Rob Papen updates BLUE to v1.9

Rob Papen BLUE

Rob Papen has released version 1.9 of BLUE, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

This exciting synth delivers FM Synthesis, Phase Distortion Synthesis, Wave Shaping Synthesis and Subtractive Synthesis is one creative combination! We call it “Crossfusion synthesis”.

Changes in BLUE v1.9

  • Different tuning scales – Clicking on the BLUE logo brings up the back panel, where you can load in tuning files. They added a number of world tunings: Arabic / Burmese / Chinese / Indian / Persian / Thai / Turkish / Standard European. Users can add in there own personal tuning files, either by creating their own .tun files or using other .tun files.
  • New factory presets – Two new banks are added 19_Effect_04 and 13_Diverse Dance 01. New cool effects and some new contemporary dance sounds.
  • New presets by Dr. Tim Waters – Some brilliant sounds are uploaded to the “user presets” section.

BLUE is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for 199 EUR incl. VAT / $239 USD.

More information: Rob Papen / BLUE


Dr. Tim Waters

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This page contains patches and sound banks by Dr. Tim Waters.

Download patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in
1047 downloadDrTW SEM V and iSEM Set (Feb 2014) iSEM
1046 downloadDrTW PolySix RE (Feb 2014) PolySix
1045 downloadDrTW PolySix RE Patches Set 01 PolySix
1044 downloadDrTW Alchemy Rhythmics Alchemy
1043 downloadDrTW iSEM Rhythmics iSEM
1042 downloadDrTW iSEM Set 01 iSEM
970 downloadDrTW Rhino Set 01 Rhino
969 downloadDrTW Rhino Bank 02 Rhino
967 downloadDrTW Snow Bells for BLUE Blue
920 downloadDrTW TAL Elek7ro July 2010 TAL-Elek7ro
919 downloadDrTW July 2010 CS-80V CS-80V
918 downloadDrTW BLUE July 2010 BLUE
917 downloadDrTW July 2010 (FreeAlpha) FreeAlpha
863 downloadCTW Mimba for FM8 FM7/FM8
862 downloadCTW FM8 Leads FM7/FM8
861 downloadCTW Fat FM Bass FM7/FM8
860 downloadCTW DX7 Warm Pads (sysex) FM7/FM8
859 downloadCTW 81z Lead FM7/FM8
858 download4 Op Strat.ksd FM7/FM8
857 downloadDrTW BLUE Weekend Set BLUE
856 downloadDrTW BLUE Various BLUE
855 downloadDrTW BLUE Thursday Set BLUE
854 downloadDrTW BLUE Sunday Set BLUE
853 downloadDrTW Blue Rhythmics BLUE
852 downloadDrTW BLUE Pads BLUE
851 downloadAlchemy presets (9 sets – updated) Alchemy
829 downloadDr. Tim Waters Zebra
827 downloadDrTW Christmas Scanned Synth Pro Scanned Synth Pro
826 downloadDrTW Christmas Absynth Absynth
750 downloadDrTW FabFilter One One
663 downloadCTW Wave Seq 01 BLUE
662 downloadCTW FM8 0808 Keys FM7/FM8
658 downloadCTW Aqua Keys FM7/FM8
606 downloadCTW Buttery Brass BLUE
605 downloadCTW Steel Drums BLUE
604 downloadCTW Kalimba BLUE
603 downloadCTW 81z Plucked (FM8) FM7/FM8
597 downloadCTW Air and Metal Pads BLUE
596 downloadCTW Mallets 01 BLUE
595 downloadCTW Keys 1 BLUE

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