Equinox Sounds Progressive, Electro & House MIDI Chords

Equinox Sounds Progressive, Electro & House MIDI Chords

Equinox Sounds has released Progressive, Electro & House MIDI Chords, a collection of Deadmau5 style MIDI chord progressions and melodies.

This MIDI pack is perfect for producers of Progressive, House, Electro and more… These ear-catching melodies will make your tunes really stand out from the crowd of current Beatport releases.

‘Progressive, Electro & House MIDI Chords’ also includes 15 bonus melodies in WAV and Apple Loops formats.

As these patterns are supplied in MIDI format, they will provide you with as much flexibility as possible. You can edit and transpose them, assign any sound you want and get your own and original melodic lines. The editing possibilities are endless as you can play the performances at any tempo or pitch without artefacts.

You can use these MIDI files as a jumping-off point to start your own track or base your production entirely around them as they are 100 royalty free!

Progressive, Electro & House MIDI Chords features

  • 30 MIDI Chord Progressions & Melodies.
  • 15 WAV Chord Progressions & Melodies.
  • 15 Apple Loops Chord Progressions & Melodies.

Progressive, Electro & House MIDI Chords is available as a direct download for $19.95 USD.

More information: Equinox Sounds / Progressive, Electro & House MIDI Chords


Loopmasters releases Deadmau5 XFER

Loopmasters Deadmau5 XFER

Loopmasters has released Deadmau5 XFER, a new downloadble sample library featuring over 500 MB of loops and samples.

Xfer Records is a label started by Deadmau5 and his longtime friend and studio accomplice Steve Duda for their collaborations, such as BSOD, and WTF? with Tommy Lee and DJ Aero.
Their latest CD offering is not a music CD, but rather a sample CD-ROM for music producers, featuring a plethora of WAV loops and one-shots, ready to be loaded in to any popular music-making software.

An extensive amount of gear was used for the CD-including circuit-bent and analogue drum machines, vintage analogue synths such as Moog and Arp, original acoustic drums and other sounds recorded in various professional studios. A variety of digital sound sources were used as well for creating new sounds, such as FFT synthesis, additive/subtractive synthesis, even custom DSP routines coded by Steve Duda in C++.

Deadmau5 XFER features

  • 336 Loops
  • 425 Kick Drums
  • 229 Clap sounds
  • 1500+ percussive sounds
  • 322 Hihats,
  • 158 Snare drums
  • 100+ Cymbal and Cymbal-effect sounds
  • 227 synth/tonal sounds
  • 336 Bonus Rex Loops
  • Composed and engineered by Duda and the mau5 themselves.

Deadmau5 XFER is available for download (Wav and Rex format) for £59.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Deadmau5 XFER


Future Audio Workshop releases Touch Mix Deadmau5 Edition

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Touch Mix Deadmau5 Edition

Future Audio Workshop has released Touch Mix Deadmau5 Edition, a mixing application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Create your own unique Deadmau5 remixes. Perform tracks by applying delays, mixes, rewind effects … Simple, easy to use interface. Designed for creative play.

Touch Mix Deadmau5 Edition features

  • Comes with 10 exclusive Deadmau5 tracks (Note: you can’t import other tracks…).
  • Create your own unique remixes.
  • Remix by applying delays, effects, rewinds, cuts.
  • Unique Scratch Pad lets you touch the music.
  • Connect to your sound system and perform live.
  • Simple, easy to use interface.
  • Designed for creativity.

Touch Mix Deadmau5 Edition is available now from the Apple App Store for $2.99 USD (via CDM).


Short links for November 21st, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently:

MPC 2000 Xl @ Krach und Klang-Werkstatt

# Round-Up: Samples, Stealing, Fakery, the Law, and Lots of Sample Shenanigans — Peter Kirn on Justice, sampling in Germany, Deadmau5/FL Studio and the Killers:

Who’s sampling what? When is sampling stealing? Who’s stolen sampled samples, and was the sampling stolen stealing? Is anyone actually playing live? Does anyone know what the law is? Does anyone care?

The neverending story of sampling… + whistling in the case of Germany ^_^

# The role of Sound Effects in film… — Tim @ the music of sound shares some interesting thoughts on something Danny Elfman said a while ago (namely “Sound Effects Suck”).

# Bleep Labs » BitBlob – Noise performers extraordinaire, The Loud Objects, and Dr. Bleep have teamed up to create the first being of pure noise!

The Bit Blob is a digital noise maker that's controlled by connecting its contacts together, allowing you to bend your way through unlimited sonic madness. You can also connect LEDs, audio outputs, or other Bit Blobs between control pins!

# CDM Holiday Guide Reader Survey — Gifts of, for, and by You.

Peter Kirn writes:

It’s nearly the holiday season, and as CDM has just completed its fourth birthday, I want to give all of us a present. The idea: a holiday guide that’s a bit different.

This guide will include things you can share (CC-licensed), the best content from 2008 and you can help by filling out a survey to tell CDM what gift you would want to receive, what you would give to newcomers, and what you would want to read. Completing the survey will enter you in a drawing for a chance to get a free copy of the T-RackS 3 mastering and mixing suite donated by IK Multimedia.