Short links for February 22nd, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # The Stretta Procedure: Free 2GB modular synth sample library Matthew Davidson writes: If you woke up this morning thinking, "Gee, I wish I could download two gigabytes of … read more

monome Community releases HAITI2010

The monome Community has released HAITI2010, an album available to the public with 100% of the sale proceeds being donated to Médecins Sans Frontières ( The monome user base is a collection of people from … read more

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Karlheinz Essl releases Lexikon-Sonate v3.3

Karlheinz Essl has released version 3.3 of Lexikon-Sonate, an interactive realtime composition environment for musical composition and live performances. Lexikon-Sonate is a work-in-progress which was started in 1992. Instead of being a composition in which … read more

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Short links for November 6th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently: # Arduino Piano Squealer Synth Marc Nostromo developed the Arduino Piano Squealer Synth for the Arduino Pocket Piano, an arduino shield produced by Critters and Guitari. The engine implements … read more

Loopmasters releases Movie Dialogue Vol 3

Loopmasters has released Movie Dialogue Vol 3, an inspirational set of samples taken from original early Film Dialogue. If you need some inspiring vocal samples for your music, then Movie Dialogue includes a truly original … read more

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rekkerd mixed bag volume 2 – 26 free samples

Beats, basslines, synth melodies… This latest sample pack has them all. Mixed bag volume 2 features 26 samples, in 24bit/44kHz stereo wav format. The download is about 100MB, so I just dropped the samples … read more

Open Ambience Project releases SHEPPi

Open Ambience Project has released SHEPPi (Stereo Haas Effect Ping Pong Inverter), a free spatial enhancer effect plug-in for Windows PC. What SHEPPi describes is this. You set up a ping-pong delay with feedback of … read more

Sebastian Tomczak releases Atari 2600 Percussive Sample Pack

Sebastian Tomczak of little-scale has released the Atari 2600 Percussive Sample Pack, a free collection of samples from an Atari 2600 console. This sample pack features 28 short percussive samples recorded from an Atari 2600 … read more

Reminder: Sounds in HD contest

A little reminder for those who’d like to participate in the Sounds in HD contest. You still have a few days left before the deadline, so enter your beats now for a chance to win … read more

Sounds in HD special sale + contest

A few weeks ago I reviewed Sounds in HD Vol. 1, the first in a series of drum sample libraries by Sounds in HD. Sounds in HD sound designers Keyflo (Jarrett Todd) and Zeph (Humberto … read more

Create Digital Music Winter 2008 guide

Last month Create Digital Music asked its readers to share what they would want to receive, give to newcomers, and what they would want to read. Yesterday CDM presented the Winter 2008 guide, a wonderful … read more

Download free album: Mr Greynoise – Black And White And Grey

Nick Bugayev wrote in to let us know about his new album Mr Greynoise – Black And White And Grey. The album comprises of 17 tracks Nick has recorded over the past year under his … read more

Short links for August 6th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on August 6th, 2008: # Free audio recordings from the Berlin S-Bahn. – Oliver Chesler writes: Yesterday I took a trip to Ikea in Berlin. To get from Prenzlauer Berg … read more

My Music

I like to make music in my spare time. It is a bit hard to describe the style of my work so just have a listen and see if there’s something you like. Recent tracks … read more

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More short links for May 30th, 2008

Some more interesting things I found on May 30th, 2008: # The A LA KART Collective – A LA KART vol. 2 – As a follow up to the popular "A La Kart 1", these … read more

Short links for May 9th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on May 9th, 2008: # Somatic Circuits – !Malfunctionator Kit Instructions – The !Malfunctionator was designed to be a handy UFO dector dubbling up as a Electro Music Device to … read more

Short links for May 6th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on May 6th, 2008: # Jazz trash robot is an experimental sound-producing entity made from recycled electro-mechanical components. It is a collection of mechanical sequencers and timers, that can be … read more

Voice controlled Pong – open source Max/MSP patch

Jan Kees van Woesik and Patrick Brouwer have made a system to control Flash with audio. Jan Kees writes: We have created an alternative approach for this (worldwide) known problem. We made a MaxMSP patch … read more

Free Mixes: Amon Tobin & Deru

YuriCDM, a collaboration between CDM and Yuri’s Night Bay Area, has posted exclusive mixes of two artists who played at Yuri’s Night Bay Area last weekend. Amon Tobin @ Yuri’s Night – image by Scott … read more

45 – A Tribute to Daniel Hansson

The 45 Tribute is a compilation to pay homage to the late Daniel Hansson, co-founder of Elektron Music Machines. In August 2007 Elektron CEO and co-founder Daniel Hansson passed away in an unfortunate auto accident. … read more