Digital Redux sample libraries – Buy 1 Get 1 Free from Time+Space

Time+Space Digital Redux Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Time+Space has announced a time-limited Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion for Digital Redux sample libraries.

Founded in 2007, Digital Redux is a collective of New York City based recording artists, producers and engineers who are collaborating to develop high quality genre and theme based sample libraries.

The A Class Series is a great value collection of twenty sample DVDs spanning a whole spectrum of genres from Dubstep and Tech House, Drum n Bass to Ambient and Minimal to Hip Hop with some plastic toy instruments and cinematic dialogue thrown in for good measure!

Digital Redux collections cost just £20 / €26 each and throughout July when you buy any DVD title you can choose another one absolutely free!

Simply purchase your title as normal through, then, simply enter the name of your chosen free title in the comments box as you go through the checkout process and your items will be shipped together.

More information: Digital Redux @ Time+Space


Time+Space announces 5 new titles in Digital Redux A Class Series

Digital Redux

Time+Space has announced 5 new titles in the A Class Series of sample libraries by Digital Redux.

New ‘A Class Series’ titles

  • A Class Series: Dubstep Plates 2

    DUBSTEP PLATES 2 was created for the serious Dubstep producer who is looking for a tougher and heavier sound. This sample pack exhibits a collection of fresh sample material presented in the form of 20 construction tracks and an additional folder of nasty wobble bass loops.

    Each construction track showcases many styles while at the same time sticking to its guns as music intended for the club. These construction tracks are stripped down to a bare bone groove and are presented with every element available for use. All sounds are arranged in multiple formats for easy integration into your productions.

    This library is over 3.5 GB in size and contains 865+ Audio Samples and 225+ REX2 Loops.

  • A Class Series: Stakka’s DnB Plates

    STAKKA´S D&B PLATES was created by the acclaimed Drum & Bass producer and DJ Stakka. Stakka has been a producer for 20 years, starting his career in the early 90´s by producing and releasing Hardcore and UK Rave music on white label.

    This multi-format sample pack takes you through some of the samples from his vault alongside a huge amount of fresh material, including 293 new break loops, 150 top end percussion loops, 100 bass samples and 10 slamming construction tracks. Each of the construction tracks are stripped down to a bare bone groove and with every element available for use.

    4GB+ with 718 MB of original material including 730+ Audio Samples and 540+ REX2 Loops.

  • A Class Series: Tech House Journeys

    Tech House, in its many forms, is currently one of the hottest sub-genres of the underground dance music movement. It is a scene that is driven by some of the most pioneering electronic music producers

    This library presents a palette of stylistically diverse construction tracks. Each construction track is broken down into its individual elements with solid drum loops, snappy drum kits, dirty and funky bass lines, cool and dubby synth riffs, and ear candy FX samples.

    Multi-format. Over 4 GB in size, with 755 MB of original material including 360+ Audio Samples and 320+ REX2 Loops.

  • A Class Series: Plastic Toy Instruments

    The creator of this library has collected musical toys and instruments of the past 40 years and has searched out and found some of the coolest sounding children’s instruments. This collection exhibits some of the most rare, unusual, and unique sounding keyboards and toys ever made.

    Among some of the instruments recorded are xylophones, glockenspiels, music boxes, musical toys, a variety of very cool, cheap, plastic keyboards, pianos, drum and percussion, and many more.

    Multi-format. Over 4.41 GB in size with 2630+ Audio Samples.

  • A Class Series: Cinematic Dialogue

    Cinematic Dialogue is a 4.6 GB sample library of spoken word samples intended to add a cinematic dimension and ambience to your productions and recordings.

    The library contains dialog from vintage movies, documentaries, historic speeches, and NASA’s archives. The dialogue is arranged into categories such as sci-fi, drama, and horror movies, computers and technology, and NASA archives.

    This library is a very useful tool for producers of any genre. All of the dialogue samples in this pack are taken from the public domain and therefore are free of copyright or the copyright has expired.

The A Class Series sample libraries are available to purchase for £19.57 GBP / €25.45 EUR / $39.10 USD each.

More information: Digital Redux @ Time+Space


de la Mancha releases ballistic

de la Mancha has announced the release of ballistic, a 15 slot drum sample player designed to get you making beats quickly without a million parameters to adjust.

de la Mancha ballistic
de la Mancha ballistic – the little brother to erratic2

Simple but effective, it boasts flexible midi triggers, sample audition, sample tuning, 4 choke groups, mute/solo options, sample reverse, sample normalisation, a lofi option and several kits of samples donated by many generous sample providers such as Loopmasters, Zero-G, Digital-Redux, Goldbaby, Soniccouture, Real Music Media, Ronnie @ Rekkerd, sink, polyslax and bedroom producers

Even better, all proceeds of sales of ballistic will be donated to Cancer Research UK, helping them in their aim of beating cancer.

ballistic features

  • Plays any 16, 24 or 32 bit stereo / mono WAV files from RAM for low CPU.
  • 15 sample slots, each triggered by user-definable midi note.
  • 4 choke groups, each slot can be assigned to a group and be cut by a group.
  • Each sample can be tuned in tenths of semitones.
  • Mute and solo for each sample.
  • Volume and panning per sample.
  • Sample reverse.
  • Sample slot normalisation.
  • Selectable mono/stereo.
  • Lo-fi option.
  • Sample audition button.
  • Multi-out capable, 15 stereo outputs for routing to individual mixer channels in your host.
  • 637 samples (76 MB) covering acoustic kits, vintage electronic, analogue synth, dubstep, hiphop, breakbeat, 8-bit, glitch, jazz and esoteric noises.
  • Samples donated by Loopmasters, Zero-G, Digital-Redux, Goldbaby, Soniccouture, Real Music Media, Ronnie @ Rekkerd, sink, polyslax and bedroom producers.
  • 21 presets covering various kits.
ballistic audio demo
selection of preset kits, no additional effects or processing – 2.5MB

Ballistic is available a VST instrument for Windows PC for $10 USD. All money received from sales of ballistic will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

More information: de la Mancha


Time+Space shipping 5 new A Class Series titles from Digital Redux

Digital Redux A Class Series

Time+Space has announced it is now shipping five new titles in the Digital Redux A Class Series libraries.

New titles in the A Class Series

  • Electro Bangerz — A multi-format sample library for the fans of the hard edge and dirtier Electro sound – a sound pioneered by artists from the underground scenes in New York and Paris. This library presents a palette of stylistically diverse and fresh construction tracks. Each track is broken down into its individual elements with banging loops, heavy and snappy drum kits, ripping bass lines, cool synth riffs, and ear candy FX samples.
  • Cosmic Glitch Pop — A beautifully unclassifiable sample library that explores the far corners of the glitch and the bit broken lo-fi universe. It features 25 masterfully crafted and often beautifully disturbing construction tracks. Each track is broken down into its individual elements with assorted loop flavors, processed buzzes and bass, trippy atmospheres, clicks, pops, crackles, and static rhythms. The pack also exhibits 50 bit crunched and degraded beat loops, 50 crunched and destroyed percussive loops, and 50 gated and rhythmic static loops.
  • Smack the Breaks Up — Over 400 beefy and smashed up break loops from NYC’s finest drummers. The loops have been painstakingly processed through a selection of compressors, distortion boxes, amps, pre-amps, EQ’s, assorted outboard equipment, and even some guitar pedals. The equipment has been both used and abused to in order to add a chemical grunge that is second to none. A useful tool for any producer in need of some phat, grungy, distorted, or down right nasty drum loops.
  • Abstract Percussionizm — Over 500 of the coolest rhythmic loops presented in multiple formats. The loops have been created from an array of home made percussion instruments such as Ball Bearing Shaker, Bolt Shaker, Bucket Bongo, Ceramic Hits, Chains, Claves, Glass Bell, Gromet Shaker, Iron Cowbell, Marble Rhythm, Marble Scraper, Metal Clack, Metal Pipes, Metal Tambourine, Metalwork Hits & Loops, Metavibe, Nut Shaker, Plastic Cowbell, Plastix Rhythm, Ratchet Loop, Rice Shaker, Sticks, Tambourine, Tap Rhythm, Toy Shaker, Wood Clap, Wooden Shaker, and more. The loops have been sorted by BPM from 80 to 140 BPM.
  • Planet Drum Machine — A monster collection of the last 40 years of electronic drum machines and contains 45,250 individual drum hits. The machines range from the classic models through to the vintage and more obscure. The processed versions are arranged in folders such as wet [with long and close reverb], bit degraded [with 4-5 crunched variations], glitch & distortion [with 3 variations] and slammed [with an extreme compression punch].

Each of the libraries is available now with an RRP of £19.57 GBP / 25.45 EUR.

Visit Time+Space for more information and audio demos.


Time+Space now shipping 5 new Digital Redux ‘A’ Class Series titles

Digital Redux 'A' Class Series

Time+Space has announced it is now shipping 5 new titles from the ‘A’ Class Series by Digital Redux.

New ‘A’ Class Series titles

  • Minimalizms, the ultimate sample library for the minimal electronic music producer. Fresh sample material covering all minimal styles from Techno, to Micro-House, to Glitch, to IDM and much more.
  • Dubstep Plates, a fresh sample library for producers of all styles of Dubstep. Covering the full circumference from the dark and moody, to dubby and the more upbeat pieces.
  • Phat City Beatz, a huge collection of over 500 of the hottest, professionally produced Hip Hop and RnB beats. Covering all styles, from beats for the club through to the deeper grooves.
  • Bass is Nasty, a one of a kind and huge collection of uniquely processed synthesizer bass samples. The sample library is an essential tool for producers that want to add some grit to grunge to the low end.
  • Guitar Legend, created for the professional producer needing a powerful guitar library at their fingertips.

These Digital Redux titles have an RRP of £20 GBP / 26 EUR each.

Visit Time+Space for more information.


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