ADSR Sounds intros Bass Science NI Massive video course

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ADSR Sounds has launched Bass Science, a video course by Dr Hobo in which you can learn how to make dubstep growls, wobs and drops in Native Instruments Massive.

This bumper patch and tutorial package is most certainly NOT for the faint hearted! Every patch is designed with those heavy growling drops and wobs in mind. Fired up with the very hardest of dubstep bass in the style of Skrillex, Datsik, Excision, Zed’s Dead, Kill the Noise, Ajapai and more, Bass Science’s 75 pure dubstep patches are all locked, loaded and ready to go with the full 8 macros, allowing you to create hundreds of different sounds from each patch with just a few minor adjustments.

With over 2 hours of video tutorials showing you how to get the very best out of each patch, 7 brand new and innovative techniques for creating the darkest drops and wobs around, and extensive video tutoring on external effects processing, frequency splitting, chaining, and midi modulation, Bass Science makes an essential contribution to both your musical arsenal and your theoretical knowledge.

The course is available to purchase for $37 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Bass Science


ASL SoundLab releases Void filter effect

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ASL SoundLab Void

ASL SoundLab has released Void, a filter effect plug-in for Windows.

Void is a unique filter which is capable of transforming the most simplist of sounds into robotic vocal vowel sounds made popular by such artists as Skrillex, Doctor P, Datsik and Excision.

Void features

  • Void Bar: The Void Bar is one of the main controls of Void. This is the blue bar at the top of the GUI and effects the timbre of the incoming signal.
  • Length: Set on low it will produce a steep harsh deep sound whereas set on high it will produce a nice smooth and rounded filter sweep.
  • Intensity: This controls the intensity of the Void effect.
  • Width: Adds extra dimensional width to the signal resulting in a spacious yet tight sound.
  • Position: Sweeps through three different parts of the signal chain.
  • Link: When enabled, this links the Void Bar and the Length controls together.
  • Range: When enabled, another control is highlighted which can expand the frequency range of Void, resulting in new filter sweeps rarely heard.
  • Mix: Sweeps between the dry signal and the effected signal.
  • Input: Sets the gain for pre-filter clipping.
  • Output: Sets the gain for post-filter clipping.

Void for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for £30 GBP.

More information: ASL SoundLab / Void


MassiveSynth releases Massive Dubstep Bass Pack for NI Massive

MassiveSynth Massive Dubstep Bass Pack

MassiveSynth has released the Massive Dubstep Bass Pack, a soundset for the Massive synthesizer by Native instruments.

Are you looking for some incredible dubstep bass patches for NI Massive?

MassiveSynth has teamed up with dubstep producer Tom Stocks to bring you a pack of 77 Skrillex and Datsik dubstep bass patches creating an unmissable set of bass heavy synth sounds for massive to take your productions to the next level.

Skrillex and Datsik are both known for their powerful and pulsating take on dubstep – both with an undeniable heaviness but with a sleek and robotic groove that is extremely danceable. The source of all this is of course the bass lines!

The Massive Dubstep Bass Pack is available to purchase for $40 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth