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Applied Acoustics Systems releases Starlight

Applied Acoustics Systems Starlight

Applied Acoustics Systems has released Starlight, a new soundbank for Ultra Analog VA-1 by Daniel Stawczyk a.k.a. Status.

Starlight lands with sounds collected at the confine of the galaxy. Indeed, the 149 presets scattered across ambient, arpeggiator, arpeggiator bass, chime, effect, keys, lead, rhythm, and synthesizer categories breach into the outer space for an impregnable intergalactic landscape. Whether you want to teleport your music into another dimension or simply leave for an orbital spaceflight, Starlight is your ideal shuttle.

Starlight is available to purchase for $39 USD. A special bundle of Starlight and Ultra Analog VA-1 is available until April 1, 2010. This bundle is available to purchase for $179 USD.

More information: Applied Acoustics Systems / Starlight


Daniel Stawczyk releases Verge

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Daniel Stawczyk Verge

Daniel Stawczyk has announced the release of Verge, a collection of 500 presets for V-Station by Novation.

“Verge” is a set of 5 soundbanks (100 presets each) with carefully designed patches for ambient, trance, electro and techno enthusiasts.

Verge features

  • 100 special effects.
  • 100 inspiring arpeggiators
  • 100 synthesizer patches
  • Soft and hard leads (48), keyboards (21), organ patches (17), bell patches (14),
  • Drum sounds (57 patches- including over 15 drum loops), basses (30), and pads (13).
  • Clearly named categories let the user browse through all the presets easily and when running several instances of V-Station software work on their music just like that.
  • All the presets have modwheel and aftertouch mapped.
  • The presets in the banks are additionally in midi format (individual and banks) as they are also received by K-Station, KS4/5/R, A-Station and Xio-Synth.

Verge is available for purchase as a download for $30 USD.

More information: Daniel Stawczyk / Verge


Daniel Stawczyk releases Caffeine

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Daniel Stawczyk Caffeine

Daniel Stawczyk has released Caffeine, a soundset of sequenced presets for Discovery Pro (Windows).

Caffeine is a totally new approach to sound design within the Discovery Pro environment. Caffeine is actually a set of 3 banks. The primary one is a presentation of amazing sonique possibilities of the world-acclaimed Discovery Pro VST instrument by discoDSP.

Caffeine features

  • Main bank (125 presets) includes 78 amazing multi-layered presets, 16 rich arpeggiators and 31 inspiring melody lines.
  • Presets feature rhythm patterns, thrilling bus lines, panning effects, marvellous background atmos along with innovative mod-wheel action.
  • Two additional sub-banks with all the sequenced lines of Caffeine: arpeggiators/melodies (127 presets), percussion (38 presets), bass (34 presets), efx (32 presets) and atmos (20 presets) providing you with a free choice of your own pattern combinations.

Caffeine for Discovery Pro is available for download for 25 EUR (Windows PC only).

Visit Daniel Stawczyk for more information and audio demos.


Nucleus SoundLab releases MK Digital Keys

Nucleus SoundLab MK Digital Keys

Nucleus SoundLab releases MK Digital Keys, a new retro keyboard sample library in Reason Refill, WusikEngine, and Kontakt/EXS/SFZ formats.

Bring the 80s keyboard sound to your productions with this faithful sampling of Roland’s MKS-20 keyboard synthesizer.

MK Digital Keys features

  • 3.6+ GB of 24-bit 44khz samples.
  • 8 different classic keyboard tones.
  • 20 Combinators and 32 NN-XT patches inside the Refill.
  • 78 WusikEngine presets, including 46 custom presets by Daniel Stawczyk.
  • Kontakt/EXS/SFZ format pack contains raw .wav files plus patches for all 3 formats.

MK Digital Keys is available now download for $49.95 USD for a single format package, or $59.95 for the multi-format package (DVD shipping available worldwide for a $15 flat rate). A demo ReFill is available for download from the product page.

Visit Nucleus SoundLab for more information and audio demos.