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Digidesign updates Pro Tools to v8.0.1

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Digidesign Pro Tools

Digisdesign has released version 8.0.1 of Pro Tools, a sound creation and production system for Windows and Mac.

In our ongoing effort to provide you with the best experience possible, Avid has released Pro Tools 8.0.1, a free software update that provides many fixes, enhancements, and improvements, and is recommended for all Pro Tools 8 users.

Experience faster, more streamlined performance thanks to the software’s snappier interface. View and work with audio selections more easily through improved selection drawing. And gain more efficiency and stability through enhanced workflows, fixes, and other improvements.

Pro Tools 8.0.1 Software Update details here.

The Pro Tools 8.0.1 software update is available free to all registered Pro Tools HD 8, Pro Tools LE 8, and Pro Tools M-Powered 8 users. Note: the Mac OS X version of Pro Tools 8.0.1 works with Leopard only at this time.

More information: Digidesign

IK Multimedia releases ARC System TDM

IK Multimedia has announced the release of ARC System TDM, an advanced room correction system for Pro Tools|HD Accel.

IK Multimedia ARC System TDM

The ARC System is the first (and only) acoustic room correction plug-in, and delivers the most advanced solution to acoustical problems for any Digidesign® Pro Tools® TDM-based studio. Combining a professional calibrated measurement microphone, standalone software that captures sound information and calculates proper room correction, and a multi-platform plug-in, this technology will improve how your studio sounds forever.

ARC features the revolutionary Audyssey MultEQ® technology, which measures acoustical information throughout the listening area in your studio. It then combines this information to provide an accurate representation of the room’s acoustical problems. The equalization solution then corrects for both time and frequency response problems more effectively and efficiently than any other room correction EQ on the market. The result is a clear and reliable representation of your mix. Regardless of the acoustical issues in your studio, what you are recording, mixing or mastering becomes immediately clear and reliable and your studio sound will improve forever.

ARC System TDM is available for purchase for an MSRP of $999 USD / 769.99 EUR (also comes with native plug-in versions, including RTAS, VST and AU formats). Crossgrades and upgrades are available as well.

More information: IK Multimedia

Digidesign announces MassivePack 8

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Digidesign MassivePack 8

Digidesign has announced MassivePack 8, a limited time bundle offer for Pro Tools|HD plug-ins.

Get the sounds you’re after and save thousands of dollars on a valuable collection of some of the most loved and most used professional plug-ins for mixing and sound processing.

Designed exclusively for Pro Tools|HD®, the new MassivePack™ 8 features a revered set of plug-ins used by leading studios and pros to create mixes for albums, TV, and film. The bundle includes 11 of the top Pro Tools® Development Partners™ plug-ins, plus your choice of 12 more from Digidesign®, at extraordinary savings of up to $11,105 off retail (when purchased separately).

Need more processing power? MassivePack Pro™ 8 provides even greater value, offering a performance-boosting PCIe HD Accel card (worth $4,995 just on its own!) and the same set of MassivePack 8 plug-ins at savings of up to $13,900 off retail (when purchased separately).

MassivePack 8 and MassivePack Pro 8 are available for a limited time through Pro Tools|HD dealers worldwide for $1,295 and $3,495, respectively.

More information: Digidesign

The Electronic Garden launches with Degenerator and ARP Collection

The Electronic Garden has launched with two sample libraries: Degenerator and ARP Collection.

The Electronic Garden kick off our new site with a pair of super-affordable sample packages featuring some of the coolest instruments in our studio. Whether you are a vintage synth fan or an experimental musician, one of these is bound to inspire you.

The Electronic Garden Degenerator

Degenerator is a collection of chaotic, contorted loops fashioned from battered rhythm boxes and quirky contraptions.

Degenerator features

  • Over 200 loops in .aif format, ranging from 100 BPM to 130 BPM.
  • Palpitating percussion and bizarre beats specially designed for the adventurous experimenter.
  • Instruments used in the creation of Degenerator include: Roland CR-78, Korg Minipops, Wersimatic WM-1, TEG modular synth, Symbolic Sound Corporation Kyma, Moog Minimoog, EMS VCS3, PPG Wave 2.2, Digidesign Turbosynth, U&I Metasynth.
  • Royalty-free samples.

Degenerator is available for purchase for $15 USD.

The Electronic Garden ARP Collection

ARP Collection features the sounds of various vintage ARP instruments.

I have sampled my entire ARP Collection and rolled the results into patches for Native Instruments’ Kontakt and Reason 4′s NN-XT samplers.

ARP Collection features

  • Over 700 samples, meticulously looped and patched into 128 patches.
  • ARP instruments sampled: ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, ARP Omni II, ARP Model 1601 Sequencer.
  • Includes basses, leads, special effects, pads, and percussion, all bursting with that classic analog sound.
  • Includes edited and looped raw waveforms.
  • Available in Kontakt 3, Reason 4 NN-XT and Combinator, and sfz formats.

The ARP Collection is available for purchase for $25 USD.

Some free samples from both libraries are available for download from the freebies page.

Visit The Electronic Garden for more information.

Avid introduces Digidesign VENUE SC48

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Avid Digidesign VENUE SC48

Avid has introduced the Digidesign VENUE SC48, a fully-integrated audio and processing live sound solution developed for small to mid-sized houses of worship, clubs, and corporate A/V companies, as well as touring customers.

As a cost-effective and compact system, this solution delivers exceptional sound quality and compatibility with industry standard professional audio and video systems. VENUE SC48 also combines I/O, digital signal processing and tactile control and offers built-in support for a number of professional audio plug-ins that provide customers with more creative mixing options.

Building upon the industry-leading VENUE family of professional live sound systems, the VENUE SC48 system delivers the same sound quality and clarity customers around the world have come to expect from VENUE, in a compact footprint designed to meet the needs of customers with smaller to mid-sized live sound applications.

VENUE SC48 features

  • Fully integrated console offers built-in I/O for stage and ancillary sources, DSP, and tactile control for ultimate portability.
  • Compact footprint fits small- to mid-size clubs, houses of worship, theaters, corporate events, and more.
  • First-rate VENUE sound quality provides amazing audio clarity in any room.
  • Supports professional audio plug-ins for creating studio-quality mixes live.
  • Pro Tools LE FireWire interface and software included for audio recording and playback system connection.
  • VENUE D-Show® software, the industry’s easiest, most comprehensive control software.
  • 48 analog mic/line XLR inputs, 16 analog line outputs (expandable to 32).
  • Single expansion slot for maximizing output count or adding A-Net® connectivity.
  • 16 Aux Sends, 8 Groups, plus 8 mono matrixes (linkable as up to 4 stereo matrixes).
  • Choice of Left-Right plus Mono or Left-Center-Right Mains bus configuration.
  • 26 touch-sensitive, motorized faders: 16 input, 8 output master, 1 Flex Channel, and 1 Mains.
  • 16 assignable, push-switch rotary encoders with multi-segment LED rings enable immediate access to key parameters.
  • Additional I/O, including talkback, analog and digital 2-track, GPI, MIDI, and Word Clock.

The VENUE SC48 console is available now.

Visit Digidesign for more information.

Brainworx releases bx_hybrid TDM

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Brainworx bx_hybrid 2.0

Brainworx has released the TDM version of bx_hybrid, a hi-resolution mono, multi-mono & stereo equalizer for Windows and Mac.

bx_hybrid is a revolutionary new 11-band EQ system that we have designed for mixing & mastering purposes. Its internal high-resolution filter algorithms and some unique and innovative features make this an “engineer´s weapon”. bx_hybrid is a set of 2 EQs, MONO and STERO versions of the same basic EQ concept (Mod 1.0 & Mod 2.0).

bx_hybrid TDM is available now for 380 EUR (ex. VAT). The native version (AU/VST/RTAS) costs 220 EUR (ex. VAT).

Visit Brainworx for more information.

Digidesign now shipping Pro Tools 8

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Digidesign Pro Tools 8

Digidesign is now shipping Pro Tools 8, the latest version of its audio creation and production software.

Pro Tools 8 features a gorgeous new interface, dozens of new plug-ins and virtual instruments, exciting new scoring and MIDI features, expanded editing and mixing capabilities, enhanced performance, and more. With Pro Tools 8, you get the most comprehensive music and sound creation features and functionality, and the proven, dedicated platform for world-class audio production, all in a single application.

For composers and musicians, Pro Tools 8 provides powerful functionality for streamlining the creative process, and delivers the most versatile sonic palette ever available out-of-the-box for Pro Tools.

New music creation features include:

  • Fully integrated MIDI and Score Editor windows for greatly enhanced MIDI editing functionality and professional score editing and printing
  • A sizable collection of music creation and sound-processing plug-ins, including: 20 all-new effects and five new virtual instruments—Mini Grand piano, Boom drum machine, DB-33 tonewheel organ, Vacuum tube-modeled synthesizer, and Xpand!2™ sample player
  • High-quality amplifiers simulation via Digidesign’s acclaimed new guitar amp emulator Eleven™ Free as well as Tech21 SansAmp® amplifier emulator
  • An 8 GB bundle of high-quality loops

For music and post production professionals, Pro Tools 8 offers:

  • Revolutionary Elastic Pitch, which makes it easy to transpose music in real time right in the Edit window
  • 10 inserts per channel
  • Enhanced controller integration with Digidesign and M-Audio® control surfaces
  • ICON integration enhancements that dramatically increase speed and efficiency
  • HD QuickTime support on Mac OS X for increased versatility

Visit Digidesign for more information and details on pricing.

Digidesign announces Pro Tools 8

Digidesign has announced Pro Tools 8, the latest version of the popular sound creation and production software.

Digidesign Pro Tools 8

From the announcement:

Meet the new Pro Tools® 8 — the most advanced audio creation and production software, featuring a gorgeous new interface; dozens of new plug-ins; five new virtual instruments; exciting new scoring, MIDI, editing, and mixing capabilities; deeper controller integration; improved ease of installation and use; and enhanced performance. With Pro Tools 8, you get the most comprehensive music and sound creation features and functionality, and the proven, dedicated platform for world-class audio production — all in a single application. Pro Tools 8 is coming soon for Pro Tools|HD®, Pro Tools LE®, and Pro Tools M-Powered™ systems, so get ready — you’ll never work with audio the same way again.

New in Pro Tools 8

  • Stunning New Look and Interactivity — Sporting a sleek new look, Pro Tools 8 is as easy on the eyes as it is to use.
  • A Well-Stocked Studio — Pro Tools 8 comes fully packed with a huge, comprehensive collection of music creation and sound processing plug-ins, giving you a well-stocked studio right out of the box.
  • More Tracks Than Ever — Got Pro Tools LE or Pro Tools M-Powered? Get ready to create even larger mixes than ever.
  • Score Your Music — The new Score Editor lets you view, edit, arrange, and print MIDI data as music notation.
  • Complete MIDI Production — If you use virtual instruments and MIDI, Pro Tools 8 features a comprehensive array of new MIDI tools.
  • Transpose with Elastic Pitch — As a complement to Pro Tools software’s powerful Elastic Time tempo and time manipulating tool, Pro Tools 8 introduces Elastic Pitch, which allows you to effortlessly manipulate or correct the pitch of any audio region in real time, right inside the Edit window.
  • Comp Tracks to Perfection — Creating flawless performances is easier than ever.
  • New Editing and Mixing Capabilities — Pro Tools 8 equips your system with even more editing and mixing capabilities.
  • Expanded Pro Tools|HD Features — Pro Tools HD 8 extends the extensive capabilities of Digidesign’s Pro Tools|HD audio hardware with the new Satellite Link option, which allows you to control up to five Pro Tools|HD systems as one.
  • More Great New Features — Pro Tools 8 is chock full of many other amazing new features that’ll help you become more efficient, inspire your creativity, and provide more flexibility for your workflow needs. Here’s what you can experience when Pro Tools 8 hits the streets:
    • Check for Updates feature keeps Pro Tools and your plug-ins up to date.
    • Windows Vista (32-bit Business or Ultimate) support on Pro Tools|HD.
    • QuickTime HD support on Mac OS X-based systems.
    • Enhanced session open and close times on Pro Tools|HD.
    • Supports files up to 4 GB in size, letting you work with longer files with higher sample rates.

Visit Digidesign for more information and videos.