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Detunized releases Electromagnetic ReFill – Sounds from inside computers

Detunized Electromagnetic

Detunized has announced the release of Electromagnetic, a collection of ReFill Combinators and instrument patches that source their sounds from various computers upon booting, reading from CD-ROM, accessing WiFi, formatting hard disks or floppies.

All these often unwanted and disturbing noises where captured with several contact microphones and induction coils that revealed a deep look into the streams of electrons and bits. Once pulled to daylight it shows that these serenades of hums and crosstalks have far more potential than just producing a wall of buzz. So a good amount of the sourced noises is even capable of forming tunable sounds, rhythmic structures and sophisticated beat patterns.

Including 70 Combinators that are built up of 198 subpatches with access to more than 150 samples Electromagnetic addresses to sound designers and composers likewise.

Electromagnetic features

  • 70 Combinator Patches with multiple mapped controls and switches.
  • 2 Kong Kits.
  • 32 Kong Modules.
  • 158 NN-19 Patches.
  • 6 NNXT Patches.
  • 158 Samples (24 Bit, 44.1 kHz).
  • 230 MB overall content (extracted).

Electromagnetic ReFill is available as a download from the Propellerhead Shop for 29 EUR.

More information: Detunized / Electromagnetic

Detunized releases Binaries, Phase Facets & fTable + Digitals Bundle Universal

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Detunized has released three new Universal libraries.

Detunized Binaries, Phase Facets & fTable

Binaries is a collection of FM sounds taken from a Soundblaster ISA card.

Each Binaries patch is made of several velocity layers that reproduce the authentic sound of an 4 Operator OPL3 FM chip and brings you an unique mixture of pristine FM clarity and dusty Digital to Analog conversion.

Phase Facets is based on the Interactive Phase Distortion principle.

IPD synthesis was meant as an effort to simplify sound programming compared to classic FM and it is capable of producing bright and lively tunes with sharp attacks and digital precision. Phase Facets Universal delivers 31 multi-format patches that trigger “filter-less” and “non-substractive” sounds with rich harmonic content and agile brightness.

fTable features an enormous collection of synthesized waveforms that were created on a Hohner HS1E sampler!

All sets of waveforms use the additive and hand drawing capabilities of this unit. The samples are recorded through the samplers proprietary 16 Bit DAC that is a little harsh but also gives unique colorization to the sounds.

Each library supports samples and players that read these formats: SFZ (Ploque Sforzando, Cakewalk SFZ player, Directwave and many more) NKI (NI Kontakt) SXT (Reason Sampler) EXS (Logic Sampler) FXP (Halion Sampler).

The libraries are available for purchase for 9 EUR each.

The packs are also included in the new Digitals Universal Bundle.

Digitals Universal Bundle

Digitals Bundle delivers some of the most famous digital synths from the past decades.

Select your sound from 244 included presets that are built around a 4 Gig sample pool with more than 6000 samples.

Enjoy the lively sound of a TX81z, a TG77, a WSA-1, an OPL-3 FM chip, the Prophecy or both of the famous Hohner sampler/synth devices.

The bundle is available for purchase for 49 EUR.

More information: Detunized

Detunized releases 6op KeyPads Live Pack

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Detunized 6op KeyPads Live Pack

Detunized has announced the release of 6op KeyPads Live Pack, the first title in a new line of libraries that derive their sounds from 6-Operator FM synthesis. The hardware used for this is the versatile Yamaha TG77 from 1989.

KeyPads Live Pack is the first installment of this new series and puts focus on Keys and Pad sounds.

Containing 40+ Live Rack instruments this pack is made for the keyboardist who just wants to stack layers and for the sound designer likewise. The Racks have a consistent Macro layout so that each sound can be easily tweaked from Keyboard to Pad and back.

Especially the ModSpeed and AudioTranspose Macros – also in conjunction with the Color Macro – reveal unexpected modulation possibilities. With this potential it is easy to create interesting variations of the preset sound.

KeyPads Universal contains 44 different patches in 5 multi-purpose formats that load into Kontakt, Reason, Logic, Dimension, Halion, Directwave and a lot more software samplers. This guarantees for easy handling of your sounds. Included formats: SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP

The 6op KeyPads Live Pack and Universal packs are available to purchase for 9 EUR each.

More information: Detunized

Detunized releases The Day Time Traffic Piano & 4 Pianos Bundle Universal

Detunized The Day Time Traffic Piano

Detunized has announced the release of The Day Time Traffic Piano, a new sample library featuring the sounds of an upright piano at open windows.

Day Time Traffic Piano is an unusual interpretation of a virtual piano library. A well preserved Hoffmann & Kühne upright piano in a Berlin city apartment delivered the material for this library.

The recording session took place on an ordinary Wednesday during the afternoon. The windows above the heavily travelled main road were kept open intentionally so that a proper portion of these noises could be captured on the recordings.

The result is an outstanding piano instrument thats invites to write classic dream ballads or contemporary improvisations.

The sample library is available in universal formats, including SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, and FXP patches. It costs 9 EUR.

Detunized 4 Pianos Bundle

Detunized has also launched 4 Pianos Bundle Universal, comprising collection of non-standard, hard-mangled and abnormal recorded pianos.

Included are the legendary Rolfing Vol.1 & 2 – prepared piano sounds captured from a totally rotten piano without keys.

Then there´s the Day Time Traffic Piano, – recorded at open windows at a major street during Berlin rush hour.

And another Upright Piano found in a little jazz & blues club right beside a car repair shop.

The bundle is available to purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: Detunized

Detunized releases Cobweb Library (Live Pack & Universal WAV)

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Detunized Cobweb

Detunized has announced Cobweb, a Live Pack & Universal WAV library featuring manipulated speech samples.

Each single sample of the library passed through a sophisticated processing chain in order to remove the original informations of the words.

What´s left after processing is the sound that is hidden between the lines. It´s an interesting collection of distinctive noises and syllables that don´t deny their origin of the human beeing´s speech but are also abstract enough to work as source material for odd soundscapes.

Cobweb Live Pack contains 45 carefully crafted Instrument Racks that work as perfect starting points for further explorations in sound. Cobweb Universal contains a selection of 47 processed speech samples with embedded loop points.

Cobweb is available to purchase as a download, priced at 9 EUR.

More information: Detunized

Detunized launches Christmas Discounts – 33% off

Detunized Sale

Detunized has announced a Christmas Sale, offering a 33% discount on its libraries.

Detunized says Thank You with generous Christmas Discounts

Until the end of the year Detunized offers a 33% discount on it´s sound libraries.

Each single Live Pack, ReFill or Universal Format library is currently available for only 6.00 Euro instead of 9.00 Euro regular price.

The sale ends December 31st, 2013. Discount applies on checkout.

More information: Detunized

Detunized releases Around Bridges sample library

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Detunized Around Bridges

Detunized has launched href=”″ title=”Around Bridges for Live”>Around Bridges, a sample library in Ableton Live and Universal (Wav) formats.

Around Bridges features the inner sounds of bridges. The steel components of a bridge transmit vibrations caused by passing cars or pedestrians in a fascinating manner.

Around Bridges contains the sounds of excited beam barriers, noise barriers, expansion gaps and a lot more steel components that bridges are made of. Also included are takes of footsteps, rain and wind – ordinary noises that get a certain magic when recorded on a handrail.

To round up this library several high quality AB-stereo ambiences of the acoustical surroundings of bridges are included.

Around Bridges features

  • Live Pack contains 70 takes that are accessible as Instrument Racks, as Clips or directly from a well structured Live Set.
  • Universal WAV library contains 70 takes with loop points that are organised into 10 categories: Ambience Below / Ambience Top / Beam Barriers / Expansion Gaps / Footsteps Handrails / Noise Barriers / Rain / Steel Structures / Wind.

The sample library is available to purchase for 9 EUR.

More information: Detunized

Detunized releases 4 Pianos Live Pack Bundle

Detunized 4 Pianos Live Pack Bundle

Detunized has launched the 4 Pianos Live Pack Bundle, an interesting collection of non-standard, hard-mangled and abnormal recorded pianos.

Included are the legendary Rolfing Laid Back (Volume 1 & 2), a collection of prepared piano sounds captured from a rotten piano that once was pulled out of an abandoned backyard building.

Also included is the Day Time Traffic Piano which is an upright that was recorded in an apartment at a major street in Berlin during rush hour. The windows of the apartment were kept open so that a proper portion of traffic noise made its way into these sounds.

At least there is another Upright Piano that is hosted in a little club right beside a car repair shop. This Piano has undergone numerous Jazz & Blues sessions throughout the decades.

4 Pianos Live Pack features

  • Ableton Live Pack for Live 8/9 (PC and Mac).
  • 27 instruments.
  • 782 samples.
  • 1.6 GB total content.

The bundle is available to purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: Detunized / 4 Pianos Live Pack Bundle