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VB-Audio releases Hi-Fi Cable & ASIO Bridge

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VB-Audio has announced the release of Hi-Fi Cable & ASIO Bridge, a virtual audio device made to manage high resolution audio streams.

VB-Audio HiFi Cable & ASIO Bridge
Audio Applications using regular audio devices can now use ASIO Devices through the Hi-Fi Virtual Audio Cable and ASIO Bridge.

Like the VB-Cable, HiFi Cable is a virtual audio driver (MME, DX, WDM, KS, WASAPI) working as a “Virtual Audio Cable” to connect audio applications together. All incoming signals to the Cable input (Playback Device) go out to the Cable Output (Recording Device). But the HiFi Cable also works with the ASIO Bridge, allowing to route these virtual i/o into an ASIO Device.

Then ASIO Bridge enables every audio application, video game or whatever player, to take advantage of the ASIO device through their native Windows audio interface. It includes the possibility to read DVD with a Windows Player and spread the 6 or 8 outputs on your preferred professional audio device usually driven by ASIO Interface.

HiFi cable supports all sample rate from 8 kHz to 384 kHz, 16 or 24-bits resolution (bit perfect) and up to 8 channels.

The Hi-Fi Cable & ASIO Bridge for Windows is available as donationware.

More information: VB-Audio / Hi-Fi Cable & ASIO Bridge


Loops de la Crème updates Clap Pack to v2

Loops de la Crème Claps Pack

Loops de la Crème has released version of the Clap Pack collection of real claps, snaps and group claps samples.

This sample library features over 270 original and punchy handclaps.

All of the samples were beautifully recorded and cut, and will help spice up your beats!

Clap Pack V2 features

  • 271 samples organized in three folders:
    • Original Clap Pack samples (112 samples) – Various Solo Claps and Snaps, and a great series of 80 Gang Claps samples.
    • New: Clap Pack Deluxe Selection (76 samples) – A collection of samples taken from the CLAP PACK DELUXE focusing on diversity and usefulness. These group claps, single claps and snaps are taken from the various round robin and velocity series of samples from the deluxe pack.
    • New: Fat Claps and Snaps (91 samples) – These new samples were recorded in various rooms, they provide great natural short ambiences. Plenty of punchy and raw sounds here!
  • Bonus: EXS24 patches created by users.

The sample pack is available as donationware (Name Your Price). The recommended price is 4 EUR.

More information: Loops de la Crème / Clap Pack


B. Serrano releases Dionysos EX synth plugin

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B. Serrano has announced the release of Dionysos EX, an extended version of the Dionysos synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

B. Serrano Dionysos EX
The Dionysos EX features substractive, FM and additive synthesis.

Dionysos EX features

  • All features of Dionysos.
  • More modulations by 2 more matrices:
    • Envelopes, velocity, aftertouch and mod-wheel can modulate the 4 LFOs’ depth and speed and filter’s resonance.
    • The 4 LFO and steps controllers can modulate mixer’s volume and pan.
  • Envelopes and LFOs got a level slider you can assign to a MIDI controller.
  • The 4 LFOs got more waveforms + pulse width knob.
  • You can specify the polyphony you want by a simple request, at any time.

Dionysos EX is available as donationware for Windows (VST).

More information: B. Serrano / Dionysos EX


Les Productions Zvon releases Memory Collection Pack 05 – Sci-Fi and Aliens

Memory Collection Pack 05 - Sci-Fi and Aliens

Les Productions Zvon has released Sci-Fi and Aliens, the 5th Memory Collection series sample pack, featuring a collection of samples from public domain movies.

1 750 samples for a size of 1.44 GB. The samples in this collection are taken from 10 Public Domain science fiction movies. Please note that the samples are not mapped in any way or in any specific sampler format.

The samples are from 10 Public Domain science fiction movies from the 1930s to the 1970s. So they cover different styles of soundtracks. I was surprised by the quality of the soundtracks in general. They featured early electronic music with a creative mix of various types of sound sources. Just listening
to the samples is fun and it also is a lesson in the history and evolution of sound design in movies (IMHO).

The sample library is available as donationware with a minimum donation of $20 USD. A bundle of Memory Collection packs costs $50 USD.

More information: Les Productions Zvon / Memory Collection


Embertone releases Infinity Bells for Kontakt

Embertone Infinity Bells

Embertone has announced Infinity Bells, a sound library for Kontakt by Native Instruments.

Namaste! Pull up a yoga mat and let’s talk about this instrument for a minute… Infinity Bells is a simple, hand-made beauty that we picked up in mid-December 2012. We were floored by the purity of tone and everlasting sustains it was capable of producing. There’s nothing complicated about it, just a clear, bright, long sound to inspire your imagination!

Infinity Bells features

  • 2 main instruments plus 17 effected nki’s.
  • 600 unique samples.
  • 260 MB Footprint.
  • Sample resolution: 48 Khz / 24-bit stereo.
  • Kontakt 4.2 (full retail required) 32/64-bit, MAC/PC compatible.

The library is available to download as donationware (minimum donation of $5 USD). All proceeds will go to the Global Fund for Children, in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary incident of December 14th, 2012 in Newtown Connecticut.

More information: Embertone / Infinity Bells


Synthblitz Audio releases Spazial M/S Decoder plugin

Synthblitz Audio has announced Spazial, a mid side decoder effect plug-in for Windows.

Synthblitz Audio Spazial
Spazial is designed to create wide stereo effects. It is able to encode and divide the incoming stereo signal into M/S signals and decode M/S signals into a stereo signal.

“Spazial” uses different ways to processing the incoming signal. There are 5 modes of using it : “internal”, “send mid”, “send side”, “spazial” and “decoder mode”.

“Spazial” allows the processing of the signals encoded by five potentiometers on the panel or sends the encoded pure signals directly to the output via the functions “enc mid” and “enc-side”. In the panel also has a very useful high-pass filter and a very special vibrato control.

Spazial is a free/donationware plug-in for Windows (VST).

More information: Synthblitz Audio / Spazial


nLab releases Reaktor Monolite K

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nLab Synthesis has announced the release of its Reaktor Monolite K ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor 5.

Monolite K is an experimental yet simple sound design tool for Reaktor 5.7 and later

nLab Synthesis Reaktor Monolite K
nLab Monolite K–keyboard version of the experimental Monolite Reaktor ensemble.

Reaktor Monolite K features

  • Monolite Monophonic Keyboard version.
  • Tone Cut filter.
  • Grainer unit (granular processing).
  • Amp Envelope (ADSR) with Velocity and Glide function.
  • Fx unit with 17 different effects + automizable X-Y pad controller.
  • Filter (12/24 db) with Envelope Amount and Keyboard tracking.
  • High Quality Reverb.
  • Delay with Tape Saturation Simulation.
  • Two-Knob Master Equalizer.
  • Very simple interface with superb Waveform Display.
  • Low CPU-usage.

The ensemble is available for a donation of 10 EUR (requires full version of Reaktor 5.7 or higher).

More information: nLab Synthesis / Reaktor Monolite K