Roland introduces V-Guitar Twin Pedals

Roland has announced the GR-D V-Guitar Distortion and GR-S V-Guitar Space pedals, two revolutionary new stompboxes designed for use with the GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster and other GK-compatible guitars with a 13-pin output. Roland’s GR-D and … read more

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iZotope intros Trash 2 distortion effect plugin

iZotope has introduced the upcoming Trash 2 distortion and audio mangling toolbox. Fully overhauled from Trash 1, Trash 2 adds a wealth of new features including twenty new distortion algorithms, fresh filter modules, fifty new … read more

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Ohm Force Ohmicide:Melohman multi-band distortion 25% off at Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on the Ohmicide:Melohman distortion effect plug-in by Ohm Force. Ohmicide:Melohman is just one of the best software distortions ever made. It’s common knowledge that “a great distorted sound … read more

FXpansion launches Maul multi-band distortion & tone-shaping effect

FXpansion has announced the release of its Maul multi-band distortion and tone-shaping plugin with advanced modulation. Maul is suited to all music requiring powerful sound-sculpting abilities – everything from subtle warming and loudness generation to … read more

Voxengo updated Marvel GEQ, Overtone GEQ, Voxengo Stereo Touch & Voxengo Tube Amp freeware plug-ins

Voxengo has announced updates for a number of its free effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac. These updated plug-ins are now available in native 64-bit AudioUnit and VST formats on Mac OS X. Note that … read more

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Inear Display Gorgon – Screaming Monstrosity plugin + intro offer

Inear Display has announced its Gorgon “Screaming Monstrosity” effect plugin for Windows and Mac. Gorgon is far from a standard distortion plugin : FM Ring Modulation, Metalizer Delay, Samplerate Reduction and Lowpass/Highpass Filters are all … read more

TSE808 free TubeScreamer effect plugin updated to v2.0

TSE Audio has announced the release of TSE808 version 2, an audio plug-in simulation of a TubeScreamer pedal, modeled/programmed in C++ by onQel (aka John Adrian Johansen). Leaving the 1.x versions behind, this new version … read more

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2CAudio launches B2 dual-engine spatial processor plug-in

2CAudio has released B2, a spatial processor effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. B2 is a modular dual-engine, non-linear spatial processor featuring built-in harmonic distortion and flexible dynamics. It is our most advanced plug-in to … read more

kiloHearts releases Faturator effect plugin

kiloHearts has released its Faturator effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. Grit, oomph, fatness, raw, color, or just that certain something. Sometimes your sounds need a shovel of dirt. Faturator is standing ready to tear … read more

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G-Sonique releases 7inch nails & Envelophase progressive guitar effects

G-Sonique has announced the release of 7inch nails and Envelophase, two guitar effect plug-in for Windows. 7inch nails is a special nu-metal / industrial guitar effect that you’ve never heard before. It can create special … read more

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EGP Audio releases Top Ron distortion unit for Windows

EGP Audio has announced the release of Top Ron, a general purpose distortion effect for adding grit and character to any kind of material. EGP’s Top Ron tube distortion effect plug-in for Windows. The dual-stage … read more

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LSR Audio launches Single Knob Series plugins

LSR Audio has released SK_Drive and SK_Bright, two new Single Knob Series effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac. Single Knob Series plugins Easy to use Low price ! LSR audio tube emulation algorithm If you … read more

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Lord Byron eccentric distorter plugin by The Lower Rhythm

The Lower Rhythm has announced the release of Lord Byron, a fuzzbox effect plug-in for Windows. Lord Byron is an extreme, yet utilitarian fuzzbox that favors blending the clean with the filthy. Capable of extreme … read more

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Ignite Amps updates TS-999 “SubScreamer” overdrive to v1.5

Ignite Amps has updated its TS-999 “SubScreamer” overdrive stompbox effect plug-in for Windows and Mac to version 1.5. TS-999 v1.5 features important DSP code updates, 64 bit support and a brand new GUI. Changes in … read more

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Distorque updates Face Bender to v1.1

Distorque has updated the Face Bender distortion effect for Windows to version 1.1. Distorque Face Bender – Fuzz Face & Tone Bender distortion unit This is an emulation of a Fuzz Face and a Tone … read more

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Tek’it Audio releases FX Bundle

Tek’it Audio has introduced the FX Bundle, a collection of all its effect plug-ins. Tek’it Audio release a new software bundle, the “FX Bundle” a special offer that include all the Tek’it Audio commercial effect … read more

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Mecha Audio releases Dirty Bits effect plug-in

Mecha Audio has announced Dirty Bits, a multi-fx effect plug-in for Windows. Introducing Dirty Bits, three audio damage effects in one. A Distortion Compressor, Vintage Bit Crusher and a Vinyl Damage Effect. Each device can … read more

FabFilter updates Saturn to v1.01 (incl. solo/mute options)

FabFilter has updated the Saturn multi-band distortion and saturation plug-in for Windows and Mac to version 1.01, introducing flexible per-band solo and mute options along with various minor bug fixes. Distortion and saturation play a … read more

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AudioTeknikk updates Equilibre equalizer plugin to v0.9

AudioTeknikk has updated its freeware Equilibre equalizer effect plug-in to version 0.9. Equilibre uses double precision and oversampling in the critical parts of the filter structure. This is a very good sounding equalizer with minimal … read more

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Fielding DSP Reviver support 64bit + now $29 USD

Fielding DSP has updated its Reviver alias-free harmonic distortion effect plug-in for Mac. It’s been a while since the last update of Reviver, our acclaimed harmonic distortion plugin – mostly because it just works. Today, … read more

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