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ToneBuilder releases Driven Machine Drums

ToneBuilder Driven Machine Drums

ToneBuilder has announced the release of Driven Machine Drums, an electronic drums sample library, created from an unique blend of 14 drum machines/synthesizers and 9 analog coloration devices.

DRIVEN MACHINE DRUMS highlights the natural sounding punch, depth, and warmth added by a collection of tubes, transformers, and hardware tape emulation.

Driven Machine Drums features

  • 1,684 sounds in 24bit resolution, captured directly from the source using professional-quality cables and A/D converters.
  • Each individual sound has been carefully edited by hand for tight attacks and natural decays.
  • Synthesis sources: Elektron Machine Drum, Symbolic Sound Kyma Capybara, Eventide H8000FW, Korg ER-1, E-mu SP-1200, Oberheim DMX, Emu Mo Phatt, Yamaha DX200, Roland TR909, TR808, TR707, TR606, Vermona DRM-1 MKIII, and Jomox MBase 11.
  • Analog processing: Thermionic Culture Vulture, Anamod ATS-1, Neve 1073 Preamp, Atlas Pro Juggernaut Twin, A-Design EM-Gold, Source + Plus Tube Amp, Empirical Labs Distressor, Moog MF101, and Mutronics Mutator.

Driven Machine Drums is available in two packages:

  • Driven Machine Drums (26 Guru Kits, 24bit Wav + 24bit Aif) $77 USD.
  • Driven Machine Drums Deluxe (Kontakt, EXS-24, Guru, 24bit Wav/Aif) $87 USD.

A demo pack featuring 100+ free sounds is available to download from the website.

More information: Driven Machine Drums

Goldbaby Productions releases The DMX606

Goldbaby The DMX606

Goldbaby Productions has released The DMX606, a free sample pack.

Here are the tools used to create the DMX606.

Still loving the old school sampling combo of the DMX and Prommer. The TR-606 EPROMs sound real dirty!

The DMX606 includes 73 samples in 24bit mono .wav format, and is available for download from Goldbaby’s blog.

If you like these samples, make sure to check CustomDMX as well.

More information: Goldbaby’s Blog

Goldbaby Productions releases CustomDMX

Goldbaby Productions CustomDMX

Goldbaby Productions has announced the release of CustomDMX, a sample library featuring the sounds of the DMX drum machine.

The CustomDMX was made using the DMX and Prommer. Many will know the legendary DMX drum machine… However the Prommer is a little less known. It is a sampler that can burn EPROMs for use in certain drum machines including the DMX.

Countless hours were spent creating these 8 bit custom EPROMs. Then installing them in the DMX and recording the result . This was definitely a labour of love! Get hold of some really unique old school drum sounds.

CustomDMX features

  • 1,182 x 24 bit – one shot wav samples.
  • Plus the DMX groove templates!
  • Includes: Battery, Guru, Refill and Wav.

CustomDMX is available for purchase for $24 USD.

More information: Goldbaby Productions