Cupwise FX Radio Junk effect plugin

Cupwise FX Radio Junk

Cupwise FX has entered the Radio Junk effect plugin in the KVR Developer Challenge 2012.

Radio Junk is a small but unique suite of effects made from 2 junky old radios, one solid-state (from the 70s) and the other a tube radio (from the 50s). The radios were ‘sampled’ using technology similar but superior to the common convolution impulses out there. It’s called Nebula, and it can capture the sound of what’s being sampled at different dynamic levels, and it can also capture some of the distortion, unlike standard convolution.

These effects use a variant of the Nebula tech called ‘Acqua’, which just means that these are stand-alone effects, and you don’t need Nebula to load them (it’s built in, basically). The radios were sampled in extreme ways to get some nasty lo-fi effects.

Since these were made with the Nebula technology, they will sound different from other plug-ins out there.

Radio Junk is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in.

More information: Cupwise FX / Radio Junk


Cupwise FX releases YouRei HP/LP Filters for Nebula

Cupwise FX YouRei HP/LP Filters

Cupwise FX has introduced YouRei HP/LP Filters, a sound library for the Nebula effect processor by Acustica Audio.

Sampled from a unique filter unit that was largely aimed at forensic audio work, but has found many uses. It’s notch/peak filters can be swept around for a unique phaser-like effect, and it’s HP/LP filters can be used for general audio filtering purposes. It was made available in two versions, and this is the more desirable/sought-after ‘T’ model featuring an output transformer which adds a little extra color to the sound.

The notch/peak filters will be sampled for a future release. This first release includes 3 differently sampled configurations of the unit’s high/low pass filters.

YouRei HP/LP Filters is available in 96khz and 44khz versions, priced at $7.50 USD; a bundle of both is $8.50 USD (full version of Nebula required, Nebula 3 Pro or Server is recommended).

More information: Cupwise FX / YouRei HP/LP Filters


Cupwise releases Tube FM 1, 2 & 3 libraries for Nebula

Cupwise Tube FM

Cupwise has released three Tube FM libraries for Acustica Audio Nebula.

The sound characteristics of 4 table-top tube radios and 2 tube tuners were captured to be reproduced through Nebula. Sampled at 96khz.

These radios date to the 1950s. Two different FM transmitters were used, to get the signal into the radios. In some cases though, instead of transmitting the signal, it was directly injected into the radios’ circuitry. The tuners have RCA outputs which were used, but the table-top radios don’t. For those, the signal was taken from the speaker leads, after they were disconnected from the speakers.

Tube FM libraries for Nebula

  • Tube FM 1 – Four table-top tube radios. Two tube tuners. Two FM transmitters. Direct outputs.
    In all cases, the signal used to sample the radios was taken from them by a direct electrical connection. This means the speakers were bypassed. This provides the cleanest method of capturing the characteristic behavior of the radio’s circuitry. Each radio leaves a unique fingerprint on any audio ran through it, and these ‘colors’ were captured for use with Nebula.
  • Tube FM 2 – The same radios/tuners were used as with Tube FM 1, but this time their sound was captured with microphones. The overall sound is distinctive, yet each effect is different.
  • Tube FM 3 – Vintage Reverb – Custom reverbs made using tube radios, to add a vintage touch.

Tube FM 1 and 2 are available to purchase for $16 USD each; Tube FM 3 is $15 USD. Some free demo programs can be downloaded from the product pages.

More information: Cupwise


Cupwise releases Color Springs for Nebula


Cupwise has released Color Springs, a collection of programs for Nebula 3 by Acustica Audio.

What: A Gibbs spring reverb tank made in the early 70’s, of the type commonly used in Hammond organs and various Fender equipment. Two springs.

How: Sampled 14 different ways, some with the goal of capturing just the spring sound with little extra coloration, others with added flavor. The idea was to provide many variations of the spring reverb sound, giving several options for any situation requiring verb. Among the methods used- placing small objects on the springs (or wrapped around them), using the clamp (which I believe is to keep the pan/springs from moving around much during transportation) to dampen the effect, using different feedback paths, different sources of amplification, using cassette tapes, and playing the tones through the setups at different speeds/sample rates to shift the behavior up and down the frequency spectrum (check program specific details for more info on this). All were sampled with the RME hdsp 9632, at 96khz.

Color Springs for Nebula (full version required) is available to purchase for $6 USD.

More information: Cupwise / Color Springs


Cupwise releases Cassette 1 for Nebula

Cupwise Cassette 1 Tascam 122 mkIII

Cupwise has released Cassette 1, a collection of Tascam 122 mkIII programs for Nebula by Acustica Audio.

The Tascam 122 mkIII deck was used, along with 11 tapes, to create this set. Some tapes were sampled twice, at slightly different speeds and with different noise reduction settings (B, C, and none).

Most of the tapes are/were highly regarded among cassette enthusiasts (they’re still out there!). There are type I, II, and metal type IV tapes. The deck has a rich history and is very well known for it’s reliability and performance.

The Cassette 1 Nebula programs are available to purchase for $10 USD.

More information: Cupwise / Cassette 1


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