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DarkWare releases Glitch Jockey

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DarkWare Glitch Jockey

Glitch Jockey creates glitches in totally different ways than traditional glitch plugs, indeed differently than any other glitch VST you can find on the internet.

For starters, Glitch Jockey is 100% stereophonic, not mono. Glitch Jockey can process stereo sound precisely, as well as process mono sound. Glitch Jockey doesn’t touch your host’s buffer. It doesn’t sequence any of it’s effects. It doesn’t sample and hold a single piece of audio.

Instead, all effects are 100% user defined and simultaneous. You can completely tailor Glitch Jockey to compliment or corrupt your source material to the Nth degree. Also, with Glitch Jockey, -you- have complete control of all parameters in -realtime-, every change happens immediately.

All FX units included have been tweaked to perform maximum glitch action off the bat.

Each effect has its own individual LFO for respective parameter automation. The LFOs allow fine tuning of automatic and continous glitch effects. Also, the LFOs use a global custom waveform selection which is user selectable as well. All of those fusions alone would make Glitch Jockey mighty indeed… but the best part rests in the G-Vector.

The G-Vector is a joystick-like interface that can control any glitch effect synced to it (you choose which ones) in a kinetic fashion.

Glitch Jockey costs $20USD, a demo version and mp3 clips are available.

Visit the DarkWare website for more information.


DarkWare releases FX Jockey

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DarkWare FX Jockey

DarkWare has released FX Jockey, a semi-modular vector controlled stereo multi-FX VST effect plug-in.

It has 9 FX built in: Pan, Filtering, Bitcrush, Phaser, Grains, Flanger, Pitchshift, Delay, and Reverb.

All FX have their own vector controls for realtime tweaking, and their own LFOs for sweep effects. Individual vectors can be synced with master vector for “one joystick to rule them all”, and with master LFO for “one LFO to enhance them all”.

Uses include realtime manipulation of source material in a dynamic manner, using selected vector joystick interfaces, or for sound design, using LFOs and multiple bypass sliders to automate audio enhancements. A wide range of sounds are achievable, from subtle nuances to full on chaotic destruction, automated or tweaked by your own hand.

Visit the DarkWare website for more information and a demo.


DarkWare releases GlitchGirl-NEO

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DarkWare GlitchGirl-NEO VST

DarkWare has released GlitchGirl-NEO, a VST effect that produces glitches.

What Jack Dark has to say about this plug-in:

GlitchGirl returns!
This time she’s got a GLITCH MECH.
She’s ready to stomp the boring doldrums right out of your drumloops.
All kinds of crazy glitchedness effects,
to accent or fully corrupt your percussion.
Different sounding than both GlitchTronik and ShatterShot Lite.
(And the plug has an “easter egg” to boot.)

Now the GlitchGal trilogy… is complete.

Visit DarkWare to download GlitchGirl-NEO.


DarkWare releases ShatterShot Lite

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DarkWare ShatterShot Lite

DarkWare has released ShatterShot Lite, a fully tool-tipped freeware VST effect plug-in that creates rolling glitches.

According to Jack Dark the automated techniques still need fine tuning, which is the reason for the “Lite”-ness of this version.

A buyware version with more options should be available in the future.

Check the DarkWare site for more information and a link to download ShatterShot Lite.


DarkWare releases Battery Acid

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DarkWare Battery Acid VST

Yet another DarkWare plug-in has been released: Battery Acid, a VST distortion effect.

From the DarkWare website:

When distortion fails… CORRODE!

The sight of a deteriorated car battery was the inspiration for Battery Acid. I thought… what would audio sound like if that happened to it? Battery Acid uses a set of dual bitcrushers and waveshapers to completely erode your music to delightful dilapidation. Each stereo channel can be crushed and mutilated individually. Ahh, but that would be too simple… so, there’s some secret ingredients in there. :D You can “dissolve” and “melt” as well as “corrode” and “erode”. You just have to hear the presets to understand! (And to top it off, you can set the cutoff and resonance of the audio as well.) Everything from crunchtastic guitars, crispy synths, and mutilated sludgey bass is at your disposal with Battery Acid. Wear rubber gloves and goggles when handling, please.

Check DarkWare for a demo and sound clips.


DarkWare PitchSlap v1.0 released

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DarkWare PitchSlap VST

DarkWare has released PitchSlap, a VST effect plug-in.
From the DarkWare website:

Sick of “crazy effects” that just don’t tickle your ear’s pickle? Tired of glitches, grains, stutters, phasers, spectral twisters, ad nauseum? Well my fellow sonic molestor, have I got a gadget for you! PitchSlap is a new kind of effect, something that’ll take your stale old loops and make them sound neon deluxe! What? Don’t believe me? Sounds like hyperbole? Well then my friend, why not give the demo version’s presets a try? If you don’t like it after that, well, perhaps you’re just jaded past the point of recovery. (There’s always ArcDev for people like you… :)

Visit the DarkWare VST page for a link to download the demo and sound clips. The full version of PitchSlap is available for $10.


DarkWare has released OctoEcho v1.0

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DarkWare OctoEcho v1.0

OctoEcho is an array of eight delay units. Four for the left stereo channel, and four for the right. Each delay unit has it’s own specific modulation and feedback knobs for individual tweaking.

Also included is a vector interface which can be initiated to control the modulation and feedback settings for each delay unit globally and simultaneously. This vector control is fantastic for live tweaking purposes, as well as for “luck of the draw” tunings.

There are also toggles for other nifty things, such as “Spacial-Reverb” and dynamic headroom clipping. OctoEcho comes with a suite of 16 presets all specifically designed to be immediately useful, but to really understand the glory of OctoEcho, you simply must tickle it yourself.

OctoEcho is available for $10.00 from the DarkWare site. A demo version and sound clips are available as well.