Zynaptiq acquires The DSP Dimension and Surround SFX


Zynaptiq has announced the recent acquisition of The DSP Dimension and Surround SFX, and all of their assets and technologies, effective January 1st, 2014.

About The DSP Dimension

Founded in 2005 by Stephan Bernsee as audio and image technology research and development firm, The DSP Dimension is widely known for its critically acclaimed DIRAC time stretching technology, its feature-based RTmorph sound morphing software, as well as its cutting edge audio, speech, speaker, gesture and face recognition technologies. The DSP Dimension web site has also become a widely popular repository for various tutorials on audio signal processing written to explain digital signal processing techniques from an engineer’s hands-on perspective with a minimum amount of math.
Zynaptiq will continue to offer all available The DSP Dimension technologies for licensing and The DSP Dimension team will continue to provide tech support under the new owner.

About Surround SFX

Founded in 2006 by Denis Goekdag, Surround SFX specialises in the design, production and licensing of audio content and creative effects processing algorithms, as well as sound design for games, film and advertising. Their content has been used in conjunction with products and media by Native Instruments, Terratec, Elysia, BMW Mini, VW, Hyundai and more.

“The acquisition of The DSP Dimension and Surround SFX extends our business scope and product range significantly” said Denis Goekdag, Surround SFX founder and CEO at Zynaptiq.

“Integrating these assets with our existing IP opens up exciting new options in signal acquisition and processing, that our users and clients will benefit from greatly in the near future.” added Stephan Bernsee, founder of The DSP Dimension and CTO at Zynaptiq.

Zynaptiq GmbH, based in Hannover, Germany, creates audio software based on artificial intelligence technology, and is known for their award-winning UNVEIL reverb removal, UNFILTER adaptive equalization and PITCHMAP real-time polyphonic pitch processing plug-ins.

More information: Zynaptiq


Zynaptiq acquires Prosoniq product line and technologies


Zynaptiq has announced the acquisition of Prosoniqʼs complete IP, including their current and past product line, technologies, patent rights, research data and license contracts, effective March 1st, 2014.

Zynaptiq will continue to offer the current line of Prosoniq products.

Founded in 1990, Prosoniq has been crucial in providing key technologies to many companies in the music business, including Quantel, Emagic, Steinberg and Cakewalk.

Prosoniq pioneered in the field of applying Artificial Neural Networks to audio processing, voice removal, structural audio morphing and polyphonic time stretching with formant correction, and has researched and developed many more technologies and tools for applications including image decomposition, phoneme recognition, structural audio information retrieval & rendering, and more.

Today Prosoniq is best known for its:

  • Time Factory time-stretching and pitch-shifting batch processor.
  • sonicWORX Isolate voice extraction/suppression and spectral editing application.
  • Orange Vocoder classic vocoder plug-in.
  • Morph real-time audio morphing plug-in.
  • NAS synthesis engine as used in the Hartmann Synthesizer.

“Weʼre thrilled to add these software gems to our portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and award-winning products” said Zynaptiq CEO Denis Goekdag.

“We are happy to consolidate Prosoniqʼs 20+ years worth of research and development into Zynaptiq, giving these great products and technologies a new home”, adds Stephan Bernsee, CTO at Zynaptiq. “This allows for the creation of even more cutting edge products and extending into new fields, and our users will greatly benefit from this consolidation in the near future.”

More information: Zynaptiq


Elysia releases Preset Package by Denis Gökdag

Elysia Preset Package

Elysia has announced the release of a Preset Package featuring presets for all Elysia plug-ins by Denis Gökdag.

We have received quite some requests for presets ever since we have started to release our products as plugins. While discussing this at the Musikmesse 2011, sound designer and early elysia adopter Denis Goekdag kindly offered his support.

Denis started straight away and created ten presets for each of the four elysia plugins currently available. On top of this, we have added the suggested settings from the alpha compressor and mpressor manuals.

Of course these presets can only be starting points for your own explorations. Please keep in mind that especially the threshold and ratio values have to be adapted to your specific audio material…

The Elysia Preset Package is available as a free download here.

More information: Elysia


Surround SFX releases Transistor Rhythm for Maschine, Battery & EXS24

Surround SFX Transistor Rhythm

Surround SFX has released Transistor Rhythm, a sample library for Native Instruments Maschine, Battery and EXS-24.

Welcome to Transistor Rhythm, a premium, 24bit/96kHz Sample-Library for the Maschine, Battery 3 and EXS-24 platforms, created with achieving the highest possible quality in mind, both in terms of audio quality and in terms of real-world usability and cross-genre coolness. Maximum oooomph, megatons of groove, zero crap….you get the idea. I If you haven’t already, grab the three Transistor Free Kits taken from the Library to judge for yourself how close it comes to that goal.

Transistor Rhythm features

  • 800 Drums & SFX samples.
  • 50 Kits for Maschine, with 4 patterns each for a total of 200 unique rhythms.
  • 50 Battery 3 Kits using the same samples as their Maschine counterparts, but adapted to the different synthesis options found in Battery 3.
  • For the EXS-24, the samples come in banks according to the sample type, so you’ll find, for example, a bank of Analog Claps, a bank of Vinyl Snares etc.
  • All recording and processing was done at 192kHz sampling rate, and sampled down to 24/96 for the final product in a mastering studio with individual SRC and Dither parameters per sample.
  • Sounds created using both vintage and modern gear by Elysia, RockRuepel, Neve, Siemens/Telefunken, Manley, Universal Audio, UREI, United Minorities, Avalon, Moog, Oberheim, Doepfer, Pearl, Roland, EMU, AKAI, Symbolic Sound, Hartmann, Korg, WMD, JoMoX, Cylonix, Millennia and many others.

Transistor Rhythm is available to purchase for 59 EUR including VAT. Owners of the NI Transistor Punch Maschine Expansion can x-grade with 20% discount. A collection of 3 kits from Transistor Rhythm is available as a free download.

More information: Surround SFX / Transistor Rhythm


Native Instruments releases Deep Freq

Native Instruments Deep Freq

Native Instruments has announced the release of Deep Freq, a powerful effects processing suite for use with KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER.

Complementing the acclaimed DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS and DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS packages, DEEP FREQ focuses on intense and intricate frequency manipulation to transform audio material in innovative and inspiring ways.

Created by expert sound designer and producer Denis Gökdag, DEEP FREQ provides 150 sophisticated multi-effect combinations based on the powerful sound processing engines of ABSYNTH, GUITAR RIG and REAKTOR
integrated in KORE. Through complex combinations of filters, resonators, frequency shifting, resynthesis, granular synthesis and other advanced algorithms, DEEP FREQ can fundamentally alter and reshape the tonality of beats, melody lines, vocals and any other audio material with spectacular and unconventional results.

Despite the complexity of the underlying effect configurations, the operation of DEEP FREQ is entirely straightforward due to the KORE user interface. The unified parameter mapping within KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER gives immediate, intuitive control over the sonic characteristics of the effects, making DEEP FREQ an especially efficient and immediate sound shaping tool for musicians, producers and DJs.

Deep Freq is available to purchase as a download for $79 USD / 69 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Deep Freq


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