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Contralogic releases Whistler v2.0

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Contralogic Whistler VST v2.0

Contralogic has updated it’s Whistler VST instrument to version 2.0.

Whistler produces its sound by sending random noise through resonating bandpass filters. The notes you play control the filter’s cutoff freqency.

New in v2

  • Overdrive-style distortion
  • tempo-synced echo
  • vibrato
  • additional filtering options
  • lo-fi “retro” noise mode

Visit Contralogic for more information and a link to download Whistler.


Contralogic releases Feldspar

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Contralogic Feldspar

Feldspar is a virtual analog synthesizer (made with SynthEdit) featuring a range of tempo-based modulation options.


  • 16 LFO waveforms
  • Ring modulator with 18 algorithms
  • Tempo-synced delay with high and low pass filters in the feedback path
  • Drift function for controlling oscillator pitch instability

Feldspar costs $16.95 which also includes FeldsparFX, a VST effect plug-in based on Feldspar’s architecture. A demo version is available at Contralogic; it is fully functional except the output periodically drops to silence.