Soundgasm Sound Design releases Sector 7

Soundgasm Sound Design Sector 7

Soundgasm Sound Design has released Sector 7, a collection of patches for reFX Vanguard.

Covering a wide gamut of styles and genres including ambient, psy-trance, techno, acid, and house SECTOR7 delivers unique food for your favorite reFX beastie.

Sector 7 features

  • 128 patches: 39 bass, 32 lead, 25 pad, 9 arp, 12 keys, and 11 sound fx.
  • Most patches respond to after touch (Vanguard automatically maps the modulation wheel to filter cutoff).
  • All bass patches are made with stereo effects (easy to switch to mono).
  • All patches were tested with themed style playing of phrases of music.

Sector 7 is available as a download, priced at $10 USD. A free demo bank containing 16 patches can be downloaded from the Soundgasm website.

More information: Soundgasm Sound Design


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