Multiples Pro updates Reaktor Toolbox to v3

Multiples Pro has released version 3 of Reaktor Toolbox, a collection of free modules for Native Instruments Reaktor.

In this package we have 37 seperate modules we have created or modified over the time we have been using this powerhouse as well as the original Exploration Reaktor synth and the newest incarnation, MPBASIC.

Reaktor Toolbox - Sample Masher
New Sample Masher module for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Changes in Reaktor Toolbox v3

  • Sample Masher, takes a loop and slices it into separate instances and makes it easy to play these slices using your midi keyboard.
  • Sequencer/Snapshot Array, a basic sequencer that can be used to control a myriad of things such as Oscillator Pitch or Filter Cutoff.
  • New effects and dynamics processors: Doppler, Flanger, Leslie Emulation, Limiter.
  • SuperSaw oscillator.

Reaktor Toolbox is a free download.

More information: Multiples Pro / Reaktor Toolbox


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