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DNR Collaborative announces the Sound Repository + Delirium: Atmospheres

DNR Collaborative has announced the official release of the Sound Repository, a massive sound library comprised of DNR’s most popular products over the past year, with a total of 7+ gigabytes currently included.

DNR Collaborative Delirium Atmospheres

Instead of offering single products, we have decided to offer up our entire library for one low price. No upgrade fees, no gimmicks, just a big sample repository that gets updated with new content every so often. Download what you need, when you need it.

The newest addition to the repository is Delirium: Atmospheres, which includes 29 long textures and atmospheres in WAV format for a total of 332mb of content. Useful in cinematic soundtracks, ambient music and other styles relying on deep atmospheric sounds. Additional samples, loops and mappings will follow shortly.

We have one version of the library, but two licenses to choose from: producer or developer. The Producer license allows you to use the sounds in any personal or commercial music, but the sounds cannot be re-distributed in any way whatsoever. The Developer license allows for the remixing, redesign and re-distribution of commercial sound libraries without any further licensing or payments of sample usage. In other words: you can use them to make and release your own sound libraries!

Access to the Sound Repository is available for $49/$149 USD (producer/developer license). Current DNR users who own one or more products can log into their account to access discounted upgrade versions of the library for $9/$29 USD (producer/developer license). The discounted versions are no different than the full priced versions of the library.

More information: DNR Collaborative


DNR Collaborative releases High Voltage Kicks sample pack

DNR Collaborative High Voltage Kicks

DNR Collaborative has announced the release of High Voltage Kicks, a package of 201 separate kick drum samples ranging from punchy and powerful hip-hop kicks to heavy, overdriven hardcore kicks and everything in between.

Our focus was on providing producers and musicians with ultra-usable and unique kick drum sounds that would fit in a wide variety of styles.

High Voltage Kicks includes 201 individual kick drum sounds in a variety of categories. Below is a list of each individual category, as well as the amount of sounds that each category contains: Rap/Hip-Hop: 16, Rock/Acoustic: 15, Underground: 15, Heavy/Distorted: 22, Hard Elektro: 16, General Elektro: 16, Minimal Elektro: 23, Dirty/Lo-fi: 16, Trance/Club: 18, Kick Drum FX: 44

High Voltage Kicks is available to purchase for the introductory price of $12 USD until April 1, 2012 (regular $24 USD).

A developer’s license will be available at a later date for an additional $50 USD fee. This license allows users to create commercial derivative sounds from the included samples with no additional fees.

More information: DNR Collaborative / High Voltage Kicks


DNR Collaborative updates MixControl Pro channelstrip plugin to R6

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DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro

DNR Collaborative has announced the official release of MixControl Pro R6, a versatile channel strip effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

This update fixes numerous licensing issues through the permanent removal of all software copy protection. The standalone ‘licensing’ version of the previous versions was creating warnings through most major anti-virus manufacturers, so there is now no need to locate/enter a license key or otherwise fiddle with anything to get it up and running. After installation, MixControl Pro will work permanently.

There is now a separate ‘demo’ version of MixControl Pro, which also will no longer ask for any license, but still retains the regular 14-day trial limitation. No noises, dropouts or anything else obtrusive.

More information: DNR Collaborative / MixControl Pro


DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro Group Buy

DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro

DNR Collaborative Designs is running a group buy for its MixControl Pro channel strip effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Please note that from now until December 24th, a group-buy is being held for MixControl Pro which enables users to get the software at a heavily discounted price.

Joining the group buy will allow you instant access to MixControl Pro at the lowest possible price, as well as additional free bonus products if the amount of participants reaches certain levels. If the minimum amount of users is not reached, the difference will be paid at the end of the group buy period.

The Group Buy has various levels of discounts and free products, with the last level offering MixControl Pro + 2 free products for $49 USD.

More information: DNR Collaborative


DNR Collaborative releases MixControl Pro R5 (incl. RTAS) and announces DesignShare

DNR Collaborative has announced the official release of the RTAS version of MixControl Pro, its flagship mixing package.

DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro

This update brings various minor graphical optimizations, as well as RTAS format support and a newly updated manual. MixControl Pro R5 also includes a new standalone licensing version of the software, which allows MixControl Pro to be registered outside of the hosting environment and avoids numerous system-specific hosting issues that arise.

MixControl Pro R5 is now available for the price of $129 USD, or $79 USD for returning customers. A new payment plan option for $39/month is also now available for those looking for an easier way to pay. Purchasing a license for MixControl Pro gives you access to both Macintosh (AU/VST/RTAS) and PC (VST/RTAS) platforms simultaneously. No further licenses are necessary, and all formats are available in your user account directly after purchasing. Please test our demonstration versions thoroughly prior to purchasing, and please – RTFM.

DNR Collaborative has also announced the public launch of DesignShare, the new resource repository which caters to a wide range of media designers, developers and producers.

If you’ve ever gone searching for resources on a design-related subject and only found a few archives with spotty, forgotten about pages of invalid links and obscure, out-of-date information – fear not! DesignShare will contain all sorts of resources, easily searchable through tags or categories, for many different types of desginers. And all with NO ADS.

DesignShare is currently closed to new contributors, but new resources research can be requested by using the form on the front page to pass on your requirements.

More information: DNR Collaborative / MixControl Pro / DesignShare


DNR Collaborative releases Funky Grooves

DNR Collaborative Funky Grooves

DNR Collaborative has announced the release of Funky Grooves, a powerful package of unique new loops and samples with a dirty, funky vibe which is suitable for breakbeat, funk, fusion, hip-hop, underground and alt rock styles of music.

Like with many sound libraries though, it can be used in a very wide array of musical variations.

The bundle contains 141 loops and 300 samples for a total of 453mb of content – ranging from complex polyrhythmic grooves to basic drum beats. The included samples are organized and labeled for easy usage in kits and should be organized basically to be easy to browse through and not get lost in a trail of folders.

Funky Grooves is available to purchase for the introductory price of $9 USD until 21 October, 2011 (regular $19 USD).

More information: DNR Collaborative / Funky Grooves


DNR Collaborative releases Elektro Nation

DNR Collaborative Elektro Nation 01

DNR Collaborative has announced the official release of Elektro Nation 01, a new series of loops and samples to fit a wide range of electronic music styles.

Elektro Nation does not focus on realistic instruments, but content which can be used in a variety of elektro, dub, dubstep, drum+bass, hardcore, minimal, glitch and other electronic styles. This first volume is our inaugural release for this library, and it contains 228 loops @ 24-bit / 48k quality which range from heavily effected drum sounds to basic elektro drumloops. All loops are at least 4 bars long.

Elektro Nation 01 has been designed to help you build solid grooves, as well as give you content that is flexible and easy to manipulate if you should choose to attempt any sonic slicing trickery.

Elektro Nation 01 features

  • 59 Processed Loops – A wide variety of different elektro drums.
  • 30 Processed FX Loops – Processed drum loops, chopped and FX’d.
  • 39 No Kick Loops – Loops created with no kick, not just hi-passed.
  • 28 No Kick FX Loops – No kick loops, chopped and FX’d.
  • 47 Kit Loops – Loops created using specific custom drumkits.
  • 25 Heavy Loops – Heavily processed drumloops.
  • Format: .WAV (48k/24-bit).

Elektro Nation 01 is available to purchase for the introductory price of $5 USD until 1 October, 2011 (regular price $25 USD).

More information: DNR Collaborative / Elektro Nation 01