Acoustica releases Mixcraft 7 & Mixcraft Pro Studio 7

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Acoustica has announced the release of Mixcraft 7 and Mixcraft Pro Studio 7, major upgrades to the Mixcraft music production and multi-track recording workstation software.

Acoustica Mixcraft 7

The updated version offers new features, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions, a new interface, live loop and sample triggering, audio warping and quantizing, enhanced control surface support, plug-in management, hundreds of new loops and samples, new virtual instruments and effects, and dozens of other improvements.

The new Performance Panel is designed for composing and performing music both live and in the studio, allowing real-time triggering and automatic synchronization of audio loops, MIDI clips, and samples. The Performance Panel can be manipulated using Novation’s Launchpad controller, a MIDI controller, mouse, or computer keyboard. Mixcraft 7 features support for Mackie-compatible control surfaces, as well as Frontier Design Group’s Tranzport control surface, and can be configured to work with any MIDI controller. Mixcraft 7 can also be controlled using the free Mixcraft Remote app for iOS and Android devices. Mixcraft 7 also includes the Copula time-stretching and pitch-shifting technology.

Mixcraft 7 ($89.95) is designed for home and project studios. It is a complete recording studio, featuring unlimited MIDI and audio tracks, dozens of virtual instruments and effects, video editing, mixing and mastering, a streamlined interface, and over 7000 loops, sound effects, and drum samples. Version 7 includes two new samplers, the Alpha Sampler and Omni Sampler, and two new virtual instruments, G-Sonique’s Renegade Analog Monster and AAS’s new Journeys instrument. Also included are new film score loops from Dj Puzzle, as well as a library of acoustic and synthetic drum samples by Los Angeles artist and producer Shok.

Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 ($164.95) is aimed at advanced home and professional project studios. It includes over $1100 worth of plug-ins. Highlights include BeatRig’s Sidekick 6 sidechain compressor, Studio Devil’s Virtual Bass Amp, QuikQuak’s Glass Viper, and ME80 V2, plus a large suite of new mastering effects from G-Sonique. Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 retains all the virtual instruments and effects found in Mixcraft Pro Studio 6, including Memorymoon and ME80 vintage analog synthesizers, Pianissimo grand piano, and dozens of high-end effects including mastering tools from iZotope, G-Sonique, and ToneBoosters.

Mixcraft 7 and Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 are now available for purchase for Windows.

More information: Acoustica / Mixcraft


MuTools updates MuLab & MUX Modular to v6.1

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MuTools has released version 6.1 of its MuLab and MUX Modular music production software.

MuLab is a rich and rock solid sound and music production tool for Mac OSX and Windows, designed to create, record, edit and finalize Your Music!

MUX is a great sounding and super flexible modular synth and effect engine and the sonic heart of MuLab. MUX is also available as VST plugin.

The seamless integration of a modular sound engine into a great DAW is what makes MuLab unique.

Changes in MuLab / MUX Modular v6.1

  • MUX Modular
    • New synth module: “Multiform Oscillator”. Supports creating, importing and using wave tables in a high-quality and modular way. See this intro video.
    • Improved sound quality when importing arbitrary sized waveforms.
    • Waveforms: New “Clipboard -> Append” function that appends the waveform on the clipboard to the target waveform.
    • All sounds using the internal oscillator might sound a little bit better by fixing a specific rounding error.
    • Optimized sample memory management.
    • VST plug-ins: Enhanced denormalizations guard.
    • Note Modifier: Velocity parameter can be set to 12700% so to practically max out all velocities.
    • Fixed a potential crash bug when trying to paste a module while no module is on the clipboard.
    • Fixed a couple of issues with the Parameter Event Generator module.
    • Fixed a specific problem in the VST engine which caused that the timing info given to the plugin was not ok at the end of the composition loop in case the audio engine block size was an integer multiple of the loop length.
    • MUX Modular Plug-In: Improved host compatibility.
    • MUX Modular Plug-In: All MUX-related benefits of MuLab 6.0.35: New MuSampla version 2, improved MuDrum, rack slots now include a process on/off switch, improved multi-sample editor, and many more improvements which all together make a big difference! Cfr the M6.0.35 change log below.
  • MuLab
    • Rename automation parts didn’t work as expected. Fixed.
    • Automation parts: In some cases the play position line was not positioned right. Fixed.
    • When importing MuClips, the session could contain multiple similar grids. Fixed.
    • Sequence function Quantize Length will now avoid creating triggered notes.
    • Fixed an issue in the composer when using overlapped parts.
    • The “MIDI Output Time Compensation” setting now is a real-time editable preference: See Edit Preferences -> “MIDI Output Time Shift”.
  • Common
    • Audio Files and Samples: New context functions “Add Recurring Markers” and “Delete Selected Markers”.
    • New preference “Middle C Index” allows you to set the middle C to C3 or C4 or C5. Default is C4.
    • REX file loader: Improved protection against exceptional/wrong REX files.
    • In some cases when deleting multiple objects at the same time, only some of them were effectively deleted. Fixed.
    • Factory Library Folder and User Library Folder are now editable preferences. This allows for a more customizable setup.

Until December 31st, 2014, MuLab and MUX Modular are on sale for 59 EUR and 49 EUR, respectively (regular 69 EUR). A bundle of both is 89 EUR during this sale (regular 99 EUR).

More information: MuTools


Plugin Boutique offer Bitwig Studio with 4 free Loopmasters packs

Plugin Boutique has announced that the Bitwig Studio music production software for Windows, Mac and Linux is now available at its online shop.

Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Studio is now available at Plugin Boutique. When purchased, customers will also receive 4x free Loopmasters Pro Audio Sample Packs.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Bitwig Studio


Image-Line announces development FL Studio for Mac (native)

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Image-Line has announced it is developing a native Mac version of its FL Studio music production software.

Image Line FL Studio OS X

A while back we started by testing a FL Studio Mac OS X BETA (Crossover Wrapped) version, with direct installation on Mac OS X. This was promising but it was still just a Windows program, wrapped by CrossOver, running on OS X. The interest in the wrapped beta, and the problems we faced supporting 3rd party VST plugins in it, lead the team to start work on porting our Windows-only VST plugins – Edison, Gross Beat, Harmless, Harmor, Maximus, Ogun, Slicex, Sytrus, Vocodex to OS X native VST format. You can get these plugins here.

The OS X VST plugin testing, was in fact, the stealthy beginnings of FL Studio native OS X compatibility development. These VST plugins use the exact same code-base as FL Studio itself, and if we could get these working to spec on OS X, then FL Studio would likely follow soon after.

Well, the plugin testing is progressing nicely, and so the team has turned their attention to FL Studio 12 itself. It’s a long and slow process and we can’t make any promises yet, since we may come across unexpected and or unsolvable technical problems. But work is indeed under way.

More information: Image-Line / FL Studio Mac


Native Instruments releases MASCHINE 2.2 Software Update

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Native Instruments has released version 2.2 of Maschine, a major update of the acclaimed integrated hardware/software groove production system.

Native Instruments Maschine
New features include Smart Play™, adding new melodic capabilities, unified sound browsing, full KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard integration, Light Guide™ synchronization, and more to the MASCHINE workflow.

The MASCHINE 2.2 update adds a powerful new melodic dimension to the MASCHINE workflow. The Smart Play™ features include a new scale and chord engine, as well as a fully-functional arpeggiator. Producers can select from a range of popular musical scales and chords, and perform them into their productions directly on MASCHINE’s 16 high-sensitivity pads. The arpeggiator allows precise control of direction, octave span, and subdivision – its output is also recorded directly into MASCHINE’s Pattern Editor, providing easy post-performance editing of the note sequences. The update also unlocks MASCHINE STUDIO’s touch-sensitive knobs for an even faster, touch-and-see workflow.

MASCHINE 2.2 also brings full KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series integration to MASCHINE. Producers can browse instruments and effects in the MASCHINE software directly from an S-Series keyboard. Once an instrument or effect is loaded key parameters automatically map to the display knobs on both pieces of hardware. The luxurious Fatar keybeds add a new level of fluid expression. Light Guide™ also synchronizes perfectly with MASCHINE’s pads, giving producers the same level of feedback on both pieces of hardware when switching from beats to melodic playing.

The update is free for all current Maschine 2 owners. Maschine users who have not yet updated to the Maschine 2 software can purchase the upgrade for $49.50 USD/49.50 EUR/£44.50 GBP until December 12th, 2014.

More information: Native Instruments / Maschine


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