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Cluster Sound releases Tribe Percussor

Cluster Sound Tribe Percussor

Cluster Sound has announced the release of Tribe Percussor, an ultra flexible loop-based tool based on real percussions and designed for Minimal, Tech and House music productions.

The library consists 715 Mb of punchy and fat construction loops, congas, djembe, metals, bongos, shakers, exotic low percussions and much more. Tribe Percussor contains 660 hi-definition WAV & REX but also 3300 Live Drum Racks & Devices and 330 Kontakt Instruments that drastically increase its sound potential and that allow to turn the real percussions into electro ones. The Kontakt Instruments use the KSP engine and thanks to their intuitive and useful user interfaces you can directly control the Multi-Filter, the ADSR and the Multi-Effect sections. The Live Drum Racks come with 5 special built-in racks (Grain Verb – Oil Tank – Verb Room – Rezo Synth – Moduloid) with dedicated FX and parameters. All these instruments are based on “slicing” technique so you can restructure the loops as much as you like or to play the single percussive shots simply by using one of the 280 included MIDI loops.

Tribe Percussor features

  • 715 MB content.
  • 330 WAV Loops, 330 REX Loops, 330 Kontakt KSP Instruments.
  • 1650 Live Drum Racks, 1650 Live Devices.
  • 280 MIDI Loops.
  • All the included material is 24bit native WAV format.
  • Recorded and processed with the best analog and DSP machines and meticulously edited in order to obtain extreme flexibility and longevity.

Tribe Percussor is available to purchase for 29.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Tribe Percussor

Wave Alchemy releases African Rhythms

Wave Alchemy African Rhythms

Wave Alchemy has announced the release of African Rhythms, a sample library offering exquisitely recorded authentic African percussion ensembles.

African Rhythms marks the 3rd release in Wave Alchemy’s new Micro pack series. Produced with authenticity in mind, African Rhythms captures the sound of Senegal, Africa with over 130 percussion loops and ensembles carefully recorded in 24-bit using a variety of rare microphones and sought after outboard equipment.

African Rhythms features an array of West African hand drums. The drums themselves have been passed down through many generations giving you a rare insight into authentic African culture and musicianship.
All loops have been recorded in tempo groups ranging 125, 127 and 130 beats per minute making them ideal for any genre of music or film score that requires an up-beat or authentic feel.

African Rhythms features

  • Featured drums include – Djembe, Bougarabou, Sabar, Kutiro and Kpanlogo
  • 132 24-bit 100% royalty free West African percussion loops
  • 24 Sabar loops
  • 59 full stereo percussion ensembles
  • 29 authentic African drum fills
  • 20 bonus shaker loops

African Rhythms is available to purchase for £8.99 GBP. A demo pack of samples is available to download from the product page.

More information: Wave Alchemy / African Rhythms

Bluezone releases Afro Tribal Drum Loops and Xbase Drums

Bluezone has released two new sample libraries: Afro Tribal Drum Loops and Xbase Drums.

Bluezone Afro Tribal Drum Loops

Afro Tribal Drum Loops is a collection of 150 samples in Wav and AIFF format (300 samples total).

Brand new from Bluezone: a down and dirty rhythm injection of rich, warm, organic African and ethnic tribal percussion loops aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

Afro Tribal Drum Loops features

  • 96 4-bar percussive loops (two bars plus two bars variant).
  • These loops are broken into pre-mixed loops (containing a mix of hats, vox shouts, minimal electrix, and multiple percussive elements) and stripped ‘just percussion’ loops, featuring a range of bongos, congas, djembe, darbuka and more.
  • 50+ one-shot percussive sounds for buliding your own beats.
  • All loops are presented as Wavs and AIFFs, and are all tempo-labeled at 136bpm.

Afro Tribal Drum Loops is available to purchase for 16.95 EUR.

Bluezone Xbase Drums

Xbase Drums features one-shot samples from the JoMoX XBase 999.

Treat your drum library to 279 pristine samples from the classic analogue beat-beast, the Jomox Xbase 999.

Designed with the beatmaker in mind, these one-shots – perfectly captured using high-end circuitry to preserve their classic analogue warmth – will find fans among producers of techno, minimal, tech-house, electro, deep house, prog house, breaks and more.

Xbase Drums features

  • 279 one-shot Wavs.
  • Folders include: Kick, snare, rimshot, ride, hat (open and closed), perc, clap, glitch and misc – with everything from deep, biting kicks to tight snares and raucous electro squeals included.
  • Most sounds offer variants as well, to make subtle programming a breeze.

Xbase Drums is available to purchase for 10.95 EUR.

More information: Bluezone Corporation @ Sounds To Sample

Cinesamples releases Djembe – AAH Fundraiser

Cinesamples has announced the release of Djembe, a sample library for Kontakt.

We are trying to raise some money for a very worthy cause: Action Against Hunger AAH is one of the highest rated and effective charities – offering support to those in distress in over 40 countries.

If you wish to donate (any amount is accepted) please head over to our firstgiving page at After donating you will be sent links to this wonderful djembe as a way of saying thanks! Suggested donation is $10, our fund raising goal is $5000. Donation amounts will not be posted, name and comment is optional.

Cinesamples Djembe
Cinesamples Djembe

The djembe (279.9 MB: 207.4 MB Zipped) was recorded with multiple microphone positions (Close, Room) and multiple velocity layers at RRx8. The interface is highly customizable allowing the user to control articulation mapping and volume, and a set of easy to use presets.

Djembe features

  • Automatic left/right hand alternation (depending on what you play; it’s more complicated than strict alternation)
  • Dynamic mapping with mapping presets.
  • Mixing close/room mic balance, room size adjustment.
  • Ability to change the volume of individual articulations.
  • Sample audition, so you can hear the drum playing as you adjust it. No more having to go back and forth from your mouse to the MIDI keyboard!
  • Automatically fills empty keys with the nearest samples. Great for setting it up so several keys trigger the same sample–making it really easy to perform on a MIDI keyboard.
  • Scripted round-robin.
  • Programmed for Kontakt, by Greg Schlaepfer.

More information: Cinesamples / Firstgiving

bioLogic releases free Djembe samples


bioLogic has released a free set of Djembe samples.

bioLogic writes:

I’ve been wanting to get back into sampling instruments, so I snuck my cousin’s djembe, brought it over, and cooked up this little beast in HALion format. I recorded and compiled it yesterday and today, and played it about 15 minutes once I tweaked it right. I’m loving the sound I managed to get out of it.

Djembe features

  • 90 samples, 23.1 MB extracted.
  • Three velocity layers with 5 alternate strikes per layer.
  • Three articulations: bass, bass muted, slap (each with L and R samples).
  • Recorded with SM57 right under the base, and a Rode NT3 about 6″ above the skin, all going through a Really Nice Preamp and into my M-Audio 2496.

You can download the Djembe samples here.

Rob Weber releases Djembe Soundfont

Rob Weber Djembe

Rob Weber has released Djembe Soundfont, a comprehensive representation of the versatile and musical percussion instrument.

Djembe Soundfont features

  • Three primary articulations:
    1. the bass, or gun (pronounced goon);
    2. the tone, or Go;
    3. and the slap, or Pa.
  • Each articulation contains 10-12 samples for each hand.
  • Hands are mapped to corresponding keys on your keyboard to facilitate playing.
  • Muted versions of each articulation, and an additional ringing slap.
  • 16-bit, 44.1 KHz samples.

The Djembe Soundfont is available for purchase for $20 USD.

You can read more about the recording and construction of this soundfont at Rob’s blog.

PowerFX releases World Loop Spice Rack

PowerFX World Loop Spice Rack

PowerFX has released World Loop Spice Rack, a sample library containing 1,220 melodic and percussive loops and riffs of authentic ethnic instruments from Africa, Australia, China, India and the Middle East.

World Loop Spice Rack features

  • Rhythmic
    • Arabic Percussion: Bendir, Bolone, Darbouka, Karkabou, Rai Percussion ensemble, Tabakai, Takhalt, Zalamit, Frame drum, Dumbek.
    • Indian Percussion: Tabla, Dholak, Bass Dholak, Ganjira, Udu, Mridangram.
    • African Percussion: Djembe, Talking Drum, Log drum, Crash box.
    • Australasian Percussion: Clap Sticks, Monkey drum, Knee drum.
    • World drumset: From West Africa and the Caribbean.
  • Melodic
    • African Instruments: Marimba, Mbira, Eygptian Lute, Vocals.
    • Middle Eastern: Kamenche, Rabab, Setar, Tar, Jimbash Saz, Riq.
    • Chinese Instruments: Pipa, Di Zi, Jing Ho (One String Peking Opera Violin), Gu Zheng (Chinese zither), Rehu (string violin).
    • Indian Instruments: Sarod, Sitar, Surbahar, Pungi, Vocals.
    • Also included: Digeridoo, Charango, Berimbau, Bouzuki.
  • All loops are acidized wav files in 16 bit 44.1 with tempo and key (when applicable) information in the file name.
  • Size: Download 598 MB (.RAR) uncompressed 890 MB.

World Loop Spice Rack is available for $79 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.

Btw, I don’t know what the guys at PowerFX were thinking when they came up with that cover… Ah, see Bil’s comment below. The old cover is no more. Nice job guys!

AudioWarrior releases Free Djembe for KONTAKT

AudioWarrior Free Djembe

AudioWarrior has released Free Djembe, a studio-quality 24-bit KONTAKT instrument.

Free Djembe allows you play your keyboard exactly like a hand drum. It works best with an unweighted MIDI controller.

The instrument is mapped with 10 expressive velocity layers with samples ranging from C2 to C4 across a 15 key span. C3 is the center-Bass and spreading outwards towards C2 & C4 are the higher pitched rim shots.

Free Djembe works with KONTAKT 2 and above.

Visit AudioWarrior for more information and a link to download Free Djembe.