Leftover Lasagne updates PushTec to v1.1

Leftover Lasagne has updated PushTec to version 1.1. PushTec is a free 6-band midrange & program EQ VST effect plug-in, originally released in the KVR Developers Challenge of 2006. Updated in v1.1 new ‘state-save’ implementation … read more

mdsp @ Smartelectronix Fire plug-in

Fire is an effect plug-in recently created by mdsp (Smartelectronix) for the KRV Developer Challenge. I hadn’t mentioned this plug-in before, but it does some pretty cool stuff so check it out. Fire is a … read more

Tweakbench plug-ins updated

Tweakbench has updated all 22 of it’s plug-ins. Also, Ritual 1.0 (the Bass synth plug-in that featured in the KVR DC) was added to the Tweakbench website, which also got a brand new design. So … read more

KVR DC: Tweakbench Ritual

Tweakbench‘s contribution to the KVR Developer Challenge is Ritual, a Bass Synthesizer VSTi. Though Ritual is the first new VST from Tweakbench in over a year, you will probably recognize the GUI if you’ve ever … read more

KVR DC: URS Triple Cheese

Urs Heckmann’s entry for the KVR Developer Challenge is Triple Cheese, a VSTi which he describes as a “luscious cheesy comb synthesizer”. Triple Cheese mainly uses various forms of comb filters (chromatically tuned delays) to … read more

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KVR DC: Leftover Lasagne PUSHTEC 5+1A

Leftover Lasagne (Lucia & Leonardo) bring a sweet plug-in to the KVR Developer Challenge: PUSHTEC 5+1A, a 6-band midrange & program EQ. At first the GUI might look a bit confusing, but fortunately it comes … read more

KVR DC: Psychic Modulation Cubix v1.0.1

Psychic Modulation has released Cubix v1.0.1, a drumsynth/sampleplayer with an onboard arpeggiated bassline synth officially designed for the KVR Developer Challenge. Cubix has 4 drum sections (Kick, Snare, Hihat and Perc, but they can be … read more

KVR DC: Bram Bos Lunchbox Battles

Bram Bos‘ Lunchbox Battles is a standalone drumcomputer created for live jamming on any PC and according to the startup screen it’s “the best waste of time since Minesweeper”. Right! This is one addictive little … read more

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KVR DC: Kevin Ferguson Pondular

Pondular, Kevin Ferguson‘s entry for the KVR Developer Challenge looks quite unconventional. Kevin explains: The grid on the screen is your “pond.” Playing notes or clicking creates ripples in the pond. The friction and viscosity … read more

KVR Developer Challenge: Tons of free goodies!

The first KVR Developer Challenge has ended (or at least for the developers), resulting in a massive amount of freeware plug-in goodness. A stunning total of 32 plug-ins were entered into the contest including entries … read more