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DNR Collaborative releases Old Skool Guitars + Introductory Bundle

DNR Collaborative Designs has released Old Skool Guitars, a unique new sound library designed to assist in the production of old school hip-hop, underground and fusion styles of music.

DNR Collaborative Old Skool Guitars

The library contains 400 licks, loops, cuts and samples for a total of 261MB after decompression.

The sounds contained in this library have NOT been treated with care! We’ve maintained a lot of finger scratches, scrapes and other noises associated with playing the guitar in hopes of creating a dirty, funky package of guitar recordings.

Old Skool Guitars is available to purchase for $19 USD. The first 100 customers will receive a free copy of Organic Compounds, a multi-format drum library (WAV/SF2/SFZ/Alchemy/Poise).

A developer license is also available to purchase for $39 USD. This license allows use in commercial sound libraries.

More information: DNR Collaborative / Old Skool Guitars


Brickwall Audio releases Syklix for Kontakt

Brickwall Audio Syklix

Brickwall Audio has released Syklix, a free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

SYKLIX, inspired by the electronic sounds of masterpieces such as the TRON: Legacy and Blade Runner soundtracks.

You will find an assortment of crunchy basses, sharp leads, plucks, pads, a crushed drum kit and more! Featuring single cycle waveforms and intuitive controls courtesy of DNR Collaborative Designs, Syklix begs to be tweaked, touched and caressed!

SYKLIX is designed to work perfectly with Deviant Atmospheres, Deviant States, Advanced Distortion and Metallic Dreams.

Syklix for Kontakt 4 (full version required) is available as a free download from Brickwall Audio’s Facebook page.

More information: Brickwall Audio / Syklix


DNR Collaborative announces MixControl Pro, channelstrip effect plugin updated

DNR Collaborative Designs has announced the upcoming release of MixControl Pro, a complete high-quality, professional channelstrip with a unique sound that offers flexible module processing, pristine audio quality and a combination of useful new features.

DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro

MixControl Pro has 2 separate professionally designed interface layouts, created by Anders Hedstrom ( to allow users of different screen sizes and workflows to benefit from. We have worked closely with Anders, our users and our development team to integrate the most requested, useful and aesthetically pleasing interface features.

MixControl Pro builds on the solid foundation known in the original MixControl by adding many useful aesthetic and functional enhancements such as extremely high-quality oversampling, 2 new professional UI layouts, 3 unique analog-style saturation modes, and a much more responsive FFT analyzer. Gate mixing, sub-preset loading modules and quick mouse controls round out the new workflow enhancements to enable you to work faster and smarter to get the perfect mix for your project.

New in MixControl Pro

  • Solo for individual EQ bands.
  • 3 Unique new saturation modes.
  • Gate wet/dry mixing function.
  • Full V1 backwards compatibility.
  • Enhanced metering accuracy.
  • Adjustable FFT (fast/normal/slow).
  • Ultra-HQ oversampling mode.
  • 2 UI Versions (Extended+Refined).
  • Fully anti-aliased EQ graph.
  • Mouse wheel EQ node control.
  • Right-click Filter selection.

MixControl Pro for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is scheduled for release on August 1st, priced at $129 USD. RTAS format is planned, but no ETA is available at this time. All formats support license keyfile protection, no obtrusive dongle or C/R protection.

The plugin is now available to pre-order as part of the developement’s beta phase:

For anyone who did not get in on the previous discount, we have designated the final weeks of the beta phase of development to allow users to pre-order the software. The pre-order will give you access to the original version of MixControl and immediate access to MixControl Pro upon release, as well as all point updates. The list below indicates the times of each phase and the discounted price you will pay:

- July 4th through July 11th – $59.00
- July 12th through July 18th – $79.00
- July 19th through August 1st – $99.00

More information: DNR Collaborative / MixControl Pro


DNR Collaborative releases Ammunition v1.5 + Organic Compounds Pre-Order

DNR Collaborative Ammunition

DNR Collaborative has released version 1.5 of the Ammunition drum sample library.

Ammunition now includes over 600 individual drum hits as well as drumkits and mappings in SFZ and Poise formats, along with the previously available Kontakt 4 instruments and multis. SFZ file format is usable in a variety of sampler instruments and standalone software samplers such as Kontakt, Alchemy, SFZ+ and others that support importing the SFZ file format.

Ammunition is available to purchase for $9 USD until July 1 (regular $19 USD). Current users can update at no cost.

Acoustic drum sample library Organic Compounds is also introduced:

Organic Compounds is a raw, multi-format acoustic drum package which will be available in multiple popular formats. We have paid close attention to each samples’ start and end points, making sure each hit starts and ends on zero-crossing to avoid all pops and clicks. The original, non-normalized samples are included in this package, and yes, there is a cowbell.

Organic Compounds is now available to pre-order for $14 USD until 4 July, 2011 (regular $29 USD).

More information: DNR Collaborative


DNR Collaborative releases Fuzzytone for Reaktor

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DNR Collaborative has released Fuzzytone, a free audio signal shaping device for Native Instruments Reaktor.

DNR Collaborative Fuzzytone
DNR Collaborative Fuzzytone

Fuzzytone is a saturation and lo-fi signal shaper that can give you, well, fuzzy tones. Left and right channel independent with end stage diffusion delay.

Fuzzytone is available as a free download for for Reaktor 5.6+.

More information: DNR Collaborative


DNR Collaborative releases DEFCON3 Multiband Audio Deconstruction Unit (Beta)

DNR Collaborative DEFCON3

DNR Collaborative has released a beta of DEFCON3, a multiband audio deconstruction effect for Native Instruments Reaktor.

DNR Collaborative Designs has released DEFCON3 – a multiband audio deconstruction plug-in for Reaktor 5.6+ which can take your audio and mangle it in various ways, from subtle lo-fi effects to all out sonic mayhem.

DEFCON3 was designed and created by reason lahalla for DNR Collaborative and is currently in BETA.

DEFCON3 can be downloaded for free from the ‘Community’ section of the DNR Collaborative website.

DEFCON3 features

  • Master Effects
    • Left/Right Independent Controls.
    • LP4/LP2/BP4/BP2/HP2 Filter.
    • LFO Destruction Modulator.
    • Filter Saturation.
    • Vinyl Noise/Cracle.
    • Cubic/Linear/Parabolic Shapers.
    • Bypass and Mute Functions.
    • Master Gain Control.
    • Master Pan and Stereo Width.
    • Badly Functioning Compressor
  • Per-Band Functions
    • 4 Individual Frequency Bands.
    • Left/Right Independent Controls.
    • Audio Masher/Slew Limiter.
    • Distortion Shaper.
    • Individual Gain Control.
    • Mixed Synthesis Function.

DEFCON3 beta is available as a free download.

More information: DNR Collaborative / DEFCON3


DNR Collaborative announces MixControl included with any purchase until 7/4

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DNR Collaborative Designs MixControl

DNR Collaborative Designs has announced a limited time offer, including a free copy of its MixControl channelstrip plug-in with any purchase at its shop.

DNR Collaborative Designs is now allowing any purchase to receive a copy of MixControl free with ANY purchase from the DNR webshop until July 4th, 2011.

After purchasing, users will receive their copy of MixControl within 24 hours, including a license key good for all 1.x releases and a FREE upgrade to MixControl’s successor. We will announce further availability and release information through the DNR support forum @

More information: DNR Collaborative / MixControl


DNR Collaborative releases House Kit Pro for Sylenth1

DNR Collaborative House Kit Pro for Sylenth1

DNR Collaborative Designs has released House Kit Pro, a soundset for LennarDigital Sylenth1 featuring 120 heavy basses, silky pads, dynamic arps, classic stabs, dreamy keys that have been designed specifically with house music and it’s derivatives in mind.

House Kit Pro aims at providing top-quality, usable sounds that can be fit into just about any house-style track, allowing you more time to focus on composition and arrangement. House Kit Pro also features a set of template instruments to get you going quickly into new sounds.

House Kit Pro features

  • 120 highly-usable sounds covering a wide array of house styles, making heavy use of the modulation wheel, pitchbend and velocity control.
  • All applied modulations have been scaled to the appropriate amount so that transitions move smoothly between states.
  • This soundbank also utilizes the entire bank structure of Sylenth1′s sound management layout (as does Sylenth Signature V2), with clearly defined categories marked at the top of each column, with room to expand and offer new sounds through the use of “expansion” columns.

House Kit Pro is available to purchase for $19 USD. Signature V2 owners pay $9 USD. Previous House Kit owners can download the new version from their customer accounts.

More information: DNR Collaborative / House Kit Pro