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de la Mancha updates plugins (SynthEdit v1.1), fixes multi-core CPU issues

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de la Mancha SynthEdit 1.1

de la Mancha has announced that some of its plugins have been updated using SynthEdit version 1.1.

Some users with multicore processors and certain hosts have reported issues when trying to load multiple instances of the same SynthEdit plugin.

This update eliminates any problems of multiple plugin instances with some multi-core CPUs.

More details here:

Updated de la Mancha plug-ins

  • GTO/GTX/GTA/GTS Compressors.
  • QB-3 Vintage EQ.
  • dirty harry lofi synth (also includes additional features with more dirt types, more lofi options, arp octave range and additional presets).
  • bassbomb bass monosynth.
  • PULS lofi synth.

The Vintage Colour and Noise ‘n’ Bass bundles are also updated for these plugins.

Existing customers will get free updates, with download links being sent out currently and over the next days. In the near future, some of the other de la Mancha plug-ins will also be updated.

More information: de la Mancha


de la Mancha releases truc 2

de la Mancha truc 2

de la Mancha has announced the release of truc 2, a modulated multi-effect plug-in co-developed with sink.

truc2 is a multi-effect plug-in with 4 different effect modules and two automated XY pads to modulate their levels and parameters. It is designed to add variation and movement, anywhere along the scale of subtle to overkill and is suitable for any material

The 4 effect modules are DIRT, GRAIN, RING and DELAY. The first XY pad modulates the volume/mix level of each module, whilst the second XY pad modulates any 4 of the 15 automatable parameters. Both XY pads can be moved manually and additionally automated with a variety of LFO shapes, speeds and depths

Changes in truc 2

  • Correct real-time rendering of all XY modulations.
  • Enhanced XY pad LFO modulation options.
  • XY pucks can be dragged whilst being modulated by LFO.
  • Graphical representation of modulations on XY pads and parameter knobs.
  • More dirt options.
  • More ring mod / pan / vol mod options.
  • Completely new GUI.

truc 2 (including bonus plug-in truc2 mini) is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, priced at $24 USD.

More information: de la Mancha / truc 2


Indie Dev Collective launches with Sale

Indie Dev Collective

The Indie Dev Collective has launched with a collaborative sale, offering up to 65% discount on various products.

We are a group of 12 plug-in and soundware developers who have banded together to bring you a massive collaborative sale on synths, effects, and samples. Up to 65% off – over 50 deals on more than 90 products!

The following developers participate in the Indie Dev Collective:

  • Dangerous Bear Underground – Synths, Samples & Soundbanks
  • de la Mancha – VST Synths & Effects
  • Dusted William Sounds – Samples & Loops
  • H.G. Fortune – VST Synths & Sequencers, & Samples
  • Hardcore Harmonics/Supersynths – VSTi & Soundbanks
  • Impact Soundworks – Soundbanks & Samples
  • Manytone – VST Synths & Samples
  • Nucleus Soundlab – Soundbanks, Refills & Samples
  • Perimeter Sound Arts – Loops & Presets
  • Ugo – VST Synths & Effects
  • Westgate Sounds – Soundbanks & Samples
  • whiteLABEL – VST Effects

The collaborative sale is available from May 17 until May 31, 2010.

More information: Indie Dev Collective


de la Mancha releases sixtyfive

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de la Mancha has announced the release of sixtyfive, a vintage-style, RMS Compressor, inspired by the dbx® 165A, a classic 1970′s compressor found in many studios, but it also adds a couple of new twists.

It’s a soft-knee RMS compressor with a vintage flavour. The RMS detection and soft-knee help to give a smooth and musical compression experience, the non-linear response imparts character and the gentle saturation brings colour and warmth. As well as all of the originals features, this version adds parallel compression, extended knob ranges and peak metering

sixtyfive can deliver a range of compression from gentle smoothing of vocal performances to brutal slamming of your drum buss. Enjoy!

de la Mancha sixtyfive
de la Mancha sixtyfive

sixtyfive features

  • Vintage style RMS compressors with non-linear response, parallel compression and comprehensive metering.
  • Subtle colouring from a unique blend of harmonics, saturation and noise.
  • RMS detection offers natural response.
  • Soft Knee makes for a less obvious transition.
  • Wet/Dry control allows blending of dry uncompressed signal for phase-free NY style parallel compression.
  • Non-linear attack/release curves give unique character.
  • Auto attack/release with manual option.
  • Manual attack/release has ultra-low values.
  • Distortion reduction for very short release times.
  • Linked Stereo input detection, can be unlinked.
  • Internal or external sidechain routing.
  • Additional ‘Internal sidechain only’ version.
  • Optional hard limiting on final output.
  • Metering covers stereo input, output and gain reduction. All meters show actual and peak levels with adjustable peak hold time.
  • LED display to indicate above and below threshold, and in the knee.
  • Non-linear knobs for precise control at small values.
  • 18 presets covering different configurations.

sixtyfive is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, priced at $15 USD.

More information: de la Mancha / sixtyfive


de la Mancha releases Urban Decay

de la Mancha Urban Decay

de la Mancha has announced the release of Urban Decay, a multi-band distortion effect, with 13 different flavours of dirt across 3 perfectly split frequency bands.

At the heart of it are 7 different distortion types, each designed to bring a different way to dirty up your audio, and together form a powerful combination. 3 of the distortion methods also have 3 algorithms each, allowing more tweaking to get the filth quota just right

Want different amounts of distortion across the bass, mids and highs? No problem. You can adjust the wet/dry mix level and volume across 3 frequency bands to really get the sound you want. You can accurately adjust the split points of the 3 bands and there is zero-phasing and zero-crossover, due to using the inversion method.

Urban Decay features

  • 3 band distortion effect with 13 flavours of dirt.
  • 7 distortion effects, with 13 combinations.
  • 3 bands can be split by frequency or layered at full spectrum.
  • Splits can be adjusted to 1Hz accuracy.
  • Split method uses inversion, so there is no crossover or phasing.
  • Each band can be adjusted for wet/dry mix level and volume.
  • Each band can be muted for sound design or dual/single band operation.
  • Each effect can be muted for sound design or to save CPU.
  • Master wet/dry mix level and volume.
  • Optional soft or hard limiting.
  • 40 presets.

Urban Decay is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for $15 USD.

More information: de la Mancha / Urban Decay


de la Mancha releases loophole

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de la Mancha loophole

de la Mancha has announced the release of loophole, a midi-triggered loop sampler, which allows you play sections of up to 4 different loops using midi notes to control which section of which loop plays.

This can be a great way to mash up 4 different loop styles or add quick variations on 4 similar loops. As well as having full control of which sections to play, you can also trigger random sections too (well this is a de la Mancha plugin!)

You can load any 4 loops and sync them to host tempo, then using midi notes you can play the loops, switching between loops, playing several loops and defining which sections play. You also get a visual display of the loops, the play position and which sections are being played. The multi-out version lets you apply further effects processing to each loop separately. Loophole also has a volume envelope per loop to declick or fade in/out

loophole features

  • Loop sampler, using midi notes to trigger sections of each loop, either specifically or randomly.
  • 171 original drum loops in 24bit Wav format, across 19 different kits covering acoustic and electronic styles (Rock, Jazz, Breakbeat, DnB, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Lofi, Glitch, 8 bit, House, Trance and more).
  • Loads any 16, 24 and 32 bit WAV in mono or stereo.
  • Very low CPU (<1% on 2.2GHZ dual core CPU).
  • Tempo-sync each loop by setting length in beats, allowing stretching or different lengths if desired.
  • Play sections of each loop, each triggered by a different midi note.
  • Play random sections using one midi note.
  • Graphical representation of loops, play position and triggered sections.
  • Normalise and mono options per loop.
  • Envelope per loop to fade in/out or declick.
  • Volume control and mute per loop.
  • Stereo out and Multi-out versions.
  • 21 presets covering different styles and sounds.
  • 12 midi files showing examples of basic and advanced triggering.

loophole is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for the introductory price of $24 USD until 6 May, 2010 (regular price $29 USD).

More information: de la Mancha / loophole


de la Mancha Vintage Colouring Bundle Group Buy

de la Mancha Group Buy

de la Mancha has recently started the Vintage Colouring Bundle Group Buy, a time limited offer for a bundle of colourful vintage-style compressor and EQ plug-ins for Windows.

If you’re looking for a bargain on a bundle of colourful vintage-style compressors and EQ with added mojo, you’ve come to right place! Not only that, but 3 bonus plugins have been added to the bundle as we now have 100 people signed up

Since the group buy has reached the maximum level it is now possible to buy the bundle of plug-ins — including three additional bonus plug-ins, directly.

Vintage Colouring Bundle Group Buy includes:

  • GTO – Peak compressor
  • GTX – RMS compressor
  • GTS – hybrid of GTO and GTX
  • GTA – stripped down GTO
  • QB-3 – Vintage EQ
  • PULS – Square wave synth
  • dirty harry – lofi synth
  • unstable – pitch wobbler

The Vintage Colouring Bundle (incl. 3 bonus plug-ins, all Windows PC/VST) is available to purchase for $21 USD until April 30, 2010.

More information: de la Mancha / Vintage Colouring Bundle Group Buy