DJ Tech Tools intros S4S Holiday Soundpack

S4S Holiday Soundpack

DJ Tech Tools has launched the S4S Holiday Soundpack, a free collection of samples from Soundpack 4 Soundpack.

This week in lieu of my normal Monday soundpack we have something very special to help you celebrate the Holiday season!

We joined forces with the rest of the Soundpack 4 Soundpack crew (Desmodus, Apoth & Vide) to bring you a special four bank (64+ Samples) Holiday themed soundpack. It’s full of rich sound, funny quotes and amazing playability for instant fun! Celebrate the Holidays this year with your friends at Soundpack 4 Soundpack.

Happy Holidays!
-Kyle Mohr & The Soundpack 4 Soundpack Crew (Alex Medvick, Desmodus, Apoth and Vide)

The pack is a free download.

More information: DJ Tech Tools


DJ TechTools releases Midi Fighter Spectra controller

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DJ TechTools has launched the Midi Fighter Spectra, a redesign of the classic MIDI Figther model.

DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter Spectra
You can customize your controller, choosing from a wide range of materials and finishes for the top surface, as well as the color of the triggers and silicone case.

The Midi Fighter Spectra is the latest controller by DJ TechTools.

Built on the familiar format of the now legendary Midi Fighter Classic, the Spectra features full-color ring lighting, six side mounted configurable function buttons, and TRAKTOR Remix Deck support, all in a highly portable package able to find space in any DJ booth.

The MIDI Fighter Spectra is available to purchase for $175 USD.

More information: DJ TechTools / Midi Fighter Spectra


DJ TechTools intros Midi Fighter 3D controller

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DJ TechTools has announced its new Midi Fighter 3D controller.

Today we’re very proud to usher in the newest DJTT creation: The Midi Fighter 3D controller. Equipped with 16 RGB arcade buttons and full three dimensional tracking of the controller’s movement in space, this latest addition to the Midi Fighter line is our most ambitious and expressive creation to date.

Midi Fighter 3D features

  • Fully customizable high performance RGB arcade buttons.
  • 4 banks of controls.
  • 6 side buttons.
  • Optional hand strap for full instrument control.
  • Full 3D motion tracking of five degrees of movement (Patent Pending).
  • Highly grippy rubberized feet and sleeve.
  • Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Compass for absolute orientation tracking.

The Midi Fighter 3D is shipping April, 2012, priced $249 USD.

More information: DJ TechTools / Midi Fighter 3D