Speaker Blower Records releases Arsenal Compressor LE and Sideral + updated bundles

Speaker Blower Records has released Arsenal Compressor LE and Sideral, two new freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.

Speaker Blower Arsenal Compressor LE

Arsenal Compressor LE is a vintage compressor with internal side-chain filters and also M/S (Mid/Side) processing.

This free LE version does not feature the Threshold and Mix knobs or their functions: it has a fixed threshold (-25 dB) and its set as 100% wet effect (you can´t blend it with the original signal). Use it to process any sound that needs dynamic processing. Use the side-chain feature to process only certain frequencies, leaving the other frequencies unprocessed. And last but not least , with the M/S feature, you can process dynamically only the Mid, the Sides or even achieve the famous NY parallel compression (50/50) but in M/S!

Speaker Blower Sideral

Sideral is an effect that divides the signal in Mid and Sides (or Mid+Sides=MS), so you can control the Sides level between -6 and +6 dB.

This effect is 100% transparent and allows you to: add/remove ambience, presence and /or reverb from stereo recordings; stereo field control; sound design; noise reduction/restoration and you can even use it on home mastering. On individual channels, you should use it for processing sounds that have phase problems (but where you want to keep the original characteristics) by slightly altering the signal by just 1 or 2 dB´s. Note that, despite of the central meter shows both (Center and Sides), with this plugin, you can only control the Sides level (in red in the meter).

Speaker Blower Records has also updated various bundles.

  1. Dr. Speaker Blower VST FX Pack, 12 new plugins included, price reduction – 40% OFF – now available for 30 EUR (no more individual plugins available).
  2. Speaker Blower Synths, 2 new synthesizers (Lusus 3.0 and Rufius) for a total of 6 synths, available for 50 EUR.
  3. Speaker Blower Total Pack (VST & REAKTOR), all new content from the FX and Synths packs and new exclusive aditions: collection “BUILT FOR WAR” (4 plugins), price reduction – 25% OFF – now available for 75 EUR.

More information: Speaker Blower Records


CuteVST updates Hexter VSTi to v1.2

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CuteVST Hexter

CuteVST has released version 1.2 of Hexter VSTi.
This release fixes an event processing bug and a few other bugs.

From the CuteVST website:

Changes in v1.2

  • Processing loop found and fixed.
    Possible bug in original DSSI version processing loop found and fixed. Events which occur in last 64 samples of sampleFrames were not processed caused by “if else” statement.
  • Reducing sample rates above 44100Hz, for example 96000Hz to 48000Hz, made reverb crash the plugin.
    The cause was reverb’s allpass and comb bufidx which should have been set to zero when buffer size changed.
  • Mono playmode stuck held-key.
    Mono playmode held-key can get stuck if a noteoff message for the held key is not received under very fast playing. Pressing the key which was held releases the key, if you can find it. But since it is kind hard to find, I made various functions reset it. NoteOff resets it. SoundOff resets it. Changing patch resets it. Changing playmode resets it.
  • GUI updating glitch fixed.
    Tuning, playmode, and polyphony sliders jumped around showing old values if a patch was selected from the patch drop-down menu.
  • SetProgram updates GUI more efficiently.
    SetProgram recoded/simplified to update GUI more efficiently. Pretty complex since there are 5 ways a setProgram message can be generated from various GUI controls including Host setProgram message. Testing plugin on slow Pentium 2 helped. Probably no noticable difference on a fast computer.

Check the CuteVST site for more information and a link to download Hexter VSTi 1.2


CuteVST updates Hexter VSTi to v1.1

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CuteVST Hexter

CuteVST Hexter VSTi v1.1 has been released.


  • Added NotesOff button on main toolbar.
  • VST Parameter 0 was unused so changed to EffectsOffOn (global).

Fixed bugs:

  • Algo bitmap opens on algo 1. Hmmm, noone noticed.
  • Minor bug in event loop. VST midiEvent[event_index].deltaFrames uses type ‘long’ while ‘next_pending_event_tick’ was type ‘unsigned long’ in the original source code. Causes problems when comparing the variables.
  • Mono playmodes did not play correctly. Needed to call to hexter_instance_handle_monophonic().
  • Polyphony limit not working. Set by calling hexter_instance_handle_polyphony().

Check the CuteVST website for a link to download Hexter.


CuteVST Hexter VSTi 1.0 released

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CuteVST Hexter 1.0

Hexter uses the audio engine of Sean Bolton’s Hexter DSSI synth, which is modeled after classic DX7 synth. Only the Hexter audio engine is used. The GUI is implemented with VSTGUI.

Some added features in the VSTi version include:

  • a built-in patch editor
  • built-in effects to bring out the beauty, depth, and texture such as:
    • tubewarmth
    • chorus
    • echo
    • reverb

More information and a link to download Hexter can be found on the CuteVST website.