Cormac Daly releases Thaw v0.1

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Thaw v0.1 in Cubase

Cormac Daly has released Thaw, a VST plug-in for the creation and manipulation of static and drone sounds using the phase vocoder.

Thaw was created as part of a Masters in Music Technology academic project whose aim was to explore the use of the phase vocoder for the creation and manipulation of static and drone sounds.

Thaw can be used for creating a perceptual ‘snapshot’ of a sound and then creating drones using a number of effects including a low frequency oscillator and a pitch shifter.

The scientific and musical background of this project, as well as an explanation of the inner workings of the software, can be found in the accompanying thesis.

Check out What Goes Around, a musical piece which showcases Thaw. On page 68 of Cormac’s thesis you will find a screenshot of the Cubase production environment in which What Goes Around was composed.

Listen to “What Goes Around” by Cormac Daly

Thaw v0.1 Downloads: 9408 times

(Currently Windows only, Mac version is planned)


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