David Ross VST plug-ins

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David E Ross DJEQ

David Ross has created a number of freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

Unfortunately David does not currently have a website, so you can download the plug-ins from this page.

David Ross plug-ins

  • Peaking Filter Banks—resonating peaking filter banks
  • EQ10—10 band graphic equalizer (v1 + v2)
  • EQ18—18 band graphic equalizer (v1 + v2)
  • DJEQ—3 band DJ style EQ (v2 + v3)
  • HollyQ—two tone shelving equalizer
  • EQ3a—3 band parametric equalizer
  • Fazer—phase shifter
  • Notch Filter—high performance notch filter (v1 + v2)

Download all of them in one package below.

David Ross VST plug-insDownload size: 1.63 MB

Check earlier posts on David’s plug-ins for more information.


David Ross releases EQ10 v2

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David Ross EQ10 v2

David Ross has released version 2 of EQ10, a freeware parametric EQ VST plugin.


  • 10 Band Equalizer
  • Gain from -12 to +12db
  • Numeric displays
  • Reset button

No idea what changed exactly since v1, except the obvious reset button and GUI change.

Note: EQ10 is not compatible with sample rates below 44100

Visit David Ross for more information and a link to download EQ10 v2.


David E Ross updates DJEQ and Notch

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David E Ross has updated two of his free VST effect plug-ins: DJEQ (now v3), a 3-band DJ style EQ and Notch (now v2), a Notch Filter.

David E Ross DJEQ
David E Ross Notch

Updated in DJEQ v3

  • Added the ability to update internal sample rate when host sample rate changes
  • Added automaitc disabling of DJEQ with sample rates below 44.1khZ
  • New better response filter algorithms for Low, mid and high filters
  • Precise -96dB to 6dB gain adjust
  • Frequency adjust added for each band
  • Reset button added to quickly reset all controls to default, level response values
  • Created a new larger and brighter GUI
  • Filter algorithms created for both float precision and double precision processing

Updated in Notch v2

  • Added a control for Gain -48dB to 0dB
  • Added a reset button
  • Added a new GUI

Visit David E Ross for more information and links to download the latest versions of DJEQ and Notch.


David Ross releases HollyQ VST

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David Ross HollyQ VST

David Ross has released HollyQ, a free Two Tone Shelving Equalizer VST.

HollyQ is a simple Bass/Treble shelving equalizer in the spirit of the old 1970s component home stereos. If you’re old enough to remember sitting at home listening to records, then you most likely remember at times finding the sound from your stereo to be a bit thin or dull, like you weren’t hearing everything. You would then walk over to your stereo amp and give the bass or treble control a little nudge until the sound became full and clear. Yeah, a little home mastering in your own bedroom.

With HollyQ, you can now do the same thing with your final mixes, individual tracks, and even old records you’re transferring to CD. David has used his considerable talent to develop a very smooth +/- 12db equalization curve to breathe some life into any audio source where simple shelving EQ is required.


  • Two Tone Equalizer
  • Bass and Treble +/- 12dB Boost and Cut
  • Parametric Shelving Equalizers providing clean passthrough response at 0dB
  • Supports VST 2.4 double precision processing, and 2.3 float precision processing

Visit David Ross for some more freeware plug-ins or HollyDrift to download HollyQ VST.


David Ross updates PFB, EQ18 and DJEQ

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David Ross Peaking Filter Banks

David Ross has updated 3 of his VST effect plug-ins to VST2.4.

A bug that was occurring when the GUI was closed is fixed for Peaking Filter Banks and DJEQ. Furthermore EQ18 was updated with a Q control for each band allowing for improved control over EQ’ing.

David Ross’ other plug-ins are scheduled to be updated to VST2.4 in the near future as well.

Visit David Ross’ website for more information and links to download the updated plug-ins.


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