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Eric Beam releases Analog Doubler – Nebula Programs

Eric Beam Analog Doubler

Eric Beam has released Analog Doubler, a collection of programs for Nebula by Acustica Audio.

Analog slapback doubler delay effect captured from the ADA TFX4 time effects.

Three delay time programs sampled @ 24/96

Analog Doubler is available to download at no cost.

More information: Eric Beam

comment announces Antares DUO Evo Native No-Brainer Deal

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Antares DUO Evo has announced a new No-Brainer Deal, offering Antares DUO Evo Native for $20 USD.

Duo EVO Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler provides programmable variation in pitch, timing, vibrato depth, and timbral variation using a simplified version of Throat EVO’s vocal modeling technology.

Duo EVO automatically generates a doubled vocal part from an existing vocal. In addition to allowing programmable variation in pitch, timing and vibrato depth, for even more realism, Duo EVO also includes a simplified version of Throat EVO’s vocal modeling to provide timbral variation for the doubled part. Duo EVO’s output section offers independent control of the level and stereo position of the original and doubled voices.

Antares DUO Evo is available from in native formats for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS), priced at $20 USD. Note: requires iLok.

More information: Antares DUO Evo @


Soundspectral updates DoublerX to v1.5

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Soundspectral DoublerX

Soundspectral has released version 1.5 of DoublerX (formerly DuosX), an intelligent randomizing doubling VST plug-in for Windows.

With its real-time detection algorithm, DoublerX is capable of producing the most natural and human like sounding doubling effects available. Whatever the source material, be it vocals or instruments, the natural sounding results will astonish.

DoublerX is taking the input signal and depending on dynamic and pitch, the doubled result is generated in real-time. The doubled take will always be slightly different, (Just like a human performance would be) randomizing and intelligent input detection is doing its part to create a natural feel.

DoublerX v1.5 reduces CPU consumption, without sacrificing sound quality or usability. It also includes various other improvements.

DoublerX is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, priced at $39 USD / 29 EUR / £25 GBP. The update is free for all license holders of DuosX.

More information: Soundspectral / DoublerX


Synchro Arts releases Double Tracker (Alpha)

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Synchro Arts Double Tracker (Alpha)

Synchro Arts has released an alpha version of Double Tracker, a doubler effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Unlike most other doublers and chorusing effects this plug-in needs to analyse a piece audio before it can generate the doubled (or processed) version. To do this you need to play the piece of audio through the plug-in with ‘Capture’ switched on. This allows the plug-in to analyse the piece of audio as a whole.

Once the doubler has analysed or ‘captured’ the audio the plug-in operates as normal. You can vary any of the controls and listen to the changes in real time as you play the audio.

The processing part of the doubler has three main parts namely a variable delay line, a shifter of formants and a re-sampler (labelled ‘Vibrato’ in Fig. 1 above). There are also simple gain controls for the input and output signals (i.e. the processed and unprocessed signals) so that you may vary the mix between the two. There is a VU meter that shows the level of the processed signal.

Double Tracker is available as a VST3 plug-in for Cubase 4 (v4.5.2) and Cubase 5 (v5.0.0). It will stop working after its trial period is over.

Note: This alpha version is a simplified pre-design version of the the final product but it will allow you to evaluate the quality and distinctiveness of its audio processing.

More information: Synchro Arts / Double Tracker


Rusty Trombone releases Erectifier

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Rusty Trombone Erectifier

Rusty Trombone has released Erectifier, a freeware doubler/phaser effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

A little while ago, we, Rusty Trombone of very little fame discussed how to get our music better (specifically the singing) and also how to get more ppl to notice us. So we commissioned this little VST from world famous VST developer, to give away for free, as marketing. Yeah, baby, for free, as marketing. Hopefully this will be as awesome for us as it is for you. Let us warn you though, we seldom read manuals, and we’ve never written anything like this. Anyways if you could listen a little to our music, tip a few friends of our music, be our friend at myspace, that would be awesome. please, we are begging, our knees are bleeding. puhlease.

Erectifier features

  • Doubler/phaser effect designed to widen and phatten.
  • LFO controls echo (length and speed controls).
  • Filter: LowPass, HighPass or Allpass + cut Hz.
  • Distortion effect.
  • Ampily signal control.
  • On/off for each signal.
  • Dry/through to mix the effect.

Erectifier is available as a freeware effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Check the Rusty Trombone blog for more information, an audio demos and a link to download Erectifier.