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Soundgasm Sound Design releases Sector 7

Soundgasm Sound Design Sector 7

Soundgasm Sound Design has released Sector 7, a collection of patches for reFX Vanguard.

Covering a wide gamut of styles and genres including ambient, psy-trance, techno, acid, and house SECTOR7 delivers unique food for your favorite reFX beastie.

Sector 7 features

  • 128 patches: 39 bass, 32 lead, 25 pad, 9 arp, 12 keys, and 11 sound fx.
  • Most patches respond to after touch (Vanguard automatically maps the modulation wheel to filter cutoff).
  • All bass patches are made with stereo effects (easy to switch to mono).
  • All patches were tested with themed style playing of phrases of music.

Sector 7 is available as a download, priced at $10 USD. A free demo bank containing 16 patches can be downloaded from the Soundgasm website.

More information: Soundgasm Sound Design


Leslie Sanford releases Sanford Super Chorus

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Sanford Super Chorus

Leslie Sanford has released Sanford Super Chorus, a four-voice chorus capable of creating thick and rich sounds.

Each of its four voices represents a completely independent chorus effect. It’s like getting four choruses in one.

In addition, the Sanford Super Chorus provides four LFOs that act as modulation sources for the voices. Like the voices, each LFO is completely independent, and each has advanced and easy to use synchronization functions.

The combination of independent voices and LFOs gives you an almost endless set of possible combinations. This is one versatile chorus.

Sanford Super Chorus features

  • Four independent chorus voices
  • Four independent LFOs
  • Versatile synchronization functions
  • MIDI Learn
  • User interface designed by Rick Christy

Sanford Super Chorus is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for $15 USD. A demo version can be found on the product page.

Visit Leslie Sanford for more information and audio demos.


Fuzzpilz updates Oatmeal to v37-6c

Fuzzpilz Oatmeal VSTi

Fuzzpilz has released version 37-6c of Oatmeal, a freeware virtual analog synth plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v37-6c

  • presets saved with 2 filter types in parallel mode did not load correctly (the second filter would always show Clone).

Visit Fuzzpilz for more information and a link to download Oatmeal.

Note: make sure you grab the updated Designer Monkey skins for Oatmeal here (for screenshots of these skins, check this post).


Electronisounds releases Ubergate v1.3

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Electronisounds Ubergate v1.3

Electronisounds has released version 1.3 of Ubergate, a VST gate effect.

Ubergate is a multi-fx plugin comprising of a pattern based gate and two effect chains. Each effect chain features delay, filter with LFO, modulation (chorus/flanger/phaser) and 3-band EQ with Drive.

Changes in v1.3

  • New GUI by Designer Monkey.
  • Option to double the tempo of the gate speed.
  • Option to switch gate patterns via MIDI.

Ubergate is available for Windows PC and can be purchased for $29.99 USD.

Visit Electronisounds for more information and audio demo samples.


Leslie Sanford releases LiteWave

Leslie Sanford has released LiteWave, a software synthesizer inspired by many of the digital synthesizers from the 1980s.

In the early 80s as digital technology became cheaper, many manufacturers designed synthesizers that combined earlier analog technology with newer digital technology. These were known as hybrid synthesizers. Well-known hybrid synthesizers are the Korg DW8000 and DW6000, the Ensoniq ESQ-1, and the Kawai K3.

LiteWave by Leslie Sanford

In analog/digital hybrid synthesizers, the oscillators responsible for generating waveforms are digital while the filter section remains analog. This approach freed designers to use any kind of waveform; they were no longer restricted to traditional analog waveforms such as sawtooth, triangle, and pulse. However, by using an analog filter, these synthesizers retained the warmth earlier analog synthesizers were known for.

Though LiteWave is a purely digital synthesizer, its overall architecture is very much like those early hybrid synthesizers. It features a wide selection of waveforms, most of which were resynthesized from actual hybrid synthesizers, while providing traditional subtractive synthesis capabilities for sculpting its sound.

LiteWave features

  • 26 waveforms – many of which were resynthesized from 80s hybrid synths.
  • Flexible modulation routes.
  • Apply PWM to any waveform.
  • LFO delay.
  • Polyphonic Portamento.
  • Key tracked envelopes.
  • Rich overdrive effect based on a custom algorithm.
  • Stereo delay effect with MIDI synchable delay times.
  • Easy to use.
  • GUI created by grymmjack.

LiteWave is available for Windows PC and costs only $25 USD.

Note: Leslie has temporarily suspended sales until he can find out if there’s a problem with the name LiteWave.

Visit Leslie Sanford for more information, audio demos and a link to download a demo of LiteWave.


Atom Splitter Audio releases Pulsation public beta

Atom Splitter Audio has released a public beta of Pulsation, a 4 oscillator pulse-wave modulation synthesizer with multi-effects section.

Atom Splitter Audio Pulsation
Atom Splitter Audio Pulsation, lovely GUI by Designer Monkey (click for larger image)


  • 4 pulse-waves each with LFO and ENV modulation options with visual graph for waveform shape
  • 4 stage ADSR amplitude envelope with visual graph for envelope shape
  • Keytracking filter with low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject, and peaking configurations
  • 4 stage ADSR filter envelope with visual graph for envelope shape
  • Tempo-syncable sine, saw, square, triangle, or noise LFO to modulate filter and pulse-widths
  • Multi-effect delay, chorus, and distortion each with toggles and mix knobs
  • Easy 1 knob velocity adjustment and modulation wheel amount adjustment
  • Pitchbend range from -12 to +12 steps
  • Tune from -5 to +5 octaves and 12 semi-tones per octave adjustment

Read the included disclaimer for further information and details on how to submit your bug reports.

Download the public beta of Pulsation here.

Atom Splitter Audio also released 3 new samplepacks: Electro-Percussion Volume 1 and 2, and Sci-Fi Works Volume 1.


Wusik releases Wusikstation V4 VSTi Player

Wusik Sound Magazine

Wusik has released Wusikstation V4 VSTi Player, a special version of Wusikstation, which comes free with Wusik Sound Magazine subscriptions.

This is basically the full version of Wusikstation V4, but with 2 limitations:

  1. Limited to 2 Instances
  2. Will only load presets created for the Wusik Sound Magazine. Won’t read 3rd party presets
Wusik Player default Blue skin (Grymmjack)
Wusik Player default Blue skin (Grymmjack)

The Wusik Player (22MB download) is now included with all new Wusik Sound Magazine subscriptions, at no extra fee. Just keep in mind that if you cancel your subscription, you will no longer receive any future updates. The player is NOT included with individual issues. Only for users that subscribe to either monthly or 6 months non-recurring option.

There’s also a promo going on for WSM where you’ll receive extra issues. The more users sign up, the more goodies everyone gets.

You can subscribe to WSM for $9.95/8.95 EUR (monthly subscription) and a 6 month non-recurring option is available as well.

Visit Wusik for more information.