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KVR Audio Developer Challenge voting stage begins—Tons of freebies available now

KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2012

KVR Audio’s Developer Challenge 2012 has entered the voting stage, with all competing entries now available to download.

The deadline for entries has passed and we are now in the release stage. Below you’ll find the 55 entries for KVR DC12 – the best turnout yet! 49 run on Windows, 7 on Mac OS X and 6 are Soundware for other products. Thank you and congratulations to all developers for getting your entries in. Let the downloading and voting commence!

Please take your time to download and try as many entries as possible before voting. You can of course use whatever criteria you like to make your voting decisions.

KVR Audio members can vote for their top 5 entries until December 5th, 2012. The winners will be announced December 7th, 2012.

More information: KVR Audio / Developer Challenge 2012


Acrobatics releases Forbice + Minisynth series announced

Acrobatics has announced the release of Forbice, a free auto-filter effect plugin for Windows.

Acrobatics Forbice
Acrobatics Forbice autofilter effect plugin.

A stereo filtering module providing maximum tools for audio cutting and mangling, whether they are drumloops, voice or instrument recordings or audio samples.

The full-stereo and flexible architecture allows complex configurations of parameters and true musical interaction of envelope and filters with user audio input contents.

Two channels -12/-24/-36/-48 dB LowPass filter is driven dynamically through a fast AHR envelope, keytracked and modulated by a synchronized/free running full-featured LFO.

Also available are high-pass resonant filtering, bitcrushing and distortion stages. The effect unit features full VST & MIDI control and a flexible routing of signal with additional balance, mix and dynamics fine-tune processing.

Forbice for Windows is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.

Acrobatics has also announced the Minisynth series, a collection of three instruments plug-ins developed for KVR Audio’s Developer Challenge 2012.

The Minisynth series collection consist of three of VSTPlugIn instruments: FRET, GRIT and PEAK. We simplified controls and packed implementations to the highest grade, to push-up users creativity first and give a pleasent look to the eye, These virtual synth are coloured, smart and aggressive, and offers easy, creative sounds at your fingertip!

More information: Acrobatics


KVR Audio launches Developer Challenge 2012

KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2012

KVR Audio has announced the Developer Challenge 2012, the fourth free-for-all audio plug-in / audio application / soundware design event.

The “KVR Developer Challenge” is for anyone who develops Audio Plug-ins or Applications and, new for this year, Soundware. The challenge is to create and release a brand new free audio plug-in, application or sound library / pack / set that will benefit the community at large. Creativity is key, it can be as simple or as complex as you want.

KVR members will vote on the entries and pick the eventual winner using whatever criteria they choose to.

The prize fund is from donations – the last Challenge in 2009 achieved a prize fund of almost $2000! Can we beat it this year?

Anyone can make a donation via PayPal and the prize fund will be distributed to the eventual winners with the main chunk going to the highest rated Windows and Mac OS X software (for details of the prize breakdown please see the DC 12 page).

Prizes for Entering, Donating and/or Voting

Additional prizes are also being donated by plug-in and soundware developers / companies. These will be awarded to various entrants, donaters and voters when the DC is over by means of a random draw. So simply by donating or voting (when voting begins in November) will give you a chance to win something!

For the launch we have additional prizes from Cableguys, Resonance Sound, Subsonic Labs and u-he with more to come.

More information: KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2012


Psychic Modulation updates Aethereal to v1.2

Psychic Modulation Aethereal

Psychic Modulation has released version 1.2 of Aethereal, an ambient vector synth for creating evolving atmospheres and textures.

Aethereal has been updated to v1.2 with improved sound, lower cpu usage, and some extra features that make it better than ever. Also to replace the demo version is a fully-functional freeware version with a few limitations.

Changes in Aethereal v1.2

  • Overall sound improvements.
  • Added pitch drifting controls to each wave oscillator.
  • Improved delay section w/ feedback damping.
  • Updated filter section w/ keytracking.
  • GUI improvements.
  • Various minor bugfixes & improvements.

Aethereal is available to purchase as a VST instrument for Windows PC, priced at $39 USD.

Psychic Modulation Metatron

Psychic Modulation has also recently released Metatron.

Metatron designed specifically for the KVR Developer Challenge 2009, is a 2 oscillator analogue synthesizer with an arpeggiator that works alongside a gated modulation sequencer for creating unique rythmic patterns and sounds. The oscillator section uses waveforms that double up to create a phasing effect similar to pulse width, but for each waveform. This along with a powefull unison detune section and ring modulator give Metatron a rich, fat sound. With the addition of versatile graphical envelopes, LFO’s and other modulation options, Metatron becomes an instrument that can create complex sounds, but at the same time keeps it simple without trying to do everything, making it a perfect ‘go to’ synth for one-finger basslines, rhythmic techno leads, spacey gated pads and other creative arpeggiated sequences.

Metatron is available to download as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

More information: Psychic Modulation / Aethereal / Metatron


Matthew Lindsay NCL Phase EQ

Matthew Lindsay NCL Phase EQ

Matthew Lindsay NCL Phase EQ is a freeware equalizer effect plug-in for Windows.

NCL Phase EQ is a high quality six band stereo equalizer which allows simultaneous left/right and mid/side processing. It is also more than capable functioning in a more traditional EQing role.

Phase EQ has been designed to be both powerful and flexible yet easy to use. Controls and parameters have been set up to steer users in the right direction without being restrictive in function.

To ensure a high quality signal with a low signal to noise ratio 64 bit precision is used internally on the entire audio path. Optional oversampling is available for increased audio fidelity.

NCL Phase EQ features

  • 6 EQ bands.
  • 64 bit internal precision though out entire signal path.
  • Optional oversampling.
  • Simultaneous Left/Right and Mid/Side processing.
  • Optimized CPU usage.

NCL Phase EQ was developed for the KVR Developer Challenge 2009. It is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC (1.67 MB).

NCL Phase EQ Downloads: 8879 times

Matthew’s NCL EQ plug-ins is available to download here.


The Lower Rhythm updates Explor3r to v1.1

The Lower Rhythm Explor3r

The Lower Rhythm has released version 1.1 of Explor3r, a free monosynth plug-in for Windows.

Designed specifically for’s 2009 Developer’s Challenge, Explor3r is a three oscillator monosynth with channel-dedicated amplitude envelopes, lowpass filters and LFOs, all glued together with a matrix that allows both phase modulation and sync inputs on each oscillator to be fed by the output of any other oscillator (including itself). With the addition of global texturizing (tube saturation and noise w/high cut) and delay, Explor3r can create anything from fat, complex leads to droning sound effects and terrible, screeching chaos.

Version 1.1 fixes a bug in the LFO rate and adds three new presets.

Explor3r features

  • 3 oscillators with dedicated envelopes.
  • Tuning.
  • Filters and LFOs.
  • 3×3 modulation and sync matrix.
  • Tube output & noise mix for texture.
  • Global delay.

Explor3r is available to download as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

More information: The Lower Rhythm


KVR Audio announces Developer Challenge 2009 Winners

KVR Audio has announced the winners of the Developer Challenge 2009, KVR’s third free-for-all audio plug-in / audio application design event.

With over twice as many points as the second placed entry, FerricTDS by bootsie, a Windows VST effect Tape Dynamics Simulator plug-in, is the clear favourite in this year’s Challenge. Bootsie wins 30% of the prize fund as the top Windows entry!

Bootsy FerricTDS
KVR DC 2009 Winner: FerricTDS by H.L. Goldberg

Second place goes to HybridReverb2 by Christian Borß, a convolution-based reverberation VST effect plug-in for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Third place is for FMMF by de la Mancha, a 4 operator FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

Developer Challenge 2009 Top 10

  1. FerricTDS by bootsie
  2. HybridReverb2 by c.borss
  3. FMMF by de la Mancha
  4. Twin Engined Verb by daz.diamond
  5. massTURBOtar by LpD
  6. Antopya by L-Day
  7. Phase Shifter by Astralp
  8. SpectroBits by g200kg
  9. PanCake by Jakob / CableGuys
  10. EQUINOX by IIRs

More information: KVR Audio / Developer Challenge 2009