Akai Professional omtrps AFX & AMX controllers for Serato DJ

Akai Professional has announced the AFX and AMX, two new controllers for Serato DJ. Over a USB connection, AFX and AMX each add extensive hands-on controls to a variety of DJ setups ranging from Serato … read more

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Livid Instruments launches Ds1 MIDI mixer

Livid Instruments has launched the Ds1, a portable MIDI mixer solution for computer-based mixing, production and performance, developed in collaboration with Dubspot. Ds1 introduces MIDI control to the familiar layout of an analog audio mixer, … read more

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Native Instruments launches READY.SET.PRO. limited-time TRAKTOR special

Native Instruments has launched READY.SET.PRO., a limited-time offer on the TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 decks and effects controller and TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 – the compact DJ mixing interface. Until August 31, 2014, a full version of … read more

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Xmonsta releases PULL iPad Ableton Device Editor

Xmonsta has launched PULL, a touchscreen device editor for Ableton that uses the iPad. It is an extremely fast and efficient workflow tool. Use it alongside other controllers, such as Ableton PUSH, or APC40, or … read more

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Tuna Knobs by Samuel Verburg – physical controls for touchscreen

Samuel Verburg has launched a Kickstarter project for the Tuna Knobs, attachable knobs made to control (music) apps on touchscreen devices. Tuna knobs are control knobs that stick to any touchscreen and let you control … read more

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Mackie drops price on DL806 Digital Mixer with iPad Control

Mackie has announced a price drop on its DL806 8-channel digital live sound mixer with iPad Control. Mackie’s DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixers with iPad Control have gained an amazing reputation in the world … read more

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Novation intros Launch Control XL controller for Live

Novation has announced Launch Control XL, the “ultimate hands-on controller for Ableton Live”. It helps you focus more on your music and less on your laptop, by providing 16 buttons, 24 knobs and eight faders, … read more

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Numark intros NV controller for Serato DJ

Numark has announced NV, an intelligent controller for Serato DJ. Featuring high-resolution color screens that provide extensive visualization of Serato’s flagship DJ platform and advanced interactive controls, NV opens all-new doors for the modern performing … read more

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reKon audio releases VST-AU Blofeld Editor

reKon audio has released VST-AU Blofeld Editor, a software editor for the Waldorf Blofeld keyboard and desktop model synthesizers. VST-AU Blofeld Editor is a real-time MIDI synth editor for Mac OS X and Windows that … read more

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Create mobile music interfaces with NexusUI

Ben Taylor, Jesse Allison, and Yemin Oh have released NexusUI, a JS toolkit for easily designing musical interfaces for mobile apps and web browsers, with emphasis on rapid prototyping (nexusDrop) and integration with Max/MSP (nexusUp). … read more

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Mystery Islands updates JP-80×0 Editor & Librarian plug-in for Mac to v2.0.0 rc1

Mystery Islands has released version 2.0.0 rc1 of the JP-80×0 Editor & Librarian plug-in for Mac OS X. Version 2.0.0 rc1 is early release candidate demo to hunt down any bugs you may encounter while … read more

HyperSynth updates XEditor to v1.1

HyperSynth has released version 1.1 of XEditor, a software editor for controlling the Xenophone analog mono-synthesizer. XEditor is a freeware editor for advanced controlling over the Xenophone synthesizer in your DAW. XEditor offers remote access … read more

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Conductr Ableton Live controller for iPad gets free version

Patchworks has announced the release of a free version of Conductr, the Ableton Live controller app for iPad. Conductr was launched in September 2013. During the last nine months, we’ve got an amazing feedback from … read more

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Bitwig intros Community Controllers

Bitwig has announced Community Controllers, a new section of its website dedicated to Bitwig Studio’s groundbreaking integration with virtually any hardware controller. The Bitwig “Open Controller API,” an open-source platform makes this possible using JavaScript … read more

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TubeOhm releases Ambika-C MIDI controller for Ambika

TubeOhm has announced the release of Ambika-C, a MIDI controller plug-in for the Ambika synthesizer from Mutable Instruments. Ambika-C MIDI controller is a hybrid MIDI editor for Ambika. To make sound design easy they implemented … read more

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Feelyoursound updates XotoPad multi-touch app to v1.2

Feelyoursound has announced the release of version 1.2.0 of XotoPad, the MIDI multitouch software for Windows. The app turns any Windows 8 computer with touchscreen into a flexible MIDI controller. Changes XotoPad v1.2.0 Updated UI … read more

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IK Multimedia releases iRing

IK Multimedia has announced the release of the iRing motion-tracking controller for iDevices. Originally presented at CES 2014, iRing is a wearable and affordable controller for iOS music apps and more. It allows touch-less parameter … read more

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Native Instruments launches “A Giant Beat for Mankind” sale

Native Instruments has launched A Giant Beat for Mankind, a limited-time sales special to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Maschine. Until May 31, MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO will each be available at a … read more

PreSonus launches Monitor Station V2

PreSonus has announced it is shipping the new Monitor Station V2, a major redesign of its popular desktop studio-monitor control center. Monitor Station V2 enables easy desktop management of multiple audio sources and up to … read more

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Arturia releases SPARK 2 drum machine software

Arturia has announced the availability of SPARK 2, bringing a new look, new feel, and new features to its premier soundsculpting and performance drum machine software for Mac and Windows. With the timely introduction of … read more

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