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Dangerous Bear releases DroneWorx LE

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Dangerous Bear has released DroneWorx LE, a limited edition sneak preview library.

Based on the soundscaping experiments of John Gibson and Daniel Kemp, the 87 wav files in this mini-library are the tip of the iceberg-or of the spear.

This collection is a subset of the forthcoming WusikEngine-based VSTi Prometheus (winter 2008), and the DroneWorx sample library (spring 2008).

DroneWorx LE is only available until December 31st 2007, and costs $20 USD.

Visit Dangerous Bear for more information.


Dangerous Bear releases Fortuity

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Dangerous Bear has released Fortuity, a VSTi combining a custom HG Fortune engine with samples by Dangerous Bear.


  • Engine: 2-layer, 16-voice polyphonic evolved from the technology of Fortune’s STS series, including transition synthesis. Features include 2 sf2 oscillators, resonant low-pass filter, filter FM, filter and volume ADSR, Xtortion distortion effect with pre-post filter balance, pre-post filter balance for the oscillator signals, and delay. The modulation sources include 3 lfos, a sample and hold generator and the contour generator
  • Soundset: 5 sf2 banks including 254 instruments and 211 megabytes of 16-bit samples. This includes all of the soundset of the previous dBu Fortune synth libraries, Admixture and Involution, plus more all-new samples
  • Presets: Over 300, with more to come

Fortuity for Windows PC costs $40 USD. A demo SF2 file is available for download.

Visit Dangerous Bear for more information and audio demos.


Westgate releases Absynth Cryptotronix

Absynth Cryptotronix

Westgate has released Absynth Cryptotronix, a soundset for Native Instruments Absynth.

Absynth Cryptotronix is composed of the 25 sounds of Cryptotronix and 25 additional sounds of Cryptotronix 2, provided by dBu –

The presets were made by Daniel Kemp of Westgate and are meant to be mysterious, atmospheric, moody and very easy to fit into your music.


  • 50 sounds, 350 .wav files, packaged in .zip format for easy cross-platform compatability (Each sound is composed of 7 samples, C0 to C7, that can be loaded as .wav in Absynth)
  • 44 presets in a Version 3 .glo file and 44 presets converted from the .glo as Version 4 .ksd files

Absynth Cryptotronix is available as a download for $20

Visit Westgate for more information and audio demos.


Dangerous Bear free sounds: Alchemy Rhythm and Texture, FuellCell 2007 and Fuel 3, and Dangerous Grooves 2.0

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Dangerous Bear has released a few free demo sounds from their latest commercial libraries, Alchemy Rhythm and Texture, FuelCell 2007 and Fuel 3, and Dangerous Grooves 2.0.

Alchemy Rhythm and Texture is a multivolume library for SampleTank. This collection uses the deep synthesis power of the ST2.x engine and unique sound design at the sample level to combine loops, pads, fx, drones and instruments into a unique sonic compound. The library will continue to evolve, adding new elements to the transmutational mix.

FuelCell 2007 and Fuel 3 are expansion libraries for WusikEngine synths. FuelCell 2007 focuses on particular instruments, families of instruments, or concepts. Currently there are four libraries available for 20 USD each, but one can also subscribe to the FuelCell 2007 Series for 50 USD and get the libraries as they are released (and save money!). Fuel 3 is a revised, reorganized and revitalized version of Fuel 2, Ignition and SonicScapes, featuring 5.61 gigabytes of samples and over 1800 presets.

Dangerous Grooves

Dangerous Grooves 2.0 features beats by top DC drummer Johan Rucker. Uniquely creative rock, funk and beyond grooves suitable for use across genres, now in both wav and rex2 formats in one package.

Includes over 300 loops equaling over 200 megabytes, taken from the ongoing Dangerous Drums drum and percussion sampling project.

More information: Dangerous Bear


Dangerous Bear releases Organ soundsets

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Dangerous Bear has released eight new organ soundsets, in Sampletank, SF2, Sfz and Wusik formats.

These were a byproduct of the development process for a Dangerous Bear project which is in the pipeline, but didn’t work as planned. But they are workable, so I decided to share them as a multiformat freebie. The recordings are clean, and the loops good, they just didn’t do what was meant to be done for the project they were created for. Basic presets with no programming, but solid, useful organ sounds.

You can get the soundsets here.

Check the Dangerous Bear website for more quality loops, samples and freebies.


Dangerous Bear freebie: dBu Fall 2006

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Dangerous Bear has released dBu Fall 2006, a preview of some of the sounds you will hear in our most recently released and upcoming Dangerous Bear libraries.

dBu Fall 2006 comes as a self-extracting archive (53MB) containing a 85MB soundfont.

Check Dangerous Bear for more free sounds and a link to download dBu Fall 2006.