Team Popo BeatEvolve—Game of Life generative music app for iOS

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Team Popo BeatEvolve

Team Popo has released BeatEvolve, a generative music app in which the grid of notes can ‘evolve’ according to rules such as Conway’s Game of Life.

Anyone can make music with BeatEvolve! With 31 instruments to choose from, the intuitive interface lets you combine 3 layers of harmonies to create awesome riffs!

Select from one of six preset evolution rules or create your own from scratch then sit back and watch as the music changes all by itself.

BeatEvolve features

  • Three layers.
  • 31 instruments.
  • Six evolution presets including Conway’s famous Game Of Life.
  • Experiment by creating your own evolution rules.
  • Flip, rotate and shift the patterns you make.
  • Tempo adjust.
  • Save your musical creations to use later or show off to your friends.

The app is available to purchase from the iTunes App Store, a free version is also available.

More information: Team Popo / BeatEvolve


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