Detunized DTS024 – Phase Facets, sound library for Ableton Live

Detunized Phase Facets

Detunized has released DTS024 – Phase Facets, a comprehensive Live Pack featuring the German Hohner HS2/E synthesizer from 1988.

The Hohner HS2/E and it´s Japanese original, the Casio VZ10m, are the last hardware synths working with „interactive Phase Distortion“ synthesis. The iPD was meant as an effort to deliver sounds comparable to those of FM synthesis while its results are easier to predict. IPD is capable of producing wonderful „non-filter“ and „non-substractive“ tones with sharp attacks and digital precision.

The 650 MB Live Pack „Phase Facets“ contains a diversified collection of such iPD sounds that must be categorized far beyond the standard Bass and Lead libraries. With their rich harmonic content and agile brightness the 30 included Live Instruments enrich each Live Library with some 80s retro charme.

DTS024 – Phase Facets Live Pack (30 instruments/650 MB/842 samples) is available to purchase as an instant download for 6.98 EUR. Subscribers can purchase DTS024 + DTS023 – Curetronic Modular Vol. 2 for 4.98 EUR only.

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Detunized releases DTS023 – Curetronic Modular Volume 2

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Detunized Curetronic Modular Volume 2

Detunized has released DTS023 – Curetronic Modular Volume 2, a new Live Pack.

The new Curetronic Modular Volume 2 Live Pack introduces a diversified collection of sounds exclusively patched on two CURETRONIC™ modular cabinets. While the earlier released Curetronic Modular Volume 1 Live Pack contains a collection of tempo-synced loops, Volume 2 of this series features 50 multi-sampled instruments with each one basing on its unique set of velocity-layered samples. During the recording process 18 of currently over 30 available hardware modules were used.

The 50 Ableton Live instruments included in Curetronic Modular Volume 2 offer precisely adjusted macro controls that allow for comfortable balancing between the processed timbre of the virtuals and the original sound. By combining the characteristics of both sound domains Curetronic Modular Volume 2 forms a comprehensive overview of Curetronics infinite sound creation possibilities.

DTS023 – Curetronic Modular Volume 2 Live Pack (50 instruments / 450 MB / 1559 samples) is available as an instant download for 6.98 EUR. Subscribers can purchase DTS023 + DTS022-Harmona Forte Live Pack for 4.98 EUR only.

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Sidsonic Libraries releases Pure Analog Clicks and Cuts

Sidsonic Libraries Pure Analog Clicks and Cuts

Sidsonic Libraries has released Pure Analog Clicks and Cuts, a new downloadable sample pack.

This sample pack offers you the finest glitches in a unique collection! Only analog synths and drumcomputers up to a huge modular system were used to create the cutting edge sounds. Moog,, Curetronic, Metasonix, Vermona,… all those big names were put together to show what analog Clicks and Cuts are made of!

After recording the sounds were mapped in an extended way (88 keys per kit) to provide not only the samples themself but also reversed and tonal sounds, made by looping and editing.

Pure Analog Clicks and Cuts features

  • Three packs:
    • Bubbled – 12 Drumkits (130.3MB)
    • High – 9 Drumkits (65.6MB)
    • Punchy – 12 Drumkits (73.1MB)
  • All sounds are Multisamplesets for a realistic feeling.
  • Samples are mapped in EXS and NKI format.
  • Samples are recorded in wave format 24bit/96khz.

Pure Analog Clicks and Cuts is available to purchase for 37.45 EUR. Individual packs are available for 16.05 EUR each (prices include VAT).

Note: Sidsonic Libraries is offering a 20% discount on its products until June 3, 2010.

Use the following promo code at checkout to receive your discount: 1209-gdtf-3534-hrgz

More information: Sidsonic Libraries / Pure Analog Clicks and Cuts


Detunized releases DTS013 – Curetronic Vol.1

Detunized Curetronic Vol.1

Detunized has released Curetronic Vol.1, a new sound pack for Ableton Live featuring loops created with a modular synthesizer.

CURETRONIC™ – a classical sound synthesis system, full sized and modular. Created by developer Matthias Schmidt, two cabinets fully loaded with modules delivered 285 tempo-synced loops directly pulled out of the wall. No compression, no filtering, no FX – just as is.

DTS013 – Curetronic Vol.1 features

  • Format: Ableton Live Pack.
  • Clips: 285.
  • No. of Samples: 285, (24 Bit, 44,1 kHz).
  • Disk space needed: approx. 300 MB.
  • Installation instruction included.

Curetronic Vol.1 is available to puchase, priced at 4.98 EUR for Detunized subscribers, or 6.78 EUR as an instant download. New subscriptions currently include the latest 3 releases (offer valid until April 10, 2010).

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