Westgate Sounds releases Incantations 3

Westgate Sounds Incantations 3

Westgate Sounds has launched its Incantations 3 sound library.

Incantations 3 consists of 25 all new sounds made from vocal samples in the DNR Collaborative Developers Pack as well as some additional vocal samples of Daniel Kemp and Leilah Wendell and some vocal samples derived from public domain Gregorian Chants.

These samples were then programmed as wavesequences in Wusikstation and multi-sampled, resulting in the 25 chants of Incantations.

Incantations 3 features

  • All sounds are looped and each Incantation is over 35 seconds long.
  • Each Invocation was programmed using 4 WaveSequences (2 instances) in Wusikstation and then sampled.
  • Incantations 3 is available in a SFZ/WAV version and a sf2 (soundfont) version.
  • The SFZ/WAV version is 603 MB and contains 25 multi-sampled stereo sounds. There are also 25 nki files for Kontakt V2 and up to make it easier to load the sounds in Kontakt.
  • The sf2 (soundfont) version is 301 MB and contains 25 multi-sampled mono sounds.

The library is available for $20 USD (SFZ/WAV version) / $15 USD (sf2 soundfont).

More information: Westgate Sounds / Incantations 3


Dangerous Bear Underground releases Metaverse Alchemy Library

Dangerous Bear Underground

Dangerous Bear Underground has announced the release of Metaverse Alchemy Library, a collection of sounds for Camel Audio’s Alchemy.

Metaverse Alchemy Library features

  • 130 presets by by John Gibson, Daniel Kemp and Scott Simons.
  • Sounds include pads, sound effects and soundscapes.
  • Based on 3.48 GB of sfz samples + Alchemy factory samples.

The Metaverse Alchemy Library is available to purchase for $59 USD.

More information: Dangerous Bear Underground


Dangerous Bear Underground releases Deep Spaces and DroneWorx 2

Dangerous Bear Underground

Dangerous Bear Underground has announced the release of Deep Spaces and DroneWorx 2, two new sample libraries.

Deep Spaces / DroneWorx 2 features

  • Deep Spaces Impulse Response Library is the creation of Alexandre Borcic and is focused on scales to create harmonies and drones, and also includes filters and other effects. The 4.93 gigabytes of samples are 24-bit, 96khz for the best sound quality.
  • DroneWorx 2 is an update of the sample library created by John Gibson and Daniel Kemp, and includes 300 megabytes of new samples added to the nearly 500 megs of the original. The library is comprised of sounds taken from diverse sources such as synths and field recordings and extensively processed to create sustaining ambient beds and atmospheric soundscapes. Presets are included for Kontakt and Dimension, as well as the original content for those instruments plus Absynth and Rapture. Preset updates are scheduled for Absynth and Rapture.

Deep Spaces is available for purchase as a download for $100 USD, while DroneWorx 2 is priced at $60 USD. Delivery on DVD is +$10 USD.

More information: Dangerous Bear Underground


Dangerous Bear releases DroneWorx LE

dBu logo

Dangerous Bear has released DroneWorx LE, a limited edition sneak preview library.

Based on the soundscaping experiments of John Gibson and Daniel Kemp, the 87 wav files in this mini-library are the tip of the iceberg-or of the spear.

This collection is a subset of the forthcoming WusikEngine-based VSTi Prometheus (winter 2008), and the DroneWorx sample library (spring 2008).

DroneWorx LE is only available until December 31st 2007, and costs $20 USD.

Visit Dangerous Bear for more information.


ArtVera Music releases Drumatoxin Drum and Percussion Collection

ArtVera Drumatoxin

ArtVera Music has released Drumatoxin, a drum and percussion sound library for Wusikstation version 3.15 and higher.

It is a sparkling collection of electronically processed drum and percussive sounds that can liven the most sagging drum track. Almost 2000 quality drum samples in 32 drum sets offer the broad spectrum of usage in various music styles. You get sounds for live or sequenced drum tracks that are outright drum kits, sequencer driven sets, electronic and ambient, percussive sounds, industrial sounds, and basses.

Drumatoxin features

  • Size: 450 MB (uncompressed), 170 MB downloadable in a RAR archive.
  • 577 presets created by Vera Kinter (Artvera) and Daniel Kemp (dnekm).
  • Almost all presets are rhythmical and/or melodic sequences.
  • Overall: 32 drum sets with almost 2000 samples processed with various effects for really unique sounds (no dry acoustic sets). Each drum set includes 61 samples mapped to keys in range C3 (36) to C8 (96). All samples are in mono format, 16 bit, 44100 kHz.
  • 15 samplesets of bass sounds for creating presets Drum & Bass.
  • Compatible with Wusikstation version 3.15 and higher.

Drumatoxin is available as an instant download for $40 USD. (A bundle of Mistral and Drumatoxin is available for $60 USD, while Mistral users can get Drumatoxin for $30 USD).

Visit ArtVera Music for more information and sound demos.


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