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Cockos releases REAPER v1.815

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REAPER v1.815

Cockos has updated REAPER to version 1.815. This multitrack audio recording and editing host changed quite a bit since last time I posted about REAPER (v1.05).

The list of features is growing steadily.

Updated in v1.815

  • splitting MIDI items now trims the underlying midi data
  • help/documentation menu now shows all PDF files in the reaper directory (for user guide)
  • ReaEQ: added mousewheel support, tab control optional, tooltips, mode from context menu
  • ReaEQ: using ctrl/alt now slows and restricts movement of points

For a complete list of changes you can check the REAPER changelog.

You can download REAPER for a 30 day evaluation (it is uncrippled and unexpiring shareware).

Also check Rick Christy’s REAPER skin, great stuff! (click on the Project: REAPER (blackmagick) link to download it)

detail of Blackmagick REAPER skin by Rick Christy (Designermonkey)
detail of Blackmagick REAPER skin by Rick Christy (Designer Monkey)

Maple and Brown-Sugar skin color variations

Grymmjack has released a few color variations on the Maple and Brown-Sugar skin for Oatmeal.

Flavors are Renoise Owns, Blueberry, Lime and Slate. Check the images below (click for larger image).

Renoise Owns skin for Oatmeal  Blueberry skin for Oatmeal  Lime skin for Oatmeal  Slate skin for Oatmeal

Some other skins you might want to check:

Devil skin by Nitex
  • 501 by Mark Deaton.
501 skin by Mark Deaton

Grymmjack Oatmeal skin: Maple and Brown-Sugar

Grymmjack has been working hard to skin the fantastic freeware VSTi Oatmeal, and it is now available for download.

I am quite biased when it comes to Oatmeal (yes I love Oatmeal), and it’s no surprise I’m truely excited about this awesome skin. Of course the new look won’t make Oatmeal sound any different, but it sure makes it look a lot better and easier to program. Quite some time went into optimizing the workflow and used screen space.

Maple and Brown-Sugar skin for Oatmeal by Grymmjack
Maple and Brown-Sugar skin for Oatmeal by Grymmjack (click to enlarge)

One known issue is that horizontal sliders have to be manipulated by up/down, instead of left/right. The original didn’t have sliders and therefore did not have the desired controls programmed. Fuzzpilz will soon modify Oatmeal to allow horizontal sliders to be controlled properly. New version out!

So keep your eye open for a new version, but in the meantime enjoy this wonderful new skin already.

For those who don’t like Maple and Brown-Sugar, Grymmjack also provides the skin’s source psd (Photoshop) and font files, so you can modify them to create a different color scheme.


Pethu releases Hahaha CS33 Standard Edition

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Pethu Hahaha CS33 VSTi

Pethu (Per Thulin) has released Hahaha CS33 Standard Edition, a freeware VSTi sporting two oscillators and radically enhanced filter, LFO, effects, and routing options.

The gorgeous GUI was provided by Rick Christy (aka Grymmjack).


  • Subtractive and Phase Modulation (PM) synthesis
  • Two oscillators (called OSC1 and OSC2), each with Triangle, Saw, Square, Rectangle, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), and White Noise (WN) waveforms. OSC1 can be synced to OSC2
  • Mono sound output (except when the CHORUS effect is active)
  • Monophonic and 6-voice Polyphonic modes
  • One filter (called, simply, the FILTER) with 5 modes, two of which are special ”twin filter” modes
  • One LFO with 5 waveforms: Sample And Hold (S/H), Ramp, Square, Saw, and Sine. LFO tempo can be freely adjusted or synced to host tempo
  • Two envelope generators (called EG1 and EG2). Each can separately affect OSC1 amplitude, OSC2 amplitude, FILTER cutoff frequency, and LFO amount. EG1/EG2 levels can also be mixed, resulting in
    pseudo-multi-stage envelopes
  • Keyboard velocity scaling for EG1 and EG2 amplitudes
  • Expression input from Breath Controller (BC), Channel Aftertouch (AT), and Foot Pedal (PEDAL) can be used to affect AMP level and FILTER cutoff frequency
  • Effects section with Distortion, Reverb, Delay, and Chorus units
  • MIDI Learn function for easy mapping of the controls to a hardware MIDI controller
  • Tooltip help, showing short descriptions of each control including its default MIDI Controller Code mapping

The zip file includes a comprehensive manual, which also mentions a soon to be released “Evolution Edition” of CS33, which is basically the exact same synth with a different look.

Check Pethu’s website for more information and a link to download Hahaha CS33.

Update 13-11-2006: Don’t forget to check the additional presets as well.


GVST suite gets a new skin

GVST plug-ins with new skin

The plug-ins from GVST now can be skinned with a new gorgeous design.

GVST’s plug-ins (by Graham Yeadon) are designed by to be simple, light-weight and efficient, although some are more ambitious and some more experimental and include amongst others a Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Gate and several Filter effects.

The new skins are done by Rick Christy from Designer Monkey, who also did the original design for the GVST plug-in suite, and recently designed FreeAmp2‘s skin.

Check the GVST website for more information and links to download these excellent skins for the GVST effects and instruments. You can download all plug-ins in one package as well.


FrettedSynth releases FreeAmp2

FrettedSynth FreeAmp2

FrettedSynth has released FreeAmp2, a virtual guitar setup plug-in.

FreeAmp2 includes Guitsyn, a built-in guitar synth. There are several amps types, EQs and speakers to choose from.

New in FreeAmp2

  • Complete new GUI by Rick Christy
  • Added Flanger
  • Added Guitsyn, a built-in guitar synth
  • Reduced CPU uses by another 30% compared to FreeAmpSE v1.5 for all amps, speakers, eq’s and overdrives
  • Tweaked overall tone

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download FreeAmp2.


SKnote releases Grainz v0.4.0

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SKnote Grainz v0.4.0 has updated Grainz, a granular synth VSTi, to version 0.4.0.

Features in v0.4.0

  • 1 physical modeled “string” oscillator (plucked, bowed, manually bowed). Plucking/bowing position, pickup position, stiffness, damp
  • 2 granular oscillators. Loads wav mono files and “granulizes” them. From sample playing to complete destruction. Position, grain width, grain fade out, single_shot/loop, position lfo
  • Multi-stage drag-able envelopes for amplitude, grain position, filter frequency
  • Granular -> physical modeled oscillators interaction. From resonance to weird effects
  • Multimode resonant filters with resonance and “action” control
  • “Spread” effects
  • Pre-post-filter delay lines with feedback. Separate send for each oscillator
  • Arpeggiator with chord detection
  • Control matrix
  • Graphical user interface by Rick Christy of Designer Monkey


Make sure to follow the instructions on the download page. You will need to download waveforms and support files

Visit for more information and a link to download the latest version of Grainz.