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db audioware releases Sidechain Compressor and Sidechain Gate

db audioware Sidechain Compressor

db audioware has released two new sidechain plugins, Sidechain Compressor and Sidechain Gate.

Side-chaining compressors are amazingly useful effects. They are standard issue tools for vocal ducking in radio production, to fade out music when a narrator is speaking. They are also insanely popular in dance production, able to make your whole mix “pump” or “breathe” by following a kick drum.

db audioware Sidechain Gate

Sidechain Gate lets you perform clever mixing techniques, by using a source track to gate a destination track. For example, you can use a complex hi-hat pattern in one track to rhythmically gate a synth pad in another track. Or simplify a busy bass guitar by gating it from a kick drum track (so the bass guitar is only heard when the kick drum sounds).

Sidechain Series features

  • New compression and gating algorithms that deliver an authentic analogue sound with low distortion
  • Easy to set up multi track side-chaining, independent of any host routing
  • Compressor & Gate plug-ins also work as normal channel insert effects
  • EQ and Shape controls in the side-chain permit radical & fine tuning of the plug-ins’ dynamic response and character
  • Compressor Auto Gain with brickwall limiter supports extreme compression settings with little or no distortion
  • Dual metering for clear visual feedback
  • Listen mode to monitor side-chain signal
  • VST & Audio Units format for Mac OS X (Universal Binaries); VST format for PC Windows; VST 2.4 support
  • Full MIDI control, with easy to use MIDI Learn
  • Full 64 bit internal resolution supports any sample rate up to 192kHz

Sidechain Compressor and Sidechain Gate each retail at $84 USD / EUR 62 and are available for immediate purchase and download from the db audioware website. A reduced price bundle of both plug-ins is also offered at $126 USD / EUR 93, a saving of 25%.

Visit db audioware for more information and trial versions of Sidechain Compressor and Sidechain Gate.


db audioware releases Aura Pro

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db audioware Aura Pro

db audioware has released Aura Pro, a versatile virtual guitar amplifier with the authentic sound and feel of a premium hardware amp.

Aura Pro is a versatile virtual guitar amplifier that combines warm, gutsy valve tones and crisp solid state sounds, with the convenience and power of digital audio.

Traditionally designed, not mathematically modelled, Aura Pro follows in the footsteps of classic British amp designs. To achieve the authentic sound and feel of a good analogue hardware amp, it was refined during many hours of live audition sessions by musicians using db audioware’s QFX audio technology.

Check db audioware for more information, demo sounds and a link to try a demo of Aura Pro.