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dboxSamples releases Breakn A Sweat for Massive

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dboxSamples Breakn A Sweat

dboxSamples has launched Breakn A Sweat, a collection of 100 Massive Bass Patches that cover genres such as Electro, Progressive, Dubstep and Breaks.

dboxSamples pulls the trigger with thrilling roars, monstrous talking basses and high pitching risers ready to drop into your productions.

Each Massive patch has been crafted to create real sonic damage so no need for extra tweaking which leaves you with more room to be creative. Simply find the sound that suits your song and you’re ready to go.

Sp01 was conceived to become the ‘go to’ Bass library for any adventurous producer seeking that PRO sound that hits the dance floors and Top Charts every time.

The soundset is available for £12.90 GBP.

More information: dboxSamples / Breakn A Sweat

dboxSamples releases Analog Techno

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dboxSamples Analog Techno

dboxSamples has launched its Analog Techno sample pack.

Analog Techno is a representation of the purest Dutch and Berlin scenes that extends to other genres such as Minimal and Tech-House. dboxSamples muscles up the underground scene with an impressive Techno collection bursting with deep subsonic bass-lines, razor-blade transient drum loops and life time iconic synth sequences.

This fully operative sample pack runs at 24bits native WAV audio that has been processed with your favorite state of the art hardware idols like the Distressor, Culture Vulture and Massive Passive. Leaving no room for any digital artifact Analog Techno does exactly what it says on the tin.
db06 wides up your personal sound collection to new levels pushing the producer’s brain into a whole new level of serious programming keeping your music ideas focused.

Each Loop is musically labelled with it’s own root KEY and BPM speed for your convenience when adding loops from this collection into other “Work in Progress” projects.

The pack is available to purchase for £16.90 GBP.

More information: dboxSamples / Analog Techno

dboxSamples releases Club Vocals sample pack

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dboxSamples has launched Club Vocals, a comprehensive sample pack built with up to 4 bars of attitude-laden melodic-hooks, rich and bitchy club girl spoken phrases and punchy single one shots.

dboxSamples Club Vocals

All vocals have been carefully recorded using a Neumann U87 vintage microphone pre amped with a Focusrite ISA428 using high class pristine 24bit converters for a crystal clear sound that retains that pure analogue feel.

dboxSamples opens up the horizon with a vocal collection series featuring different singers from around the world to bring you the very best performances covering any clubbing genres from todays EDM music.

Club vocals it is an extremely versatile collection for your sample arsenal. Please check our Product Demos to have a better idea on how this sample pack could take your music to the next level.

Club Vocals features

  • 86 melodic line loops to build your next music hit around. BPM and Key labelled.
  • 69 shots and shouts from “Old to the new” School to spice up any production at any time.
  • 40 spoken loops that will sit in key with pretty much any tracks that you may be working on.
  • 60 xtra effected loops for an instant extra twist to your DJ sets or you final master piece.
  • 238 MB zipped.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £14.90 GBP.

More information: dboxSamples / Club Vocals

dboxSamples intros Tech-Drums sample pack

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dboxSamples Tech-House

dboxSamples has announced the release of Tech-Drums, an exclusive collection of 100 Tech-Drums loops by 6pod9.

Crafted with his unique sonic character and excellent production techniques Tech Drums combine a variety of percussive elements from deep-tech house genres.

dboxSamples double the expression and brings 2 versions of each drum loop for more flexibility and/or to use your own kick drums. It represent the most relevant trends and genres such as Tech House, Techno, Minimal, House, Deep House and more.

Xp04 Tech Drums includes 100 x 2 variations ( A and B ) Drum loops ready to load on any DAW, Rex player and Stylus RMX.

The sample library costs £18.90 GBP.

More information: dboxSamples / Tech-Drums

dboxSamples releases Chill Cafe sample library

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dboxSamples Chill Cafe

dboxSamples has announced the release of its Chill Cafe sample library by antipop.

The instantly recognizable sounds from the balearic islands are brought to enhance those moments of relaxation. Having an after party ambience of Kumharas, it’s relieving atmosphere is nothing but sophisticated.

Something is afoot in the hinterlands of this effortless collection… Its hedonistic essence gives the relaxing compilation refreshing vibes along with harmonious serenity and smooth holistic elements. Think, Sa Trinxa’s intriguing and decadent fashions to Cafe del Mars epic sunsets. It feels like the freedom day has finally arrived

Welcome to Chill Out Cafe, our true selection of mediterranean flavors. Redefining Spanish bohemian chic it explores a range of eclectic and richly diverse music which is the quintessence of magical Ibiza.

Chill Cafe features

  • 262 samples at 24-bits.
  • 2.41 GB zipped.
  • Loops come in Acid, Apple Loops, Rex and Stylus Rmx formats.

The sample library costs £19.90 GBP.

More information: dboxSamples / Chill Cafe

dboxSamples releases dmoox for Kontakt

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dboxSamples dmoox

dboxSamples has announced the release of dmoox, a Kontakt sound library that captures the heart and soul of vintage instruments.

dmoox is a sampled instrument. It uses pre-recorded audio clips to generate sounds. Is neither a virtual synth nor a plugin. dmoox benefits from the extensive script programming of Kontakt – the world leading software sampler, bringing you an enhanced experience in music making technology.

We looked back into our gear room to recreate the Midimoog by Studio Electronics, one electronic music’s forgotten legend. We wanted to represent all its sonic magic into one single digital instrument for total recall at your finger tips. We have sampled every note of this analogue monster individually for approximately 4 seconds using high end converters, recording everything at 24bits. Once the sound was sorted we decided to give the user a more pleasant experience by crafting a truly unique 3D interface not yet seen in a product of this kind. Add to this 7 onboard effects, pitch envelope, arp and unison, then you begin to realize the truly powerful nature of this instrument.

dmoox for Kontakt is available to purchase for £24.90 GBP.

More information: dboxSamples / dmoox

dboxSamples releases Aid01 MC-808 free sample pack

dboxSamples Aid01 MC-808

dboxSamples has announced the release of Aid01 MC-808, a collection featuring 1397 classic drum hits.

dboxSamples drop a new concept from extensive sampling of hardware machines, turning ROM sounds into pristine 24bits wav samples ready to use in your productions.

analogue::in::dbox captures de best of the MC-808 Groovebox factory drumkits featuring samples from rhythm machines such as the TR-909, TR-808, TR-707 and TR-606.

Boost your drum rig up with the aid01 MC-808 selection of internal sounds and midi patterns. Easy access to all the samples from this collection on most used software samplers such as Kontakt 4, Exs24, NN-XT, Battery or Halion.

The sample pack is a free download at dboxSamples.

More information: dboxSamples / Aid01 MC-808