Dan Dean introduces Dan Dean Basses Advanced libraries + Solo Strings Advanced Acoustic Bass Expansion

Dan Dean Basses Advanced libraries

Dan Dean has announced the release of the Dan Dean Basses Advanced series of sample libraries.

Dan Dean Basses Advanced

  • 9 new basses.
  • A huge number of samples, as many as 1,461 per instrument.
  • Meticulously sampled using our Accusample™ technology.
  • 24 bit recordings.
  • 4 round robins per note.
  • “Supertuned” using Peterson Strobosoft™.
  • A wide assortment of amplifiers via both IR and using Kontakt’s built in tools.
  • Highest Quality at affordable prices $59 per instrument.
  • In Kontakt format.

Dan Dean also introduced DDSSA Acoustic Bass Expansion, a new addition to the Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced (DDSSA) series.

Acoustic Bass Expansion features

  • 24 bit ultra quiet sampling in Stereo.
  • Hand selected front end components – Mics, Special Cabling, Mic Preamps.
  • New NV Presets.
  • New “C Extension” extended range in selected presets (C1, C#1, D1, D#1).
  • High Definition, High Detail recordings.
  • In Native Instruments Kontakt 4 Format.
  • Articulations for each – Solo Acoustic Bass, 2 Basses and 4 Basses: Arco NV (with C Extension notes C1, C#1, D1, D#1), Arco V, Spicatto (with C Extension notes C1, C#1, D1, D#1), Pizzicato, Tremelo, Trill half step, Trill whole step.

More information: Dan Dean Productions


Dan Dean Group Buy, up to 92% off Kontakt libraries

Dan Dean Group Buy

Dan Dean has announced a group buy, offering up to 92% off list price of its sample libraries for Kontakt.

The dandeanpro.com Group Buy at 900 subscribers is the most heavily discounted sale we have ever had – almost 92% off list price. 100% off list price would be FREE.

5.2 Gigabytes of great sounding samples for as little as $69!

We’re only going to run this Group Buy one time, so join now before it runs out!

The group buy is available until March 7, 2011.

More information: Dan Dean


audioMIDI.com Dan Dean Productions Bass Collection “No-Brainer” Deal

Dan Dean Productions Bass Collection

audioMIDI.com has launched a No-Brainer Deal for Dan Dean Productions Bass Collection, a sample library collection of 13 different bass instruments.

An immense collection of widely different bass instruments. A combination of Dan Dean Bass Collections #1 & #2 plus more instruments not found on either previous collection.

audioMIDI.com Dan Dean Productions Bass Collection features

  • Classic basses from the 60’s and 70’s, recorded both direct and with amplifiers. Amplifier presets include some some clipping/overdrive. Very realistic sound quality when used in a track.
  • Instruments include: Alembic Spoiler Bass, Toucan Fretless Bass, Guild Pilot 5-St. Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Precision Bass, Rickenbacker 4001 Bass, Hofner Violin Bass, Gibson Thunderbird Bass, Alembic Spoiler 5-St. Bass, Washburn AB-20 Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar, Guild Ashbory Bass, Hohner Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar, Acoustic Bass.
  • Articulations include: FF (Neck Pickup/Fingers), FH (Bridge Pickup/Fingers), PF (Neck Pickup/Pick), PH (Bridge Pickup/Pick), PM (Muted Strings/Pick), Slap, Pop, and more…
  • An incredible Pizz Acoustic Bass is included in both Mono and Stereo versions.
  • Highest quality sample recordings, all basses are chromatically sampled (every note of all the instruments).
  • UV-22 encoded for optimal sound quality.
  • Compatible with Kontakt, EXS-24 and NN-XT.

The Dan Dean Productions Bass Collection No-Brain Deal is available to purchase for $20 USD until 22 July, 2010.

More information: audioMIDI.com


Dan Dean Productions announces Sample Library Sale

Dan Dean Productions Sample Library Sale

Dan Dean Productions has launched a time limited promotion, offering various sample libraries at discounted prices.

Founded in 1979, Dan Dean Productions, Inc. is primarily involved in music production for the broadcast media and sample library design and development. Broadcast media clients include: the Boeing Company, Nike, Soloflex, Haggar Sportswear, Coke, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, Microsoft, MSN, Hewlett Packard and many others.

Since its inception, Dan Dean Productions has created truly cutting edge sample libraries, receiving numerous awards such as Keyboard Magazine’s “Key Buy” awards, Sound on Sound Magazine’s “5 star” designations, Electronic Musician’s “Hot Pix” award and others.

Dan Dean Productions Sample Library Sale

  • Brass Ensemble for GigaSampler/Akai – $199 USD (regular $699/$599)
  • Solo Brass for GigaSampler/Akai – $199 USD (regular $649/$549)
  • Solo Brass – Lite for GigaSampler – $99 USD (regular $199)
  • Solo Woodwinds for GigaSampler/Akai – $199 USD (regular $$549/$549)
  • Solo Woodwinds Lite for GigaSampler – $99 USD (regular $199)
  • Bass Collection, Vol 1 – $99 USD (regular $129)
  • Bass Collection, Vol. 2 – $99 USD (regular $129)
  • Giga Bass Collection for GigaSampler – $99 USD (regular $199)
  • Solo Strings for GigaSampler/Akai – $99 USD (regular $199)
  • Solo Strings Advanced for Kontakt – $99 USD (regular $199)

This time-limited sale ends 8 June, 2010.

More information: Dan Dean Productions