Don’tCrac[k] offers 5,000 Plug and Mix V.I.P. Bundles at $49

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Plug & Mix V3

Don’tCrac[k] has announced a limited time sale on the Plug and Mix V.I.P. Bundle, offering 5,000 copies at $49 USD only.

We are blowing out 5 000 Plug and Mix V.I.P. Bundles at ONLY $49 starting today ! (MSRP $249)

Why? Because we’re insane ? Probably a little, But really it’s because we’d like to have all the P&M users out there to have a REAL PAID license that offers full customer support and FREE lifetime UPGRADES…

Get your P&M V.I.P. Bundle today for ONLY $49 before we run out of this special stock ! And during this promotion, ALL the individual plug-ins are at ONLY $9.99 ! (MSRP $49)

More information: Don’tCrac[k] / Plug and Mix V.I.P. Bundle


BBE Sound releases Sonic Sweet v3.0 “Optimized”

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BBE Sound Sonic Sweet

BBE Sound has announced the release of Sonic Sweet Optimized, version 3.0 of its plug-in bundle, which includes 3 newly “Optimised” plug-ins and Mach 3 Bass, a new bass enhancer.

This new version makes the legendary BBE Sound available to broadcast, producers and musicians for all their recordings. Sonic Sweet “Optimised” has been completely re-worked from the ground up to be compatible with AAX and Pro Tools 11. The bundle has also been fully tested on the latest operating systems including Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) and Windows 8.

The BBE Sonic Sweet “Optimised” is a complete rewrite of the plug-ins included in the original “Sonic Sweet” plug-ins bundle. Designed to make your mixes clearer and louder like its forerunner, it adds a new fourth plug-in to the collection, the Mach 3 Bass. At the heart of the bundle there is still the software version of BBE’s famous Sonic Maximiser hardware range, which is an emulation of their exclusive processing technologies that has set the benchmark for sound enhancement. World-renowned musicians have insisted upon using BBE Sound professional audio processors since they were first introduced in the ’80s.

BBE’s Sonic Sweet “Optimised” will add clarity to the top end and fatness to the bottom, just like their famous hardware processors do without the “fizz” or digital “sizzle” common to most other sonic enhancers. The refinements brought by this new “Optimised” version extends to a new optimised GUI and improved controls for fine-tuning your sound.

*Because Sonic Sweet “Optimised” was completely rebuilt, it is NOT compatible with previous versions of BBE Sonic Sweet Plug-ins. Any sessions with a previous version of Sonic Sweet loaded into it must continue to use the old versions of the plug-ins.

The bundle is available from DontCrack for the introductory price of $69 USD until July 31st, 2014 (regular $149 USD). Previous Sonic Sweet owners can upgrade to the new Sonic Sweet v3.0 bundle for $29 USD.

More information: BBE Sound / Sonic Sweet Optimized


DontCrac[k] updates Plug & Mix VIP Bundle to v3.1.0

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DontCrac[k] has announced version 3.1.0 of the Plug & Mix VIP Bundle, which now comprises 45 creative audio tools for Windows and Mac.

Plug & Mix VIP Bundle

We at DontCrack and Plug & Mix have closely monitored our users suggestions and feedback and we are happy to announce the availability of version 3.1.0 of our P&M V.I.P. Bundle that includes 5 FREE new plug-ins:

  • Lo-Fi: This plug-in takes Lo-Fi to the next level by combining Bit Depth, Decimator and Noise to produce hardcore redux distortion tones.
  • Moogy Filter: This great sounding filter can be driven with it’s built in saturation for crunchy tones and it also has an envelope follower to give that extra bite.
  • Multi-Tap Delay: Set your general rate with the big speed knob and then prepare yourself for Multi-tap madness as you can adjust the precise position and pan of all 5 delay taps.
  • Tone Stack: Tone-Stack delivers the guitar amp tone you’ve been yearning for ever since you sold your amp on craigslist.
  • Vowel Comb: This unconventional effect allows you to add vowel overtones to any source material causing your rhythms to come alive, your guitars to speak and your bass to growl like a beast.

What else is new in version 3.1.0 ?

  • VU mode to Gain Reduction for RetroCompressor, RetroLimiter, ElectroOptical & UltraMaxIt.
  • Central VU meters now shows accurate values.
  • General bug fixes.

The Plug & Mix VIP Bundle is available for purchase for $499 USD. Individual plug-ins are currently on sale for $49 USD each.

More information: Plug & Mix


DontCrack launches Plug & Mix Group-Buy Promo

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Plug & Mix VIP Bundle

DontCrack has announced a Group Buy for the Plug & Mix V.I.P. Plug-Ins Bundle.

Plug & Mix is launching today a daring Group Buy to let buyers invest $1,000,000 into the R&D of their client-driven product line.

After the great success of their FaceBook “Like” campaign they are offering the opportunity of getting the V.I.P. Bundle with its 40 plug-ins at the incredible price of just $99 (MSRP $499) when the goal of 10,000 subscribers is reached.

This investment by the customers starts off with the pricing already at only $199 (a 60% saving), so there is no gamble involved and on top of it all they will receive a “investment certificate” that gives them 50% off all future Plug & Mix products. The funds raised will be used to help finance the development of all future products.

The group buy ends March 31st, 2013.

More information: DontCrack / Plug & Mix Group Buy


Don’tCrac[k] announces Puremix partnership

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Don’tCrac[k] has announced it has partnered with Puremix, producers video tutorials for mixing, recording, mastering, and producing music and audio.

We believe they produce the finest audio tutorials currently available. All of us at DontCrack have been very impressed by the quality of the content Puremix delivers though their well thought-out hi-resolution video/audio streams.

Professionals and audio enthusiasts can learn quickly how to add to their skills by observing real working professionals who talk in depth about their techniques of recording and mixing.

Please take a look at Puremix’s FREE tutorials available from our brand new video section. More Puremix content is also available at very reasonable cost from our store.

We also added other specially selected manufacturer’s videos to our new video section that we believe will be useful in further increasing your music and recording/mixing know-how.

Puremix products are available from the Don’tCrac[k] store now.

More information: Don’tCrac[k]


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