Point Blank intros free Monster Timestretch device for Ableton Live

Point Blank has announced Monster Timestretch, a free Max for Live device for Ableton Live by Daniel Herbert.

The new Max for Live device from Point Blank is a timestretching plugin based on a technique known as phase vocoding and can time stretch sounds in realtime. It’s similar to the fantastic Paul Stretch and is ideal for creating slowly evolving drone-like textures as well as more futuristic sounds.

There are four different modes which allow you to play through and explore the sound in a variety of ways and literally freeze the sound.

The plugin is limited to processing the first 30 seconds of an audio file and only works within Ableton as a M4L device and will not play in any other DAW. We recommend you use resampling if you need to record the effect to a new audio file.

The plugin is a free download at Point Blank.

More information: Point Blank / Monster Timestretch


Point Blank releases free Max for Live Modular Synth

Point Blank Online has introduced a free Modular Synth plug-in for Max for Live by tutor Daniel Herbert.

The Point Blank modular synth is based on the legendary EMS VCS3. The VCS3 was built in London in the late ’60s and there were a number of subsequent models of varying sizes. It was a popular synth and used by the Radiophonic Workshop (the ring modulator was used to process the sound of the daleks) through to Pink Floyd.

It’s a great synth to generate sounds and jam around with and the interface was really well thought out, featuring an innovative matrix which is still a neat way to patch the different synth sections together. It features three oscillators, a noise generator, a ring modulator, a couple of filter sections, audio input, envelope generator, spring reverb and an assignable joystick control – if you really wanted you could even hook up a keyboard!

The Point Blank modular synth is a simpler interface, but still offers three oscillators and noise generator, a filter section, ring modulator and X/Y controller. Unlike the VCS3, it’s possible to store your settings, and trigger the sounds easily (and in tune!) from a MIDI source. We’ve also included a slide control to emulate the smooth sweeps you could sometimes achieve with the original synth.

The modular synth is a free download for Point Blank Facebook fans.

More information: Point Blank / Modular Synth


Point Blank Online releases Max for Live Big Riff Generator

Point Blank Online has introduced Big Riff Generator, a free Max for Live device by expert tutor Daniel Herbert, designed to help stimulate the creative process.

Here’s the seventh Max For Live device in this current series from Point Blank. We’ve called it the Big Riff Generator and it’s capable of generating some monster riffs or funky bass lines when it’s in the mood! It only generates MIDI notes, so you’ll need to insert it just before an instrument device and choose a suitably fat sound. It bounces notes directly into the selected clip, and can produce an infinite amount of monophonic patterns. You can specify the key and select a variety of different scales and modes (if you’re interested in learning more about modes then be sure to check out Point Blank’s EMC2 course) and it also features probabilistic controls over octave leaps, rests and note repeats. You can let it explore a range of rhythmic variations or limit it to something more repetitive and it’s possible to also restrict the range of notes.

It’s great fun to see what musical ideas the Big Riff Generator can come up with, and after some playing around with the parameters you never know it might just produce that killer hook that you’ve been after. It’s not limited to pitched sounds, so try it out with drums, and as with any plugin of this nature, expect to tweak the patterns in the clip window and just use this as a starting point!

The Big Riff Generator is available to download at Point Blank Online’s Facebook.

More information: Point Blank Online / Big Riff Generator


Point Blank releases free Kick Drum Designer for Max for Live

Kick Drum Designer for Max for Live

Point Blank has released a free Kick Drum Designer for Max for Live, designed by its expert tutor, Daniel Herbert.

This is the latest Max for Live device from Point Blank which currently is only compatible with Live 9.

The kick drum designer is based on some of the techniques we cover in the Ableton Sound design course when looking at Operator, and synthesises bass drums by using a series of envelopes to modulate the pitch and amplitude of basic waveforms.

The device features an integrated preset system and a morphing slider which allows you to morph between the different presets for some interesting sonic potential. There’s also a resonant filter to further help sculpt the sound and add variation.

The Kick Drum Designer is a free download (requires Max for Live plugin in Live 9).

More information: Point Blank / Kick Drum Designer


Free Ableton Live Riser Device for Max For Live by Daniel Herbert

Point Blank Online has announced the Point Blank Riser Device, a free download for use with Ableton Live and Max For Live.

Point Blank instructor and course developer Daniel Herbert has created this Max For Live custom device for creating rises and sweeps in Ableton Live. Perfect for breakdowns and buildups! Watch the video to see how it works, what makes it unique and and how to set it up.

The Live Riser Device is a free download for Point Blank Facebook fans.

More information: Point Blank Online / Live Riser Device at Facebook


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