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Short links for November 6th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently:

Arduino Piano

# Arduino Piano Squealer Synth

Marc Nostromo developed the Arduino Piano Squealer Synth for the Arduino Pocket Piano, an arduino shield produced by Critters and Guitari.

The engine implements a small monosynth with a few waveforms, a HP/BP/LP continuous resonant filter, decay and a few little own tricks that generate a LOT of aliases, making a great dirty digital synth. Since the Pocket Piano has only 3 potentiometers available for control (the 4th one being hardwired to the volume), I use a “page” system to implement series of 3 parameters to fiddle with. To switch “page”, use the rightmost note of the A.P (NOT the one under the led, the one left to to it). To help you know which page you are at, you can use the led: it will flash a number of time equivalent to the current page you are at.

The source code of the Arduino Piano Squealer synth is available under GPL License V3.

# Flux Twitter Syrah give-away quiz

Flux is giving away some Syrah licenses to three lucky Twitter users:

To celebrate 200+ followers of FluxPlugins since mid May 2009, we are introducing a little Syrah give-away quiz. Fill the form and answer both questions correctly, and you are participating in the give away of one of all in total three Syrah licenses.

Answers need to be in before the end of the day on Monday 9th October.

# Digital Mixtape

Digital Mixtape
Digital Mixtape

Justin Cole writes:

My new design uses a small mp3 player that I disassembled and placed inside a cassette tape adapter for an ipod. This allows for mp3's to be played back through a tapedeck. This has all of the ease and technology of an mp3 player with the retro coolness of a mix tape.

# Waveformless: Free Sample Friday: Sample Pack from Portion Control!

Tom Shear writes:

I've got something very special for Waveformless readers today. As you may remember, a couple weeks ago, I featured an interview with electro-industrial music pioneers Portion Control where I hinted that we might have something special coming from the band. So here it is… a 16MB sample pack of loops and one-shots from the band themselves.

Lackluster - Portal EP

# Lackluster: Portal EP

A lovely free album available to download in high quality mp3 and lossless FLAC formats. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License

The Portal EP was supposed to come out on another label in 2008, but the label went bankrupt and closed up shop. In email conversations with Lackluster, I offered to master the EP and do a net release on Cornwarning. So, 4 years after its original intended release, it is finally here.

Covering a variety of tempos and styles, from the beatless epic "Eons" to the mutant techno of "Lubiszewski Beats", "Portal" covers a lot of musical territory. What unifies the work is Lackluster's musicality. For me each track here is deep in emotion, despite their lack of lyric or explicit program.

# JSGB v.0.02: a JavaScript Nintendo GameBoy Emulator and Debugger

Play GameBoy games in your brower. Recommended browser: Chrome/Chromium 4+ Other browsers may be slow or don't work at all!

AIRduino Guitar

# How to build an Air Guitar with Arduino, aka the AIRduino Guitar

The idea here is to build a wearable virtual guitar that is to be controlled with two hands much like playing Air Guitar. It has been created and prototyped during a two weeks project at ChalmersUniversity (Sweden) for a Physical Computing class.

The aim is to get the feeling of playing a real guitar. The AIRduino Guitar is made of one glove and one stick. The glove is used to set the tone and the stick to trigger the sound.

# Digital Sales Up, But is Apple Monopoly the Price? NPD, Mint Data, Editorial Analysis

Peter Kirn writes:, the online financial management tool, has put its numbers together with market researchers NPD Group to analyze music spending. The results: when it comes to consuming recorded music, digital music continues to rise. At the same time, so does Apple’s grip on the music consumption market, a combination that includes proprietary control of a music store, a music player, and the leading mobile device.

Submarine entertainment room

# Is this the ultimate male playroom?

For many men, their house is their castle. For one Canterbury man, his play room is a submarine complete with working periscope.

Wayne Eyre has turned part of his Spencerville property into a wrecked submarine featuring "plutonium-leaking" torpedoes, at a cost of $100,000.

In the rusting interior of the submarine, which appears to have beached on a deserted island, Eyre has all the creature comforts reclining chairs, a three-metre big-screen TV and a top-notch surround-sound system.

# Novation Releases All MIDI Details for Launchpad

Novation’s Launchpad, its affordable (<$200) "grid" controller, may have a big Ableton logo on it. But underneath, it's just a MIDI controller. Bi-colored LEDs, containing a red and green element for red, green, and amber output (amber = red+green), can be triggered using simple MIDI note and control messages. That means, whether you're looking forward to Max for Live or you're sequencing in a tracker or writing Processing sketches, you can use the Launchpad just like any other MIDI controller.


# Qeve: Free Live Visual – VJ Software, Built in Pd

From Create Digital Motion:

Qeve is a promising-looking, open-source visual performance tool built in visual patching environment Pure Data (Pd). It was built primarily on Ubuntu Linux but should also run with some adjustment on Mac. (Pd itself runs on Windows, but some of the visual dependencies are not available on that platform. I’d still recommend Linux.)

# SampleRadar: 703 free grime samples

A fresh batch of samples from SampleRadar.

The samples are split into seven self-explanatory categories: Bass, Beats, FX, Guitar, Kits, Synth and Vox. All the samples are supplied as 24-bit WAV files so can be imported directly into your DAW of choice. Because they're royalty-free, you're welcome to use them in your music in any way you like – all we ask is that you don't re-distribute them.

# Eric Beam Nebula Programs

Eric Beam has recently posted some programs for Acustica Audio’s Nebula: Tube 1500 “instant analog” & MCI Heritage EQ “I like it dirty”


Loopmasters releases Movie Dialogue Vol 3

Loopmasters Movie Dialogue Vol 3

Loopmasters has released Movie Dialogue Vol 3, an inspirational set of samples taken from original early Film Dialogue.

If you need some inspiring vocal samples for your music, then Movie Dialogue includes a truly original set of some interesting and authentic dialogue from one of the most creative periods of TV and broadcast history. Suitable for Ambient, Lounge, Breakbeat, Trip Hop, Drum and Bass, House and all forms of modern musical experimentation.

Movie Dialogue Vol 3 features

  • 824 Movie Dialogue Samples in 6 categories, 44.1Khz 16bit Wav format.
  • 11 patches in Halion, Kontakt, EXS24, NNXT and SFZ formats for easy auditioning.
  • All material contained within this release is royalty free to use in your music (Creative Commons License).

Movie Dialogue Vol 3 is available for purchase for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Movie Dialogue Vol 3


rekkerd mixed bag volume 2 – 26 free samples

Beats, basslines, synth melodies… This latest sample pack has them all. Mixed bag volume 2 features 26 samples, in 24bit/44kHz stereo wav format.

The download is about 100MB, so I just dropped the samples in Ableton Live and put together a quick demo in case you want to hear what type of samples are included before you download them.

Note: the files have been normalized to 0dB peak. You may want to audition the samples at a moderate volume as some samples are considerably louder than others.

rekkerd mixed bag volume 2 Downloads: 9738 times

rekkerd mixed bag volume 2 is released under the Creative Commons BY license. If you really enjoy these samples you can show your appreciation by donating here. Thanks!

Check the loops & samples page for more downloads.


Open Ambience Project releases SHEPPi

Open Ambience Project SHEPPi

Open Ambience Project has released SHEPPi (Stereo Haas Effect Ping Pong Inverter), a free spatial enhancer effect plug-in for Windows PC.

What SHEPPi describes is this. You set up a ping-pong delay with feedback of around 30mS, which is the sweet spot for the well-known Haas stereo widening effect. Then, in one of the crossfeed delay lines you put an inverter such that the artificial early reflections are bouncing around out of phase (exaggerating the wideness) and out of time with each other. Bob adds some extra control over this effect by determining whether the delay feedback (“Deep” switch) or single-channel crossfeed inverter (“Wide” switch) should be on or off. In addition, the K-Stereo process adds a couple of convenience touches easily simulated with other tools: an M/S matrix processor (also known as a “shuffler”) preceding the effect, and a post-effect EQ module for tailoring the synthetic reflections.

Open Ambience Project’s SHEPPi Spatial Enhancer plugin (VST, Windows) does all of this. You can even use the plugin on an aux bus instead of the more typical track insert because SHEPPi gives you full control over the dry signal that’s usually mixed in.

SHEPPi is available as a free VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

More information: Open Ambience Project


Sebastian Tomczak releases Atari 2600 Percussive Sample Pack


Sebastian Tomczak of little-scale has released the Atari 2600 Percussive Sample Pack, a free collection of samples from an Atari 2600 console.

This sample pack features 28 short percussive samples recorded from an Atari 2600 Jr PAL console.

Previously, people have requested dry, direct recordings of these samples as a pack – this is why the pack is being posted.

The Atari 2600 Percussive Sample Pack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.

More information: little-scale


Reminder: Sounds in HD contest

A little reminder for those who’d like to participate in the Sounds in HD contest.

You still have a few days left before the deadline, so enter your beats now for a chance to win a copy of Sounds in HD Vol. 1.

Details here.


Sounds in HD special sale + contest

Sounds in HD Vol.1 special offer

A few weeks ago I reviewed Sounds in HD Vol. 1, the first in a series of drum sample libraries by Sounds in HD.

Sounds in HD sound designers Keyflo (Jarrett Todd) and Zeph (Humberto Zayas) have been producing for over 6 years. In their studio in central NJ they have been building their own drum sample library for the last 3 years.

I asked Zeph if he could tell us a bit more about how Sounds in HD Vol. 1 was done.

We start with a synthesizer and create a sound similar to a drum. Then we layer with a live recording of a drum or another percussion sample. Depending on what sound we are going for we might have to use some kind of processing plug in such as, Izotope Trash, to get some harmonic distortion or stereo effect that EQ and Compression cannot bring to the sound.

A big part of our sound design is listening to the sample for tones or pitches that disturb, distort, or even clip the sound. Using EQ, we pin point the disturbances closing in on the frequency the tone is in and its width and then lower the db on that sound. Using this method often solves many rumbling bass issues, clipping on a cracking sound and other noises.

Mixing and Mastering are essential parts to making appropriate samples. We mix each individual sound going into a sample together. Any live sounds are recorded through industry standard Cubase and or Protools, 16 bit, ran through hardware like the Avalon 737, and software processing tools like Waves, and Izotope. For the most part, we stick to one concept in the sounds; mixing elements of bass, mid and highs. When you break it down to this level you really have control over the sound as a whole.

Once all the sounds are mixed, we master for commercial and consistent loudness and then export at 16 bit wav samples for compatibility with any producer or engineers DAW.

Every sound is like a new story.

There’s a free demo kit with 15 samples available for download so you can have a taste of what these samples sound like.

Special Sale
Want to get more? I have some good news for you. Zeph has offered readers a special discount. The 200+ samples of Volume 1 normally go for $39.95 USD, but for the next two weeks you can get them for just $25 USD.

Follow this link to take advantage of the offer: Sounds in HD Vol.1 for $25


Beats by duncan @ Flickr

Now I think $25 is quite cheap for this lovely sample library, but you can get it cheaper still.

If you’d like to get your hands on Sounds in HD Vol.1, all you need to do is create a quality hip-hop/downtempo beat* for a chance to win a free copy.

Sounds in HD Vol. 1 contest rules

  • Create an original beat using a software synth/drum machine or any hardware you might have (so don’t use samples from licensed sample libraries or stuff you found on the internet).
  • Enter up to five samples in the contest to maximize your chances.
  • Send the beat(s) in .wav format (16/24bit, 44kHz) — preferably cut to loop well.
    Please include your (artist) name and the bpm count in the filename(s) and you can optionally include a link to your website with your submission.
    Example: ronnie_01_110bpm.wav
  • Deadline for submission is 28 December, 2008 – 11.59pm CET

Note: you may use melodic content in your beats if you like, as long it’s a beat first.

The voting committee (that’d be me and my wife) will hand pick the best beats. The contributors of the top 3 beats will receive the following prizes:

  1. Sounds in HD Vol 1 + bonus pack of 25 sounds + lifetime discount on all Sounds in HD products for the first place winner.
  2. Sounds in HD Vol 1 + bonus pack of 25 sounds for #2
  3. The bonus pack of 25 sounds for the third place winner.

Now it’d be a shame for me to hold on to all these quality beats you are going to send me so I will also release all submitted samples as a free (CC-licensed) sample pack after the contest. You will of course get full credit for your work.

The small print

Working with samples is always a bit tricky so here’s some small print that would be good to read so you can do the right thing™.

  • Samples you provide must be original and created by you from material that is not copyrighted.
  • You will allow to release your sample(s) as part of a download pack, licensed under the Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License.
  • Your (artist) name and contact details (i.e. website) will optionally be included in the download pack.

Looking forward to hearing your beats! If you still have questions feel free to ask.

* Any genre beat is welcome (and will be included in the download pack), but since it would be a bit hard to pick winners across many different styles we’re looking for this particular flavor.