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Bitwig launches Bitwig Studio on March 26, 2014

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Bitwig Studio

Bitwig has announced that it will launch its Bitwig Studio software on March 26th, 2014.

BITWIG STUDIO is a new and innovative music creation, recording, and performance software that supports all three major computing platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Combining traditional arrangement sequencing with modern performance-oriented clip launching workflows, BITWIG STUDIO is the ultimate solution for realizing all your musical ideas across every stage of production.

BITWIG STUDIO offers a state-of-the-art audio engine under the hood, with full multi-processing support, a unified modulation system, 32/64-bit VST plugin bridging, and VST plugin crash protection.

BITWIG STUDIO comes with over 50 included devices. Conventional Instruments (Polysynth, FM-4, Organ, Sampler and analog-style Drum Modules) and FX (Delays, Equalizers, Compressors), as well as Container devices (to build parallel instrument or effect chains), Note FX, and Modulator devices (additional controllers like LFOs, envelope followers and step sequencers for modulating any other device). Extend this collection with your favorite VST effects and instruments, and use them side by side with BITWIG STUDIO internal devices.

Bitwig Studio
Main screen of the Bitwig Studio music creation, recording & performance software.

Bitwig Studio features

  • Cross-platform DAW (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).
  • Intuitive non-linear sequencing for the studio and beyond.
  • Full multi-core and multi-processor support.
  • VST 2.4 support with built-in 32/64-bit bridging and plug-in crash protection.
  • Proprietary time-stretching technology.
  • Multi-display support for up to 3 displays.
  • Tabbed document interface for multiple projects open at once with drag-and-drop between them.
  • Over 50 included devices, including conventional Instruments (Polysynth, FM-4, Organ, Sampler and analog-style Drum Modules) and FX (Delays, Equalizers, Compressors), as well as Container devices (to build parallel instrument or effect chains), Note FX, and Modulator devices (additional controllers like LFOs and step sequencers for modulating any other device)..
  • Unified Modulation System: Use Macro Controls, Note Expressions, LFOs, and Envelope Followers to modulate any device parameter, including nested internal devices and even VST plug-ins.
  • Advanced layered editing.
  • Note and Audio expressions, including per-note Micro-Pitch Control.
  • Dynamic Object Inspector: Select multiple notes or events and edit them together with the interactive parameter histogram, easily adding variations as you go.
  • Automatic sample slicing to both Sampler or Drum Machine.
  • Multiple audio events per clip: Automatically cut up samples and rearrange them on the fly in the Detail Editor.
  • Dedicated Device Panel Mappings with color-coded knobs and buttons for an overview at a glance.
  • Support for various MIDI controllers out of the box.
  • Sound Content: Over one thousand presets and sounds, 3 GB of factory content: Drum Machines (808, 909… Percussion), Acoustic Drums, multi-sampled instruments like Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic and Electric Bass, Sampled Drum and Instrument loops, Various Sound FX, and additional partner content.
  • Open Controller API: Create and customize functionality for virtually any MIDI controller, including scripting access to nearly every feature of BITWIG STUDIO.

Upon release, Bitwig Studio will be available to purchase for $449.99 USD (MSRP)/$399.99 USD (MAP)/329 EUR. The download version will cost $399 USD/299 EUR.

Bitwig will showcase its debut product during the Winter NAMM 2014 in Anaheim (Hall C, Booth 5000).

Bitwig staff will be available for product demonstrations, and to answer questions regarding BITWIG STUDIO. Attendees will get a first look at the possibilities using the Open Controller API included in BITWIG STUDIO, which allows for custom controller integration above and beyond standard static midi control templates.

Bitwig’s partners Nektar, Livid Instruments and Novation are among the first to offer products that not only work with standard note and controller input, but offer a deeper integration within BITWIG STUDIO. Dedicated mixer control, clip launching, step-sequencing, device navigation and dynamic device parameter mappings – Bitwig’s Open Controller scripting API offers unprecedented possibilities to integrate hardware and software. The API, documentation and the scripts are accessible to everyone, from the end user to third party companies.

More information: Bitwig

Sensomusic Usine Stage free for limited time

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Sensomusic Stage

Sensomusic has announced that its Usine Stage software will be free for a limited time.

We are glad to announce that Usine Stage 5.80 will be free for some weeks

Usine Stage is a perfect introduction to Usine Hollyhock world and will let you create complete sets for composition or live situation

Usine Stage features

  • 16 in/ 16 outs.
  • Unlimited midi devices.
  • 8 tracks.
  • 8 patches per tracks.
  • 2 auxiliary buses.
  • 2 master tracks.
  • Osc implementation.
  • Conductor to memorize scenes.
  • Windows 32.

More information: Sensomusic

Sagan Technology updates Metro to v7.2

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Sagan Metro

Sagan Technology has updated its Metro music creation tool for Windows and Mac.

Metro is a fast-operating, easy-to-learn high-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects. It stands alone as a complete and integrated MIDI, audio and video production system.

Metro is engineered with two primary design goals: stability and performance.

Changes in Metro v7.2

  • Professionally redesigned UI designed for large screen monitors, via the ‘SharpGrey’ color scheme, includes custom scroll bars.
  • Color scheme dependent transport time line feature.
  • Color scheme dependent track colors.
  • Color scheme dependent enhanced Mixer Aux feature.
  • Better support for 64 bit float and 8 bit audio formats.
  • System for users to create color schemes directly from a .msty file, .jpgs and .pngs. Newly designed color schemes submitted to us and accepted for general use will be rewarded. For more info, email “info at”.
  • View mixer channel inputs by simply hovering over mixer channel.
  • Support for VST’s effString2Parameter. This allows users to enter parameters textually for (supporting) plug-ins with no UI.
  • Better keyboard support for VST plug-ins.
  • Last color scheme selection is automatically remembered.
  • Highlight color saved with color scheme.
  • Non-rotary entry of pan knobs (set as default).
  • Help tags for Mixer window.
  • MP3 preferences for writing ID3 tags in MP3 preferences tab. Tag fields include current year, artist, album and option for use song name as title.
  • ‘Copy Markers as Chapter Text’ in Markers window option menu now works under Windows OS.
  • Two new graphic editor quantize modes. “Absolute With Selection” works like absolute but also quantizes the selection. “To Vertical Grids” quantizes the selection to between the currently visible vertical grids only and is thus affected by the zoom level. Selections can also be quantized (in other modes) by clicking in a pane of the graphic editor and while holding the mouse move into the track title bar.
  • More vertical zoom levels allowed.
  • New continuous data “line” tool in Sharpgrey color scheme only. The line tool is available in other schemes by selecting pencil and holding the control key.
  • Dragging simple MIDI files from plug-ins no longer stops playback.
  • Remote control allows remapping of pitch bend events to an entirely different range. Set out range to -3276 to 3276 for NI Monark to bend in a 2 step range.
  • Better OS X Mavericks and Windows 8 support.
  • Column header selection in the tracks window by right clicking the column header.
  • The limit in Metro LX has been increased to support 28 effect plug-ins or 7 synthesizer plug-ins.
  • Many fixes, check the release notes for details.

Metro for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $299.99 USD ($99.99 USD for LX / $34.99 USD for SE). The upgrade price for any version of Metro 6 is $34.99 USD. This update is free for Metro 7 users.

More information: Sagan Technology

Mutools updates MuLab & MUX Vst to v5.3

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MuTools has announced version 5.3 of its MuLab music production system and MUX Vst flexible modular synth and effect plug-in.

Mutools MuLab
The MuLab sound and music production system transforms a computer into an inspiring modular studio.

Changes in MuLab / MUX Vst v5.3

  • Composer:
    • Improved support for multi-track audio recording.
    • Automation parts can now also do MIDI controllers, Aftertouch and Pitch Bend.
    • Support for looped automation parts.
    • Easier handling of automation & modulation envelopes.
    • REX file support.
    • Improved Auto Scroll behavior.
    • New sequence function: Quantize Notes 50%.
    • Mixdown dialog: Added a button to quickly set the From-To to the composition loop.
  • MUX:
    • New “Modular Feedback Delay” module which can have any module in the feedback path, even a MUX, even a VST, even any combi of those.
    • New “TF Lowpass Filter” module.
    • Wobble Modulator: New “Curve” and “Alternating Offset” controls resulting in more control over the resulting wobble.
    • Modular editor now supports lasso select to move, copy and delete multiple modules at once.
    • Improved editing of oscillator super layers.
    • Samples: Added a “Create New Sample From Selection” function.
    • Further enhanced VST compatibility.
  • Common:
    • Floating Window Bar gives more control over the floating windows.
    • Preferences can now be edited in a user friendly way from within the app. See MULAB menu -> Edit Preferences.
    • Almost 50 other little improvements in looks & functionality.

MuLab is available to purchase for 29 EUR (XL) / 69 EUR (UL), MUX Vst is 49 EUR (UL).

More information: Mutools

DontCrack launches Harrison Mixbus Group-Buy

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Harrison Mixbus Group Buy

Don’tCrac[k] has announced the Harrison Mixbus Group-Buy, a chance to save up to 75% off the full-featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with “True Analog Mixing”™: A combination of Harrison’s world-renowned sound and features in an affordable, knob-per-function interface.

If you haven’t had the pleasure to mix on a Harrison console, well here’s one great opportunity to buy one from ONLY $39 !

From today through January 26th, we are organising the first Harrison Mixbus Group-Buy ever !

The goal is to reach up to 75% Discount on ANY Harrison Mixbus products or bundles.

More information: Don’tCrac[k] / Harrison Mixbus Group-Buy

Plugin Boutique launches 24-Hour Sale – 40% off Sonar X3

Plugin Boutique has launched a sale for the Sonar X3 music production software for Windows by Cakewalk.

Cakewalk SONAR X3 Sale

Create music in any style with cutting-edge instruments, effects, and creative tools. Thanks to the award-winning Skylight user interface, SONAR X3 lets you move seamlessly in your production workspace, instantly going from recording to editing to mixing and back again.

Produce flawless tracks with the 64-Bit Double Precision audio engine and upload polished mixes directly to YouTube and SoundCloud. Plus, SONAR X3 lets you do it all without limiting the number of tracks and plugins; all while supporting the latest technologies like VST3, multi-touch, and Gobbler cloud save.

Cakewalk Sonar X3 is available at a 50% discount at Plugin Boutique on December 31st, 2013.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Sonar X3

Renoise 3 beta released

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A first beta of the Renoise 3 tracker-based digital audio workstation for Windows, Mac, and Linux has been released.

Renoise 3 beta

We are happy to announce that the first beta of Renoise 3.0 has arrived! The download is available for all users with a Renoise 3.0 license from our backstage.

New in Renoise 3

  • Supercharged instruments with per-sample modulation, effects and more.
  • New real-time performance options.
  • Instrument phrases.
  • New DSP effects and pattern commands.
  • Reworked GUI.
  • More details in the release notes.

Renoise is available to purchase for 58 EUR (excl. VAT) until the release of Renoise 3, after which the price will go up to 65 EUR. Renoise 3 beta builds are available for registered users in the Renoise Backstage.

More information: Renoise

Apple updates Logic Pro X to v10.0.5

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Apple Logic Pro X

Apple has released version 10.0.5 of its Logic Pro X digital audio workstation software for Mac.

Keep the creativity flowing with advanced new tools and an intuitive interface that makes them easily accessible whenever you need them. And enjoy the full set of powerful features Logic Pro users already love, now made even better.

Changes in Logic Pro X v10.0.5

  • Adds 3 new Drummers and 11 new Drum Kit Designer patches.
  • Significant enhancements to Channel EQ and Linear Phase EQ plug-ins including redesigned interfaces that are also accessible within the Smart Controls area.
  • Solo now works as expected on channel strips using an External I/O plug-in.
  • Volume and pan automation is now included in XML interchange with Final Cut Pro X.
  • Loops that belong to the same family can be selected and changed using a new control in the region header.
  • The waveform size in an audio region now adapts to the value of the region Gain parameter.
  • The Link mode button is now available for the Piano Roll editor.
  • Includes stability improvements.

Logic Pro X for Mac is available to purchase for $199.99 USD.

More information: Apple / Logic Pro X