Delora rsTouch—Transform your iPad into a mobile controller for Reason

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Delora has released rsTouch, an iPad control surface app for the Propellerhead Reason music software application that runs on a Mac or Windows PC.

Delora rsTouch

rsTouch provides mobility and multi-touch control for the Propellerhead Reason MIXER & TRANSPORT functions. Screen graphics mimic what you see on Reason’s screen – operate Reason’s transport controls and Main Mixer from the iPad!

With rsTouch and a MIDI connection (USB MIDI or network MIDI over Wi-Fi), you can record playback, and mix Reason songs from anywhere in your studio. Mute or solo any channel to evaluate your mix during playback; adjust mix level, effects sends, even EQ and dynamics. Use the transport controls or “jog strip” to navigate your song; set loop range. The timecode and bar-beat display show the current playback position. Switch between groups of eight mixer channels; channel names and numbers are displayed for easy identification.

rsTouch features

  • Control transport functions (Beginning, Backward, Forward, Pause/Stop, Play, Record).
  • Toggle Loop and Metronome on/off.
  • Click settings changeable in popup.
  • Eight Channel names and numbers displayed on all Mixer screens.
  • Access more than eight channels by one, by eight or with user programmable bank buttons.
  • Multi-touch Fader control of channel levels; value displayed.
  • Channel meters.
  • Adjust pan level for every channel; value displayed.
  • Mute or Solo any channel.
  • Reset/clear all mute or solo enable channels.
  • Dynamic displays show playhead timecode and bar-beat location.
  • Tempo displayed; changeable in popup.
  • Tap tempo.
  • Big meter displayed; reset all overs; settings controlled in popup.
  • Master screen mimics Reason’s master section controls.
  • Undo or Redo last action.
  • Dim (lower) volume on all Mixer screens.
  • Alt and Dub record options.
  • Edit up to 8 send levels per channel.
  • Enable/bypass and edit up to 4 parameter settings for inserts.
  • Step through inserts.
  • EQ screens mimic Reason’s Channel EQ editing capability.
  • Dynamics screens mimic Reason’s Channel Compressor and Gate editing capability.
  • IN screen mimics Reason’s Channel Input editing capability.
  • Set Start and End Loop positions.
  • Move to new playhead position using the slider strip.
  • Double tap most faders and rotaries to default position.
  • Preference setting for faders to “jump” on touch.
  • Preference setting to disable iPad sleep mode (Autolock).
  • Retina display graphics support.

rsTouch for iPad is available to purchase for $9.99 USD.

More information: Delora / rsTouch


Harmony Systems vKiP, control Kyma X Paca or Pacarana with iPad

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Harmony Systems vKiP

Harmony Systems has released vKiP, an iPad app that expands the controller options for Kyma.

Control Symbolic Sound’s Kyma X Paca or Pacarana sound design system using your iPad!. Conveniently arranged on one screen, vKiP’s controls are optimized in size and layout for the iPad Multi-Touch screen. Adjust faders and rotaries, browse and load in Kyma sound snapshots, plus more! Untether yourself from the computer mouse and screen.

vKiP adjusts for either portrait or landscape orientation, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred usage mode.

vKiP is Harmony Systems’ latest in its Delora Software family of “v” applications that expand the controller options for Kyma. It uses WiFi and “Midi over OSC” to communicate with Kyma: no other computer “agent” programs, drivers, or utilities are needed. vKiP can be used with any computer and OS supported by Kyma.

vKiP features

  • Manipulate and set Kyma sound parameters through faders and rotaries optimized for touch-screen control.
  • Control eight faders and eight rotaries at a time.
  • Full VCS bank support.
  • Swap fader and rotary controls.
  • Control parameters with normal or fine adjustment mode.
  • Browse or load-in Kyma sound snapshots.
  • Adjust Kyma’s master volume or mute all sound.
  • View current parameter values using Selector buttons.
  • Supports systems with one or multiple Paca(rana)s.

vKiP for iPad is available to purchase for $39.99 USD.

More information: Harmony Systems / vKiP