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Slate Digital launches Steven Slate Drums 3.5 to 4.0 Upgrade Sale

Steven Slate Drums EX / Platinum

Slate Digital has announced a limited time Upgrade Sale, offering users of Steven Slate Drums a chance to upgrade to the latest version of the virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac at a reduced price.

SSD4 replaces the Kontakt player version of SSD with a state of the art virtual instrument built from the ground up by the Slate software team. SSD4 is easier to use, has an internal groove player, incredible editing and remapping features, the ability to import your own sounds, and most of all, new algorithms have been implemented that make the drums sound way better!

But most of all, you get the Slate DELUXE kits. These new kits are unprocessed and recorded with four times the detail of the classic kits in 3.5! Add new vintage Ludwig kits, Gretch Jazz kits, new metal kits, and even some amazing Electronic kits to your drum arsenal! Plus, the new SSD4 playback algorithms ensure the most natural and realistic playing. You also get the new Deluxe cymbal pack featuring SOULTONE cymbals!

Steven Slate Drums Upgrade Deal

Upgrade/Crossgrade Pricing:

  • Platinum 3.x to Platinum 4.0: $149 discount – COST: $99.
  • EX 3.x to EX 4.0: $49 discount – COST: $29.
  • EX 3.x to Platinum 4.0: from $49 to $149 discount (depending on number of expansion packs).
  • Competing Drum Software to Platinum: $149 discount.

The promotion ends Wednesday October 31st, 2012.

More information: Steven Slate Drums / SSD 4.0 Upgrade

Morevox intros Parallel Drums sample library

Morevox Parallel Drums

Morevox has released Parallel Drums, a drum sample library featuring parallel processing.

Parallel processing has been a popular studio technique for years, and MoReVoX takes full advantage of this in its latest release, Parallel Drums. By using parallel processing, this new library is able to create unique nuances, fully adjustable using Drumagog 5′s new room support.

Taking advantage of this powerful feature, Parallel Drums uniquely substitutes the room sounds for three TOP quality Parallel processing through the plugin mixer.

Parallel Drums features

  • 1,530 samples 24bit/44kHz.
  • 34 Drumagog 5 Instruments.
  • 102 DrumXchanger Instruments.
  • 1 to 10 layers, up to 4 variations per layer.
  • Available parallel processing:
    • Compression channel (parallel compression) has been developed with some of the best compressors on the market: Neve 33609, SSL Bus compressor, UA 1176, Distressor.
    • Exciter channel (parallel harmonic distortion) is based on the Evol Audio Fucifier.
    • Space channel (parallel ambience) has been developed mixing the real rooms of the recordings with well known MoReVoX reverbs, to create amazing 3D ambiences, ready to explode your stereo field.

The sample library is available to purchase for $99 USD. An introductory 30% discount is available by using coupon code PD-2012 at checkout.

More information: Morevox / Parallel Drums

Softrave sets free Crash plug-in

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Softrave Crash

Softrave has announced it has set free the Crash virtual instrument for Windows.

This virtual instrument have 300 crash & cymbal drum sounds from various studios.

Different drums & drum boxes & effects were used to create this instrument

Sounds were recorded & collected in 10 years in different places.

Crash for Windows (VST) is now available to download at no cost.

More information: Softrave / Crash VSTi

Voxengo updates AcuDrums drum sample library with 2 snare drums and ride cymbal

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Voxengo has announced it has updated its AcuDrums drum sample library with 2 snare drums and a ride cymbal.

Voxengo AcuDrums is a professional sound sample library that captures acoustical sound of various drum and cymbal instruments. The main idea behind AcuDrums library is to capture a maximally pristine and unprocessed contemporary drum kit sound. Library as a whole contains more than 17000 WAV files and takes more than 11 GB of disk space. Instruments of this library have multiple velocity layers with each velocity layer having 5 sample variations reducing the “machine gun” effect greatly.

Voxengo AcuDrums
Voxengo’s AcuDrums sample libraries expands with 2 new snares and 1 cymbal pack.

New in AcuDrums

  • Snare Drum 1365 PL-RF-A – 13-inch (6.5-inch deep) multi-ply multi-wood snare drum with a soft melodic sound, naturally panned to the right side a bit. 1440 WAV sample files total.
  • Ride Cymbal 22 SB-ART-M – 22-inch ride cymbal, with a damped smoky sound character. 740 WAV sample files total.
  • Snare Drum 1455 PL-KOA-A – 14-inch (5.5-inch deep) koa wood snare drum with a dry thin sound. 1590 WAV sample files total.

The sample packs are available to purchase for $12.95 USD each.

More information: Voxengo / AcuDrums

Beta Monkey releases Drum Werks XXIII: Blues Drum Loops and Samples

Beta Money has announced Drum Werks XXIII, a collection of blues drum loops and samples.

Beta Monkey Drum Werks XXIII Blues

Authentic Live Blues Drum Loops – 12/8 Blues, Shuffles, Charleston Shuffles, Blues-Rock Rhythms – Drum Werks XXIII will deliver the blues!

Get the grooves that defines all the blues greats. Whether you’re inspired by traditional blues stylings of Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, B. B. King or go for a more rock-infused Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton or Joe Bonamassa vibe, these greasy pocket grooves will build the the foundation of your next blues project and inspire you with the true feel and touch of a veteran bluesman. You can’t touch these feels with virtual instruments or MIDI tracks – that’s for sure.

Drum Werks XXIII features

  • Cohesive Drum Sounds: All Drum Werks XXIII blues drum loops are from same recording session.
  • Full Range of Blues Drum Styles: Whether you need no-nonsense 12/8, shuffles, Charleston suffles and other shuffle variants, Drum Werks XXIII will bring out your inner bluesman. Grooves sets ranging from 45 BPM to 145 BPM will deliver authentic live blues feels.
  • Longer Loops: Includes many more 4 and 8 bar loops to enhance your drum tracks. Longer phrasings = more realistic drum tracks.
  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: Build even more great grooves with a complete multi-velocity sample collection of all the drums and cymbals recorded on Drum Werks XXIII.
  • 532 original, license-free “acidized” drum loops available as 16 or 24 Bit WAV samples. 1 GB 24 bit WAV and Apple Loops; 688 MB 16 bit WAV.
  • 92 (49 MB) multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples.

The sample library is available to purchase for $29.99 USD.

More information: Beta Monkey Music / Drum Werks XXIII

The Loop Loft releases Hip Hop Drums and Celso Alberti – Brazilian Drums for Ableton

The Loop Loft Hip Hop Drums & Celso Alberti packs for Ableton

The Loop Loft has announced two new sample libraries for use in Ableton Live: Hip Hop Drums and Celso Alberti – Brazilian Drums & Percussion.

Numerous hip hop classics have been built around dusty, swinging breaks played on live drums. With Hip Hop Drums, we present a collection of breaks and single-shot sounds with the same timeless feel as the classics, all configured and customized for Ableton Live.

The Brazilian Drums and Percussion Ableton Live Pack brings the infectious grooves and sounds of world-renowned drummer, Celso Alberti (Steve Winwood, Airto, Flora Purim, Herbie Mann), directly into your own Live sessions.

Hip Hop Drums for Ableton features

  • 464 Live Clips, 117 Presets, 12 Live Sets.
  • 365.3 MB content (219.6 MB download size).
  • Requires Live 8.2.2 or higher.

Celso Alberti – Brazilian Drums for Ableton features

  • 323 Drums & Percussion Loops.
  • 77 Individually Sampled Drums, Percussion & Cymbals.
  • 8 Custom Live Clips, 4 Custom Racks.
  • 378 MB content.
  • Requires Live 8.2.2 or higher.

Hip Hop Drums is available to purchase for $49 USD; Celso Alberti – Brazilian Drums & Percussion is $39 USD.

More information: The Loop Loft / Hip Hop Drums

The Control Centre releases Sonor Drums for Ableton

The Control Centre Sonor Drums

The Control Centre has announced the release of Sonor Drums, a Drum Rack for Ableton Live, featuring 66 velocity layered, multi-samples of a Sonor Force 505 drum kit with vintage hi-hats and cymbals.

The rack contains samples of a Sonor 18″ Kick Drum, 12″ Snare Drum, 14″ Floor Tom, 12″ Low Tom, 10″ High Tom, 1950′s Zyn Hi-Hats, Premier 12″ Crash, Rude 10″ Heavy Splash, Premier 12″ China Cymbal and some finger snaps.

The samples were recorded with 4 velocity layers as 24bit 44k WAV files. A collection of MIDI clips and a Live project are also included (requires Live 8.2.8.).

Sonor Drums is available to purchase for $5 USD.

More information: The Control Centre / Sonor Drums

Roland announces TD-11KV and TD-11K V-Drums V-Compact Series

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Roland TD-11KV

Roland has introduced the TD-11KV and TD-11K V-Drums V-Compact Series, two new kits in its industry-leading lineup of V-Drums electronic percussion products.

Featuring a new sound module powered by Roland’s revolutionary SuperNATURAL® sounds and superior playing feel with patented mesh-head pads, the TD-11KV and TD-11K kits offer drummers top-level V-Drums performance at an affordable price.

The TD-11KV and TD-11K kits include the new TD-11 Drum Sound Module, which delivers ultra-expressive percussion tones with SuperNATURAL sounds produced by Behavior Modeling technology. Originally introduced in the flagship V-Drums V-Pro® Series, this exciting level of performance is now available in V-Compact models.

Roland TD-11

The TD-11 features 190 instruments and 50 user-customizable drum kits, plus a new powerful Ambience feature and 10 trigger inputs. Simple to use, the module offers a large LCD and an intuitive interface for easy navigation and sound customization, plus Coach and Quick REC functions to help build drumming skills. Two different USB ports allow users to play audio files from convenient flash media and connect directly to computers for MIDI/Audio over USB.

Roland’s acclaimed mesh-head pads are included throughout the TD-11KV set. There are PDX-8 mesh-head V-Pads™ for the snare and floor tom, plus two PDX-6 mesh-head V-Pads for the rack toms. Additional components include the KD-9 Kick Trigger Pad, a CY-5 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad and FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, CY-12C and CY-13R/C V-Cymbals® for crash and ride, and the new MDS-4V Drum Stand.

The very affordable TD-11K set offers a PDX-8 mesh-head V-Pad for the snare, three PD-8A rubber-head Single Trigger Pads for the toms, and a KD-9 Kick Trigger Pad. Also included is a CY-5 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad and FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, CY-8 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pads for crash and ride, and the MDS-4V Drum Stand.

The TD-11KV and TD-11K V-Drums V-Compact Series will be available in late spring.

More information: Roland / TD-11KV & TD-11K