FX Pack, free VST effects

ConcreteFX FX Pack

ConcreteFX has announced that it has set free its FX Pack, a collection of VST effect plugins for Windows.

ConcreteFX FX Pack

  • Debaser, a flexible multi-fx VST plugin that is capable of generating a vast variety of unique effects, everything from amp simulation to complex reverbs.
  • QDelay, a 4-band delay/chorus/flanger.
  • QEq, a 32 band equalizer / 4 band compressor.
  • QRing2, a 4-band ring modulator which can produce a range of ring modulation and low-fi effect.
  • QVoc, a 32 band vocoder (with control of the volume and pan position of each band), with pitch shifting, post vocoder distortion/filtering and a compressor built in.
  • QWah, a 4-band delay filter which can create a vast range of different effects from pattern filtering & wahwah to talkbox & distortions and any number of other effects.

The ConcreteFX FX Pack is available as a download for Windows PC (VST).

Note, the serial numbers for these effects are available from the KVR Audio forum.

More information: ConcreteFX / FX Pack (KVR Audio)


ConcreteFX releases Kubik v2.5

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ConcreteFX Kubik

ConcreteFX has released version 2.5 of Kubik, a wavetable sequencer synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

It can create a vast array of sophisticated moving sounds by changing the waveforms played by the synthesizer over time, similar to those from the Waldorf MicroWave and PPG.

Changes in Kubik v2.5

  • Mac Universal Binary AU & VST versions.
  • totally redesigned graphics.
  • improved CPU usage (up to 30-40% less on some presets).
  • up to 8x over-sampling.
  • much improved bank management system, including preset searching.
  • x/y modulation and path recording.
  • over 100 new presets, and updated manual.
  • lots of bug fixes and general improvements.

Kubik is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) for $75 USD / 55 EUR / £45 GBP (plus VAT). A demo version can be downloaded here.

Visit ConcreteFX for more information.


Rob Papen updates BLUE to v1.7

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Rob Papen BLUE

Rob Papen (RPCX) has released version 1.7 of BLUE, the “Crossfusion Synthesis” VST instrument that delivers FM Synthesis, Phase Distortion Synthesis, Wave Shaping Synthesis and Subtractive Synthesis in one creative combination.

Changes in v1.7

  • Increased Audio Quality with less CPU usage.
  • Much improved envelope code, making envelopes punchier and removing occasional envelope aliasing noise.
  • Arpeggiator and sequencer: keyboard entry mode via menu, allowing to enter notes by playing them.
  • Added Ensemble and Compressor effect.
  • Optimized Amp FX (50% less CPU) and, to a lesser extent, other effects.
  • Increase the resolution of the modulating effects (chorus, flanger, etc.).
  • FX commands: allows you to copy, paste, clear, swap, randomize, load & save fx.
  • Chord memory: this has 4 modes, off, learn, play & alt + strum timing.
  • Unison 2 / 4 / 6 with detuning.
  • Oversampling 16x added.
  • 400+ new presets, using all the new features like Chord Memory, Unison and EnsembleFX. (total of 66 banks and 1700 presets).

Rob Papen BLUE is available for Windows PC and Mac OSX (VST/AU/RTAS) and costs 199 EUR (included VAT) / $239 USD.

Visit Rob Papen for more information, audio demos and a link to download a demo version of BLUE.


Light Industry presets by Andrej A. Golob

ConcreteFX Light Industry

Andrej A. Golob has created 4 small sound banks for Light Industry by ConcreteFX.

Light Industry is the light edition of Industry and uses 2 oscillators with 13 wave types, FM, PWM, ring mod and syncing, 20 stage envelopes and it works in poly/mono/legato and arp modes. It also includes an preset evolver which allows you breed presets.

The 4 sound banks contain 10 presets each and are categorized in bass, effects, leads and pads.

AAG LightIndustry2 Downloads: 823 times

Looking for more? Check all patches by Andrej A. Golob or for Light Industry

You can get ConcreteFX Light Industry here.


Rob Papen releases Predator

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Rob Papen Predator

Rob Papen has released Predator, a virtual synthesizer packed with powerful features geared towards production of contemporary dance music.

Main features

  • 3 Oscillators with 128 waves included Analogue, Additive and Spectral type of waveforms plus pink & white noise generators
  • Preset Morphing
  • Intelligent Preset Variation
  • MIDI and Synth Controllable FX
  • Unison Detune
  • Chord Memory
  • Versatile Arpeggiator

Predator costs 149 EUR (included VAT) / USD 179. You can download a demo for PC and MacOSX (emits a noise every 25 seconds, you can not save presets or banks and the full PDF manual is not included. About 100 presets are included to give an impression of the styles you can expect in the full version).

More information: Rob Papen / Predator


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